Chapter 21: The ruler of the game
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Amy smiled on seeing that sight; Sam aka Ryan standing on top of the unconscious guards. She was waiting for this to happen. The gang on the other hand were shocked and took out their guns at once. Amy stopped them as they pointed their guns at him. 

"Amy this can be dangerous, step back!" Theo said in a worried tone. 

"Get out!" Amy said in a stern tone. Her eyes were fixed at Ryan. She was expecting something like this to happen. He couldn't be some timid guy to be able to enter the Astley family’s territory and even try to deceive them.

"What?!" Jane asked in shock. She couldn't believe her. Amy wanted to let this guy go?

"I said get out!" Amy said louder and they all lowered their guns. They went outside, unwillingly. They couldn't understand her anymore; what she was thinking or what she was planning to do.

"Wow!" Ryan exclaimed as he smiled cunningly. "Didn't expect to be kind as old times. Still can't kill someone huh?" 

"I'm not." She said; as she smiled sarcastically and pointed her gun at him. He flinched at the sudden action. But he wasn't terrified cause he expected her to be the same chick hearted person as six years ago. She smiled and threw away the gun. 

"I just wanna deal with you myself." She said as she stepped towards him. 

"I know a lot about you; you're somewhat fragile so don't regret it if I break you..." He said proudly and she smirked. 

He came towards her, pointed a punch in her face. She dodged it easily and kicked his knee, making him lose balance. He was surprised on seeing her fast responses. He was falling towards her, she punched him in the face and he fell back. His lip started bleeding cause of the punch. 

But he didn't give up and tried to make her fall, by kicking her leg. But she flipped forward to prevent from falling. The fight got intense as they learned of each other's tactics. Amy was winning but Ryan also didn't give up and tried to stay as long as he could. He was shocked to see that she was actually so different from the information that he was given. As far as he was told, she was an innocent girl and wasn't taught anything about fighting.

But now it seemed like she was trained since childhood. "Did they make a fake profile to deceive outsiders and enemies?" Ryan thought, referring to the old leaders.

He was lost in thoughts when she attacked him, making him fall on his chest and she sat on his back, stopping him from getting up. But he still tried to fight more, making several efforts to get up, but all in vain as she hit him at the weaker spots.

"Sarah Williams…" She said suddenly and took out a cigar, using a lighter she lit it and started smoking. She hadn't smoked for a long time. But now she was revealing her true self after years so the old habits were also coming back.  A cruel person, cold eyes, and dark aura with a lot of bad habits; this was the personality she had created herself. The only thing that was hers and no one could take away.

Ryan flinched on hearing the name Sarah and stopped struggling.

"W...what about her…?" He asked in a low voice.

She smiled as she realized that she had just got hold of him. Sarah, his sister was his weakness.

"Goes to L college, a part-timer at a cafe nearby. Lives with your mother. Oh, you lied that your mother was dead. Well, guess what she works at one of our business partner’s company in M city.”She explained and got up, leaving him still lying on the floor. His eyes filled with anger yet helplessness. 

“What do you want?” He asked her, his fists clenched tightly as he was trying to control the urge to kill her. 

But at this point, even he understood that she was the queen indeed. She didn’t react much but she ruled this game. She knew everything and could ruin anyone if she wanted to.

“Play along.” She said and turned around. 

“Huh?” He asked in confusion. He didn’t get what she was saying as she rarely said the whole sentence. 

“Play along with this act. As if I don’t know your true identity. And keep on being the ‘spy’.” She explained and his eyes widened. He couldn’t understand her intention. Why did she want to keep an enemy by her side?

“Why do you want that?” He asked her and sat up straight. 

“Just do as I say otherwise you know I can go to any extent to get what I want.” She said in a cold tone and walked out of the room.

He was left alone with those unconscious guards. He had no choice but to follow her order in order to protect his family. 

“No need to hurt him or anything. Act as though you don’t know he’s a spy.” She ordered the gang. 

They all were standing outside, been desperately waiting for her to come. Their eyes widened on hearing her words. How can she say that? He was a spy so why was she protecting him?

“Amy, what the hell are you doing?!” Jane asked her. She was frustrated with her now. Amy was doing things without telling them anything and it frustrated them. 

“You’re doing all these things without telling us anything? How many other things have you hidden from us?” She asked her, sounding brutal and stern. 

“Jane, stop!” Aaron glared at her. The rest two were just shocked to see her react that way. Amy turned around to face them and just watched them silently.

“Why? Why do you protect her every time? Why can’t we ever question her about what happened six years ago?” She asked Aaron. 

“Cause those things will just bring back that pain.” He said and looked at Amy. She was silent, but her fists were clenched again, her eyes staring blankly into some distance. Jane went silent. She didn’t know how to respond to that. 

Only Aaron and Amy knew what happened six years ago. After that incident, Amy disappeared for a month and when she came back, no one talked about it. They were never told about the details of that incident. 

“Well, I’m sorry for keeping you guys in the dark.” Amy apologized to them. They looked at her and were shocked to see her so helpless for the first time. “But...I can’t bring myself to recall those memories…” She turned away and left them standing there confused. 

Jane regretted everything she had just said. She ended up hurting Amy. 

“No...What have I done?” She said and teared up. 

“Jane, calm down,” Levi said and caressed her arm lightly. He and Theo consoled her. While Aaron looked in the direction that Amy was walking into. She was running away from that incident again. Aaron was worried about what she was going to do now. He prayed that he would come back sooner.

“Can’t he come back sooner?” He said without realizing that he was thinking aloud. 

“He’s coming back?” Levi said in shock. 

“When?” Theo added. 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jane asked as she wiped her tears away. Aaron smiled on seeing them. 

“I don’t know…” He said and looked back towards Amy again. She had disappeared into the hallways. “I just hope it’s before she does something bad to herself.” 

They stepped inside the door and asked the other guards to take care of the unconscious ones. Ryan was still shocked and it sort of made them laugh. 

“You should have thought twice before going against her,” Theo said, sort of adding salt to the opened wounds. Ryan glared at him. 

“Yeah, as if that’ll scare him.” Levi scoffed. 

“Who is she?” Ryan asked them. 

“Someone you can’t afford to go against,” Aaron said in a cold tone, similar to Amy.

Ryan went quiet in the end and went back to the mansion with them. But there was no sign of Amy there. She didn’t go back to the mansion.

Instead, she had driven her car to the shady streets of the city. There were numerous people around her, drinking, smoking, making out, or even taking drugs. 

Amy’s eyes were blank, she wasn’t surprised at that sight. Cause she had been there numerous times. She walked in some direction subconsciously. She knew that path very well, it was imprinted on her heart. This place was where she had found herself, created a different image, breaking all those rules that she was bound in since the start. 

That past for her was all about getting drunk to the point she lost herself, drugging herself up to forget her pains...