Chapter 22: The hidden memories
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It was a new morning and a new hope. Everyone in the mansion had started working but little did they all know, there was someone sneaking around under their nose. As we all can tell it was none other than Ryan. He was looking for some secrets to blackmail Amy. Hiding away from people’s eyes he sneaked into Amy’s room that no one was allowed to enter. 

The door opened with a creak as if not opened for a long time. He was amazed after seeing what was inside that mysterious room. There wasn’t much furniture in there. A large window but the curtains were closed. A bed, table beside it, a lamp and a diary kept on it. A chair by the window and opposite that a huge photo frame on the wall. 

The picture of the old leaders. Louis Astley sitting confidently with his wife, Catherine Astley standing by his side. Beside them, was a little girl, brown hair and hazel eyes just like her mother. She was smiling brightly, the complete opposite of her cold and heartless parents. Ryan assumed it was Amy and smiled as he found her cute. He wondered why she did not smile like that now.

There was a cupboard in the corner. He opened the cupboard, it was filled with clothes, when he looked through them. He found a photo frame, buried under all the clothes. It was a picture of a young girl, with green eyes and blonde hair. She was standing alone wearing a white dress. Ryan frowned as he looked closely. Her eyes were red, it seemed as if she had been crying for a long time. She didn’t look like the girl in the bigger photo frame. He was confused about who this girl was and why this picture was hidden away. That girl somehow made him uncomfortable, unlike the other one who made him smile.

He turned around and walked towards the bed, it was nicely made as if no one had slept on it. 

Then his eyes went down, he noticed that there was something underneath the bed. He bent down and looked closely. He noticed that there was a pillow and a bedsheet kept there. It seemed to have been used for a long time. The bedsheet was almost torn and the cotton in the pillow was already broken into pieces. He had a lot of questions in his mind. Did she sleep on the floor? Why? She was so rich so why sleep on the floor? 

He got up and walked towards the window. Out of curiosity, he opened the curtains. 

It had a view of most of the jungle, but one thing caught his eyes. There seemed to be an open place at some distance in the middle of the jungle. He didn’t know that there was something like that there. He decided to look at it closely. 

He got out of her room and slowly made his way outside the mansion. By now he knew where the guards were and thus it was a lot easier to stay out of their sight. The gang was busy cause Amy hadn’t returned to the mansion since the previous day. They had no idea about her location. She had turned her phone off and even thrown away her tracker. They were trying hard to look for her.

It was getting colder outside as compared to inside the mansion. He made his way towards the jungle although he had no idea where that open space was. After roaming around for a long time, he finally found it and was startled as he saw it up close. It wasn’t an open area, it was a cemetery. Why would there be a cemetery inside a forest?

He stepped inside and started looking around. Soon he realized that it had tombstones only of the Astley family. All the ancestors as far as they had known. As he walked forward, he could look at the recent ones. He realized the pattern and ran towards the end. As he had thought, he saw the tombstone of the last leader. Louis Astley. It was written that he had passed away 6 years ago. He started looking around it. He saw the tombstone of Catherine Astley as well, she had passed away with him. Ryan didn’t know how they had died but knew that it had something to do with the Scotts. But he couldn’t ask them anything; he was just an employee for them after all. 

He was confused about why she had chosen the room from where this place was visible. Was it somehow related to the revenge she was so keen on? He was about to go outside when he realized when a tombstone caught his eyes. He walked towards it and was startled as he saw it up close. It said “Abigail”, there was no last name. 

She looked similar to that crying girl from the photo frame. blonde hair and green eyes and the same gloomy look. He walked towards it and realized that there was still one more tombstone behind it. He was curious to see it. 

Little did he know, there was someone else in this cemetery now. Amy was walking inside slowly and silently. She was wearing heels again but it was causing no sound. She approached him from behind and smiled and she saw him curiously walking towards the last tombstone. 

She smiled and swung her arm in the air, hitting the crook of his neck. He felt a stinging pain and fell unconscious within seconds. He wasn’t able to see who had hit him.

“Oh god, you’re something, huh?” She said and sighed as she looked around. 

“But not smart enough to put everything back in place or at least take off the tracker…” She smirked and turned around. 

“Take him to the basement.” She ordered the guards that had followed her but were standing outside on her orders. They came inside and took him away. 

Amy walked towards the tombstone that Ryan was looking at previously and stood in front of it. 

“Been a long time, huh?” She said as she bit her lower lip. She bent down on her knees and sat in front of that tombstone. “...15 years since I last saw you…still do feel your absence in my life, but as I had promised I won’t be as weak as you. I would fight for what I want…” A tear ran down her eye. 

She looked up and then walked forward. It was towards the tombstone that Ryan was curious to see. She smiled as she saw it. There was a girl’s picture on it, brown hair and hazel eyes, she looked a lot like Catherine; as if a younger version of her. 

“I can never forget you…no matter how hard I try to…” She bit her lip as she felt tortured standing there, facing the tombstone of that one person she used to hate the most. 


It was the same darkroom again, the smell of rotten furniture and nature that came in through the broken windows. Amy walked inside the room, and the half-conscious man had no idea about it. She smiled on seeing him so defenseless. 


He flinched and opened his eyes as he felt cold water being splashed on his face. 

“Wake up, darling.” She smiled and turned around. 

Ryan tried to move but soon realized that he was tied to the chair with thick ropes.

“The hell are you doing?” He said and glared at her. But it just made her laugh. 

“Did you really think I’ll just leave you after knowing your truth?” She said and he looked confused and surprised. 

“W...what are you going to do?” He started stuttering all of a sudden.

“Nothing.” She sat on the table kept in the front. “...if you tell me everything yourself.” Her expression became cold again. His eyes widened as he realized how dangerous that situation was. His one move could cost him his life.

“N...No...I can’t…” He tried to deny it. She smiled again and started walking around him. She stood behind him and bend down, placing her elbows on his shoulders. 

He felt a cold sensation on his neck. His eyes widened on realizing that she was holding a knife and could slit his neck apart any time.