Chapter 23: “Speak up or die!”
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“Think before you say anything.” She warned him. Holding Ryan on the edge of a knife. He held his breath and was trembling at this point. 

“What were you doing in my room and at the cemetery?” She asked him and pulled back the knife. Now she was standing in front of him. He could see that she was angry but was still holding back from being too rough cause she needed a lot of information from him. 

“I won’t!” He said and was ready to die instead. For him, her anger was her weakness and it was using it to trigger her. He had thought that she wouldn’t do anything cause she needed him to know what was actually happening next. Little did he know, she was actually just playing with him; she already knew what was happening in this game.

“Oh really?” She asked him in a mocking tone. He bit his tongue as he figured that it wasn’t going to work. “You know pretty well how much I can destroy you…” She started walking around him again. Her voice was cold and heartless and sent chills down his spine. 

“I can kill you right now…” She slid the knife around his neck, even the slightest touch made a small cut on his skin. He hissed from pain and she laughed on seeing how fragile he was. 

A boy made from glass pretending as if he was strong when he broke at the slightest touch. It was his weakness and the worst part she knew it better than anyone. After all, she had already known about him since childhood. 

“But right now...I just wanna torture you to death.” She whispered into his ear and he shivered with fear. She was unpredictable to him; surprising and scaring him at every step.

She slid the knife behind him and suddenly struck the knife across his back, making a huge and deep cut on his back. He hissed in pain and closed his eyes tightly. She smiled as she saw an opening to break him completely. The glass was shattered with just one swing but was still pretending to be strong.

“Speak up or I’ll continue but you’re not getting what you want!” She said loud and clear as she grabbed his hair roughly. He was breathing heavily, tears formed at the end of his eyes. He now knew that angering her was his worst mistake as now she was playing with him instead. When he didn’t say anything for some time, she smiled and struck the knife again. 

He cried in pain as the torture kept going. 

“I was giving you the easier way…” She said in a dead tone. There was no mercy in her eyes. Even if she was just pretending to care for him a few days ago, she didn’t feel even a bit of pain seeing him like that.

“I’m saying! I’m telling you everything!” He said after a moment. He was breathing heaving, sweat trickling down his forehead. His clothes started to get drenched in blood because of all the cuts which had gotten deeper with each swing across his back.

Amy just stared at him coldly, not showing any signs of mercy.

“Speak up!” She ordered and sat in front of him, grabbing his hair again to make him look into her eyes.

“Mr. Thomas, he had sent me here to keep an eye on you. He had an idea that something was happening….” He said and was getting a little dizzy.

“Stop lying!” She ordered him sternly, throwing his head back.

“I’m not…” His voice quivered. His eyes were getting uncertain but her voice was loud enough to ring in his eyes and just cold enough to remind him of all the pain.

“I said stop lying!” She repeated and held the knife near his neck again, pressing it harder this time. Her eyes were cold and lifeless. He could tell that she was really gonna kill him if he didn’t do as he said.

“O...ok I...I’ll tell you the truth…” He trembled and she smiled on seeing him so miserable. She stepped back and leaned against the table kept in front of him. 

“The big boss....he had an idea that you were still he just asked me to come and take a look here...He told me that if you were alive I had to keep an eye on you and inform the Scotts about what you were planning to do. I am just a pawn that he had planted. I don’t even have a role in this fight…” He explained slowly and was begging her to spare his life. She got up and was about to walk away from him.

“Stop playing the victim.” She said coldly and he looked at her with painful eyes. 

“I’m not…” He said, his voice filled with pain. 

“Oh really” She turned around suddenly and grabbed his hair roughly. “Look who’s talking, the person who killed his own father so heartlessly.” She smiled coldly. She could see that he was scared of her. 

“I didn’t want to do it…” He was trembling. But even he knew that it was a lie.

“Then why?” She asked him. He lowered his head and stayed quiet. She scoffed on seeing him speechless. She was right, he had killed his father on his own wish. No one had forced him.

“You said he used to torture your mother...No....that was just a lie you had always told yourself cause even you can’t accept this reality! ” She grabbed his chin and looked straight into his eye. He was trembling. Every word that she said was true; he was running away from reality. But now it was standing right in front of him, laughing at him like he was a loser.

“You killed him because you wanted to prove yourself. Your dear father gave up everything when you were targeted once by his enemies. You hated it and killed him to prove to all those bosses that you were more capable than him. You wanted to prove that you’re strong and heartless. But in reality, you’re not.” He flinched as he couldn’t believe that she knew everything about him.

“You’re scared of killing people. You killed your father so easily cause you had an underlying grudge against him. He was never there for you and your mother got depressed cause of that. Ended up cheating on him. And that’s how your younger sister was born. Your perfect family was ruined and you blame your father for that.” She said and looked up at him. She smiled as she noticed that he was tearing up.

“Wow! I guess I just hit the nerve.” She scoffed and sat back. 

“How do you know all that?” He asked her. 

“I know where your family lives…” She said and looked pretty chill even when the person in front of her was angry enough to kill her that very instant.

“How dare you…?” He looked at her with anger in his eyes. 

“I told you…” She came closer to him. “I can go to any extent to get what I want and right now...I want to break you…” She whispered into his ear. 

“Now tell me where that big boss is?” She asked him and he flinched. He didn’t say anything, assuming that it would work but she slid the knife near his neck again. He looked at her and she mouthed, “Speak up or die.”

“I don’t know…he used to give his orders through a phone or his people that surround the Scotts. He does visit the Scotts after a long time but no one knows where he is…” Ryan told her everything honestly because there was no point in protesting. Amy smiled cunningly on hearing that. 

“So now he knows I’m alive?” She asked him and he nodded hesitantly. 

“Good, that’s what I wanted.” She said with a smile which left him confused. 

“Aren’t you scared?” He asked her. 

“Why should I be scared of him? He’s the person I was dying to meet for the past 6 years. You just made it easier for me.” 

Ryan’s eyes widened as he realized that she was just using him. It made him feel bad as he had trusted her a lot. He had believed all those things he had read about her but the reality now seemed to be completely different from that. In front of him, there was just a heartless girl who was ready to kill him just to get some information. It broke his heart but there was nothing he could do. But he was unable to hold back his emotions and a tear ran down his eye.

“Why are you crying?” She asked him in a child-like voice. Mocking him for being so sensitive. “You feel bad that I used you?” She came closer to him. “What the hell did you then?” She pinched his chin. “You were using me all this time. Everything you said was a lie. I’m not crying like you.”

“That’s cause you have no heart. Whereas me being an idiot fell in love with you…” He said while looking into her eyes. Amy seemed to be a little taken back by his words. He was smiling from inside as he assumed that he finally caught her in his trap. But the next second she scoffed. She loosened her hand and stepped back. He was confused by her reaction. She turned and started laughing louder. 

“What?” He asked her and was getting frustrated. But she didn’t reply and kept laughing. 

“Why the hell are you laughing?” He shouted at her. 

“You love me…?” She said, controlling her laughter. 

“I’M NOT LYING!!” She stopped laughing but was happy to see him so worked up. A mischievous smile on her face, she walked towards him.

“Oh boy, you really fell for the wrong person.” She placed her hands on his shoulder. “I’m warning you, as you said I don’t have a heart … but it’s gonna become your weakness...and a reason for me to use you.” She looked coldly into her eyes. Her tone was a lot more serious now. She really didn’t want him to fall for her. 

“...Also I already love someone else.” She said as she turned around and walked out of the room. Leaving him angry and puzzled about what had just happened.