Chapter 25: “I’m giving you a chance”
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Ryan was resting in his room as instructed by the doctor when one of the guards informed him that Amy wanted him to go to the ZQ bar. He was quite shocked after hearing that. Amy was part of the underworld but he could never see her as someone who would go to bars and get wasted to the point of dying. Therefore, he was confused about why she called him to a bar. He had never heard of ZQ bar before.

Still, as usual, he got ready and went to the bar as she had ordered. 

Ryan followed her orders and went there. His wounds were bothering him a little but soon enough he noticed that she was quite careful with them. They were deep but not enough to put his life in danger or make him bed-ridden. He could still move around easily, also because he was trained well.

He was quite shocked to see that she had called him to a bar which looked opposite to what he had imagined. From the outside, it seemed like a luxurious restaurant.  He went inside hesitantly and started looking around. The music was quite calm as compared to a normal bar. Most people around him seemed to be businessmen. 

The manager walked up to him and asked him to follow him. Ryan was confused. How was she connected to the ZQ bar? All those people around him seemed to be aware of what was going on and seemed to be working under her. What was she planning to do?

The manager took him to a suite room on the third floor and then went away. Ryan took a deep breath and opened the door. His breath was caught up as he saw what was inside. 

Amy was sitting on a chair in the center of the lobby. To his surprise, she was wearing a maroon bathrobe. A wine glass in her hand and legs crossed; confident as ever. Ryan was perplexed about what was going on, why was she sitting there dressed like that and why call him to a suite all alone?

“W...why did you call me here?” He asked her hesitantly as he walked inside. 

“What do you think?” She said and sipped wine. 

“I...I don’t understand…” He was confused. 

“You did say you liked me…” She got up and walked closer to him. 

“I thought maybe...I should give you a chance…” She slid her arm up to his chest. He flinched. But then he thought of her words. 

“Really?” His eyes beamed with happiness. She nodded and was smiling. 

Ryan slid his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. He bent forward to kiss her. 

“I was gang-raped.” She said before he could kiss her. 

He froze on hearing her words. She scoffed. He didn’t say anything and stepped back. Amy smiled and sipped wine from the glass in her hand. She could see in his eyes, the disgust that he was feeling towards her after hearing the truth. 

“Get out.” She ordered and turned around. He lowered his head and turned around.

Suddenly a thought struck him and he stopped. He looked back at her once and turned towards her. 

“You did it with so many people already so it should be no issue to do it with me.” He said and she stopped. 

A cunning smile formed on her face again. “Do it!” She said coldly and stepped towards the window. 

Ryan smiled and unbuttoned his pants as he started walking towards her, ready to rape her just like those monsters had. But little did he know there was someone else present in that suite and was walking towards him with a bat in his hand.


Ryan felt a sudden pain in his head and was about to turn around to look who it was but before that, he felt his head spinning. His vision got blurry in no time and before he knew he was on the floor. 

“Sorry pal, but she wasn’t talking to you,” Alex said as he smiled while looking at the unconscious man lying in front of him. 

Amy smiled as she stood on the balcony now. She didn’t even bother to look back at Ryan. 

“Lia, did you have to do this?” Alex asked as he walked towards her. He was wearing black pants with a T-shirt and a black leather jacket paired with boots. A gun kept in the belt tied around his waist, hidden by the jacket, and a knife hidden in his boots. Anyone could tell that he was a bad guy, his aura was similar to Amy, cold and dangerous.

“I wanted to,” Amy replied coldly and he rolled his eyes. 

“What if I was late?” He asked and walked closer to her. 

“You were hiding in this room cause you were so worried.” She said while looking at him. She smiled softly and there was a rare soft expression on her face. 

“I can’t trust him.” He said in a whiny tone and she laughed while hugging him. Her left arm wrapped around his waist and her head rested on his shoulder.

“I needed to test him.” She said and he hugged her back, caressing her shoulder.

“And what if he did truly love you?” He asked.

“Then I would have got another way to use him.” She replied and smiled cunningly.

“Seriously, how can you be so heartless?” He asked and the smile faded. 

“You know it better than anyone else.” She replied and turned towards the balcony again. 

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry for bringing that up, Lia.” He stepped forward and back hugged her, his chin rested on her shoulder. She caressed his cheek but didn’t smile. She didn’t have the courage to pretend anymore, not in front of Alex. Most of the time, Amy did pretend and people only saw the side of her that she wanted them to but she never did so in front of Alex.

“I can never forget what we both have been through and it is still going on…” He added and she held his hand tightly. 

“It’ll only end when they’re all dead.” She said with a fire of revenge lighting up in her eyes. The fire was just increasing every second. 

“Don’t forget about me.” He said to lighten up the mood a little. 

“I won’t.” She laughed and laid her head back. “We’ve come so far already...They know I am back but not who I am.” A sigh escaped her mouth. 

“It will end soon...I promise…” He kissed her cheek.

“But we can’t get back what we’ve lost…” She clenched her teeth. “I wish we could.” Alex didn’t say anything. 

“I’m sorry but I can’t...I can’t forget about it…” She said and was on verge of tears. 

“I know…” He made her turn around, facing her, his arms wrapped around her waist. 

“I know it is difficult to forget….so I don’t expect you to force yourself to forget about it. I’m just feeling sorry that I couldn’t protect you well. I wasn’t strong enough to save you. I’m so sorry.” He hugged her and she sighed. Alex always felt guilty that he couldn’t protect her well. She caressed his back as she hugged him back. 

“It wasn’t your fault, no one knew that would happen. You know you were the reason I got the courage to take my revenge, you were the reason I didn’t give up on my life after I lost my everything.” She comforted him and he held her tighter.

“We will make them pay for everything they did and expose the reality to this world...” He said and she nodded. 

“Now tell me, what are we gonna do with this idiot?” Alex asked as he pulled away from the hug. Amy smiled again as wiped his tears and pecked on his cheek.

“Throw him on the road.” She answered with a straight face and he looked at her in confusion.

“I am serious.”

“I can tell!” He rolled his eyes again. 

He ordered his men to do so, throw Ryan somewhere near the AB headquarters.

“How much do you know about him?” Alex asked her, referring to Ryan.

“How much do you know about him?” Amy asked him instead as she raised an eyebrow.

“I only know what you told others.” He smiled and she gave him a suspicious look. 

“He was present there, among all those monsters, six years ago. He used to work under the “big boss”.” She answered leaving him shocked to the core. 

“How are you able to still tolerate him?” He asked as he held her hand, making her smile about how protective and cute he was.

“I asked him to call me Summie…” She replied and that was the answer to everything. 

Summie, the name that always reminded her of her childhood, the torture her family had made her go through to hide their secrets