Chapter 2: The journey begins
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Noah and Vetal traveled along the dirt road to get to Pagan. Traveling on their feet took a while, but they didn't have any horses or a carriage and they didn't complain.

Soon they saw the city in the distance and moved their feet a little quicker to get there faster.

When they got to the entrance which was bustling with all kinds of people they waited in line to get into the city.

The line quickly went along and soon Noah and Vetal payed the toll to get into the city.

"Alright. We need a place to stay and find a place to make some money...if we want to see the world we will definitely need money." Noah said as he looked around at his new surroundings. He was overwhelmed by the sights and smells and sounds of the city but he composed himself and took Vetal along with him.

Noah saw some people running some shops nearby and went towards them for help, "Excuse me."

The woman in green stopped what she was doing and looked at Noah, "Yes? How can I help you?"

"I was wondering where the nearest inn was and where me and my friend can find work."

"Well...lets see." The woman took a moment to close her eyes and come up with an answer, "Boars Inn is a couple blocks into the city. It's pretty much near the heart of the city. You can't miss it. It has a sign that looks like a boar's head. As for work...hmm you and your friend look young so I don't think work would be good for you at such an early age, but there are a couple of places where you can work. Mercenary Guild would be the best looking at the sword on your hip. It's the neighbor to the Inn I told you about."

"I see. Well thank you for your time Miss." Noah bowed and dragged Vetal with him, "How much money do we have?" Noah asked Vetal

"Mm...2 Gold, 10 silver, 99 bronze."

"Hope that's enough for a couple of nights at the inn." Noah said as he and Vetal made their way to the city and saw the inn.

They both looked at each other and nodded then walked into the inn and to the desk with a man behind it

"How may I help you two?" The man asked

"I was wondering how much it costs here to stay for one night." Noah stepped forward

"1 silver. That's with meals included. A little pricey I know, but we have to make a living." The man replied

"Then we will stay for 10 nights." Vetal said, "We will have enough time to get work at the mercenary guild."

"The mercenary guild? Alright I can understand that, but it would be best if you two went to the capital and entered the knights academy first before you apply to the guild."

"Why is that sir?" Noah asked

"Well first of all if you make it into the academy you get to hone your skills and become better fighters, and if you can wield magic you will also practice your magic there with teachers that specialize in magic. It is also said that if you excel in the academy there are special schools hidden around the world that will ask you to join them. That is however if you can pass the test the instant the schools lay their eyes on you." The man explained    

"That makes sense. Alright we will take your advice. Do you know how we can get to the capital the fastest?" Noah asked again

"By carriage. There is a service in the city that drives people to the capital. As for when it leaves you will have to ask the coordinator for the date."

"Okay. And where can we find the service?" Vetal asked

"At the south end of the city."

"Thanks." Noah said as he looked at Vetal, "Let's go." to which Vetal nodded as the two made their way to the south end of the city.

When they got there they saw a man checking the horses in their stables.

They both went to him and tapped him on the shoulder. The man realized someone was behind him and turned around

"Yes? Is there something you two boys need?" He asked when he realized that there were two boys wanting to speak to him

"We were wondering when the carriage was departing for the capital." Vetal spoke up to which the man smiled softly and redirected them

"You will want to go into that building there. The one that says Alan's Carriage and Travel Company."

"Thanks mister." The boys said in unison

"You're welcome." The man said as he went back to checking the horses

Noah and Vetal went into the Travel Company building and were greeted by a rather large crowd of people all trying to get somewhere quickly. Noah and Vetal looked around for someone to help them and they saw a woman behind a desk who looked like she wanted to help so they went over to her

The woman noticed Noah and Vetal and put on a kind smile, "How may I help you two?" She said in a light tone

"We were wondering when the next carriage departs for the Capital." Noah asked

"Oh! And don't forget how much it costs too!" Vetal added since the two boys learned early on in their life that nothing was free...most of the time.

"Let's see..." The woman pondered before going to a board with all the locations the branch went to and their times and days, "The next carriage to the Capital departs in 3 days at noon and it will cost 1 gold per person to get there."

"ONE GOLD?!?" The two boys yelled out in shock

"Hmm? Ah yes. There are a lot of people wanting to go to the Capital for various reasons." The woman answered

The boys looked at each other as Vetal pulled out the only gold they had in their pouch, "W-we would like to go too..." Vetal sounded absolutely defeated as he placed the gold on the counter 

"Ehehehehe..." The woman chuckled nervously as she saw Vetal trying not to cry, "C-can I have your names?"



The woman wrote down the boy's names and took two pieces of paper with words on them and handed them to the two

"What are these for?" Noah asked

"Ah. That is to confirm that you are a traveler to whatever destination you're going to. If you lose them you're going to have to get another one. So guard them." The woman explained

The boys nodded and went back outside again. A couple seconds after they were outside Noah promptly sucker punched Vetal in the head

"OW!!! What was that for Noah?!" Vetal cried

"Oh I don't know...perhaps someone should've left some silver and not have spent it all on an inn we won't even being staying at for the full duration." Noah pettily said

"Okay, but perhaps we can get a partial refund." Vetal said as he raced off to the inn

"Hmm? Hey wait a minute Vetal!" Noah yelled as he took off after Vetal 

Noah arrived at the inn out of breath and walked into the inn. There he saw Vetal getting handed 7 silver from the man after Vetal said what was happening to him.

Vetal looked behind him and said, "At least we have 7 silver back. Hope we can get into the Academy. That way our money troubles will be gone until we graduate."

Noah looked at Vetal wondering what he meant. Taking the silence from his best friend as a question Vetal elaborated further

"The Academy is a publicly run school owned by the Capital." Vetal answered

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know but it's getting late. Let's have dinner and go to sleep."

The two then ate a healthy dinner free of charge by the inn and went to their room that they were going to share. Two beds on the furthest corners of the room with two nightstands accompanying them. As well as a small table with two chairs in the middle. Then the final touch to the room was a window in between the two beds. All in all the room was spacious and was more than enough for the two of them.

Noah and Vetal walked into the room and were exhausted from there first day from home. So they each took a bed and passed out. The magic dimming the lights to darkness to let the boys sleep. A soft glow of light surrounded Noah's body in his sleep letting him have good dreams of grandeur and tales of kings and warriors

A minute went by into the boys sleep when a soft light flew in through the window. Transforming into an otherworldly beauty of the woman with flawless skin, smooth blonde hair, and the same golden eyes that Noah had. She wasn't wearing anything on her body since she didn't have anything to hide. Light wrapped around her like silk as she had a warm smile on her face. She caressed Noah's face with a warm hand and kissed his cheek as she looked at Noah one last time before disappearing.