Prologue WTF is Going On
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Hmm. Hmm? Feeling something is wrong with my bed I open my eyes, And then proceed to bolt upright because I am now surrounded by trees instead of the 4 walls I was expecting. "What The Fu**. Where am I."


[ Welcome To Gia, Void Wanderer ]

I jolt at the sound and am surprised by the blue words floating up in front of my eyes, but not nearly as surprised by what the messages said next.

[ Soul Sync Complete ] [ Unique System Granted ] [ PsySystem ] 

Status Shop Missions

And as I sit there staring at the words floating in front of me my mind begins racing at all the possibilities of what could be going on. Which I then soon narrow down to only 3.

One, I could just be having some crazy lucid dream. Two, this could all be an hallucination brought on by the possible fact that I have gone completely insane. While the final possibility is that everything is real, meaning that I really am in another world and I just got a cheat system. 

So right now to be honest I am really hoping for the 3rd option, because after seeing all of this I am very excited. 'Ok first lets try.' "Status"

[LVL 1][Healthy]
[HP 100 MP 100 ME 10000]
[STR 15 VIT 20 AGI 15]
[MAG 10 INT 25 WIS 12]
[SOUL 50 MIND 300 CHR 25]
[Other Info][Inventory][Skills]

"Damn I don't know what is average for stats is, 'assuming everyone has a system' but 300 for MIND seems pretty big for Lvl 1." 'Nice I have an Inventory and what is ME?'


[ME is short for Mental Energy it is a unique stat that is used to power your unique abilities] 

"So it can answer my questions, good." 'hmm? from what I've read Systems with shops and missions usually give you a starting gift of some sort.'

'Inventory' and a big void appears in my mind with a little box in it, 'Yes!' I immediately focused on the box and a window appeared

[Starter Gift Pack Lvl 1]

[Do you wish to open now Y/N ]

'Uh Yes what did you think I was going to say'

[Opening Gift Pack... Got <UA Psychokinesis Lvl 1><Local Map><Beginner Gear Pack><Gift Pack Lvl 5>]

'Nice Psychokinesis always useful.'


[ <Psychokinesis Lvl 1> <Calm Mind Lvl 1> <Enhanced Senses Lvl 1> ]

'Info <Psychokinesis>'


[Psychokinesis the ability to control kinetic energy with your ME, the strength and speed of the energy is dependent on Your MIND stat, and the level determines the max amount of energy you can manipulate in one go.]


[Find Civilization]

[Completion Requirements. exit the forest and enter civilization]

[Fail = Death]

[Reward = +5 Kine, <Complete Language Comprehension>]

[Time Limit = None].

'A mission! and that reward, +5 Kine which I am assuming is the store credit, and the ever useful but generally overlooked language cheat skill.'

I check my inventory and pull out the Local Map that I got from the gift pack earlier. When I pulled it out I was surprised, because instead of the regular map I was expecting, instead what laid in my hand looked like a black ring. 'Info Local Map'


[Local Map range 100miles, Use: Equip Ring on a finger, then say Map while touching the ring.]

I equip it, "Map" and a 2d holo map of the local area appeared above my hand. 'Hmm this is pretty detailed, no names of anything but clear images of land marks.'

To the North east is a river about 10miles away, by following it going South-East alongside the river is the only visible town on the map about 50miles down stream once I get to the river.

'Ok, I should start heading toward the river after I test out Psychokinesis so I can at the very least protect myself on my way to town. Because in a fantasy world there's is definitely going to be monsters in the woods.' 



Hi I hope I did a good job with the prologue. I am planning to keep writing this story hopefully people will enjoy it. If you have any suggestions or questions I would like to get some feed back as this is my first time writing a web novel. thanks