Chapter 1 I Was Right, Monsters (Edited)
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Sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out. In the chapter there will be quite a bit of info dumping about the MC and the system. its not all info dumping so don't worry I tried to make sure to spread it out in the chapter, Hope you Enjoy.

P.S. there is a Psychic Power Poll at the end.

I put away my map, and begin to figure out how to use my skills. I then pick up a fallen branch for my test and proceed to attempt to use psychokinesis.

I start by focusing on the branch in my hand, "Psychokinesis"...

'Nothing, really? ok maybe I have to say it in my head.'

Continuing to glare at the branch like it owes me money. 'Psychokinesis!' …

"Seriously come on damn it" 'FLY UP!'

*imagining the branch rising up in the air*


And with that sound I watch as the branch in my hand promptly shatters into pieces, the shards shooting up into the leaves above.

"Oh!", 'So that's how it works, just willing it to happen is how I can use psychokinesis.'

As I look around at the shattered remnants of the fallen tree branch I begin to wonder.

'Hmm why did it explode like that, I was just trying to make it go up.'

I start to focus on a few of the remaining branch pieces while attempting to use psychokinesis again, and think. 'Rise'

The shards of wood surrounding me immediately begin to rise up off the ground and then start floating gently in the air around me.

I begin to think about why the outcome is so different this time. 'Hmm what's different this time... ah'

*lightbulb flickers on*

'It was probably because of my will and desire for the branch to move in conjunction with me being frustrated that resulted in such a large variation between the two outcomes.'

Then as I continue to test my abilities I have a sudden thought.

'Oh that's right I probably don't even need a medium to use psychokinesis, because in the skill description it said that psychokinesis is the ability to control kinetic energy, which is the force of movement itself.'

Deciding to immediately act upon this new idea, I turn to look at a nearby tree while raising my hand at it imagining a bolt of energy flying from my hand toward the trunk of the tree. And a moment later


Suddenly there is a medium bowl sized depression in the trunk of the tree. I walk forward and find that the indent is less of a bowl more a cone shape that pierces about 1/3 of the way into the middle of the tree. "Whoa I guess that works."

After that I continue practicing for a bit more. And when I feel I've gotten the hang of it decide I better start moving. Looking at my map again to figure out what direction I need to go, I begin moving north toward the river.

About 15 minuets later I start to notice something is different about my body

'That's weird, I didn't notice before but everything feels a bit different, I wonder is it just my new stats or something else.'

Pausing for a moment, I think about what this odd sense of change could be but then I decide to simply check my [Other Info] tab in my status. "Other info"


[Other Info]
[Name - Vesper] [Age - 17] [Race - ψ∠∏ℵ∴∇¬] [Gender - Male]
[Titles - (None) [Hidden Titles - (Void Wanderer)]]

Going through my general info I get surprised by a few things in it, well most of it actually.

'Oh my name is Vesper now, that's fine I guess. Age 17 good that's not to much of a leap from 21, and Umm' …

"WTF is  ψ∠∏ℵ∴∇¬ for my race supposed to mean, damn even if I'm not human at least tell me what the Fu** I am people. Nobody should be able to drop a bomb like ""oh by the way your not human anymore"" And then just walk away!"

5 minuets of venting frustrations later...

I let out a sigh

'Ahh whatever, I just hope other people won't be able to see that part of my status.'

Continuing on my way through the forest and toward my destination. I begin to calm down and start observing the woods around me, and notice a variety of plant life that fills my surroundings from towering trees to the vibrant and varied groundcover. As I stroll through the trees I see a bit of movement up ahead. I stop and look closely for the possible cause. Then

'Hey that's.'

I think as I see what is probably one of the most recognized beginner monsters in books and games, that's up there with a slime and a giant rat, as a horned rabbit hops out of a shrub that's in front of me. I get slightly excited as I think,

'Time to get my first kill.'

But then I pause in my approach as I suddenly get an idea.

'Hmm, wait I wonder if I can cause a burst of KE1Kinetic Energy to occur inside of something, like for example a rabbit's head.'

I start focusing my thoughts on causing a burst of energy within the rabbits head.


the sound reverberates in the air as the rabbit's entire head explodes all over the place. Blood and brain matter painting the immediate surroundings of the rabbit, as it collapsed on the ground legs twitching as it's blood flowed freely from it's headless corpse. Creating a pool as it's fur begins to turn red.

I take a swift step back in shock as I shout


After calming down I approach the rabbit's corpse and looking down at it, say

"Well that was severe overkill. Man I have got to get a better grasp on my psychic abilities. I really don't want to kill anyone by accident"

Then I attempt to place the horned rabbit's body into my inventory remotely from a few feet away, it takes a moment for it to work but I watch in relief as it promptly vanishes. I check if it is in my inventory to make sure it worked.

'And yup, it's there, luckily I can store things remotely. I did not want to get blood on my hands.'

Continuing to check my map occasionally to make sure I'm heading in the right direction. I stop as I begin hearing noise nearby, after traveling about halfway to the river according to the map.

'That sound similar to someone talking.'

Approaching cautiously while attempting to stay hidden, I come across a small clearing looking inside I think 'yup I was right, monsters'

'those have to be some kind of goblin, but damn their a lot bigger than I was expecting.'

There are 3 goblins in the clearing, the three of them are anywhere from 5'5 to 5'7 in height, dark green skin, and slightly floppy pointed ears. I ponder what to do next

'Hmm what should I do, should I just attack from here.'

I soon reject that idea 'I probably shouldn't because in some stories goblins are a legitimate intelligent race and not considered monsters. I should approach but be ready just in case they're monsters and attack.'

Then getting up I begin to walk into the clearing 'And they're hostile' which is made very obvious by the fact that as soon as the goblins saw me they began charging toward me while yelling "RAAAAAAAHHHH" with rusty swords drawn.

I attack, three bolts of kinetic energy piercing through each of their heads. I then watch as all three of them come to a stop and fall with a soft thump! to the ground.

After waiting a moment looking at them cautiously to see if they're truly dead. Which is quite apparent now that I see a clean hole in each of the goblins heads, blood slowly pooling on the ground, I place all three bodies into my inventory, after which I take a second to check they're info.


[Dead body of a Hobgoblin]

"Oh so that's why they were so big" I comment as I head out of the clearing and proceed to find a place to take a short break.

'I didn't get any messages but I wonder if I leveled up'

Then deciding to check my status. "Status"


[Vesper - Lvl 7]
[Healthy][Stat Points = 120][Skill Points = 30]
[HP 100][MP 100][ME 10000]
[STR 15][VIT 20][AGI 15]
[MAG 10][INT 25][WIS 12]
[SOUL 50][MIND 300][CHR 25]
[Other Info][Inventory][Skills]

'Level 7 and look at those points damn that's 20 stat points and 5 skill points per level.' I am stunned for a moment at the amount of points I receive per level up. 'Hmm I should check what each stat influences before I start assigning points to any of my stats.' "Info stat properties" Ding!

[HP = Hit Points]
[MP = Mana]
[ME = Mental Energy]
[STR = Physical Strength, Physical Attack Power, Instant Burst Strength]
[VIT = Vitality, Physical Defense, Life Span,
Status Resistance,
Regeneration Rate, Endurance]
[AGI = Agility, Overall Speed, Reflexes, Reaction Time, Body Performance,
Muscle Flexibility, etc.]
[MAG = Overall Magic Power, Spell Strength, Mana Pool, etc.]
[INT = Intelligence, Magic and Skill Casting Speed, Learning Ability,
Thought Processing Speed, Logical Processing aka IQ, etc.]
[WIS = Wisdom, Magic Defenses, Emotional Processing aka EQ, etc.]
[SOUL = Soul Strength, Mental Defenses, Partial Connection to Potential]
[MIND = Psychic Unique Stat, Psychic Ability Strength of
Power, Range, and Precision, Parallel Thought, Higher Consciousness,
[CHR = Charm / Charisma, Physical Attractiveness, Luck, Leadership,
Defense against Charm and Illusions]
Sorry again for the long wait for this chapter. I thank you all for your patience, Hope you enjoy. 

P.S. If you notice any mistakes or things you wish to mention please do so in the comments and I will see what I can do. Thank you

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