S2 – Chapter 19: Debt’s to be Repaid (Part 5)
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// Is it over? //

『Ah... we are finished.』Luria said in an exasperated voice.

As both of them, felt pain they fell on the ground.

With their body facing towards the open sky.

『Looks like we bit more than we can chew. Ugh...』Estel said.

Groaning in pain they felt half of their body beginning to corrode.
The cause was simply because it could not handle the amount of magic which her other half could carry...

The power of the demon-king purpose was to protect the light dragons.

But Estel as a whole was not a true Dragon because she was still part human.
When she used such an absurd power of the ability to its peak,
her other half began to collapse and corrode.

This was the consequence of using such power.


Why did she not just use magic to destroy the beast?

Indeed, she was capable of destroying a country if she desired.
But the disappearance of Aisha and Luna was a difficult loss.

Control was still a problem.

At best all she could produce was light and shadow mixed as one into a sphere of destruction.
She recalled the moment she produced that gigantic sphere in the demon-kingdom and utilized it to the best that she can...

Not to mention the fact...
She was afraid that her own power would backfire.
Her familiar and her grandfather warned her of the risk when using magic.

It can backlash and cause oneself to be harmed or destroyed by it
This was the reason why she wasn't able to rely too much on magic and win the fight.


// Reach out to us. //

The crystal was close on her right side but out of reach.
It then echoed with an eerie voice.



『We don't have much time...』

Estel and Luria who heard its voice turned to it.


Half of her body felt like it was being burned from the inside.
With her teeth chaffing aware of the consequences of her actions.

Different voices echoed from it.

『Do not lose hope, Hurry...』

『Last child of the Stars!』

『We cannot have you die here!』The crystal desperately cried out to her.

Estel tried to reach out to it, but she felt pain and felt weakness weak to reach it.
She was only a mere inch away from it from her side as she rested her body on the ground facing towards the sky.

Luria took control of her other hand as she pushed her body towards it.

『Groaah!』the both of them groaned as one hand reached the stone.

It was at that moment a surge of memories entered them.

『Finally, to think we will meet a bearer of our clan!』

『This one is a half! but still...』

『With this much power inside her, it should be enough.』

The voices that came from the crystal were unfamiliar to Estel.

But as she touched the crystal.
It carried the recollection of the fallen light dragons who were taken in by the Order.
Among the souls were the dead who were chosen as sacrifices for their crimes.
It was there at that moment Estel mind could no longer handle the stress and blacked out.


// Contract. //

Her grandfather who recently recovered change himself back to human form.
His body was in terrible shape but was beginning to restore his body from the damage he took.

He pushed his legs forward despite the circumstances.

His body was half-burned from the breath ray it released
but was still alive as it slowly began to heal.

During this time, he gazed up at the sky.
And felt two powerful presence in the sky, fight the beast.

A brilliant light and a trail that caused a vast explosion that shook the ground.

『Was... That Estel?』he wondered.

He saw markings on his hand and pulled out a mirror from his own shadow.
There he saw it as his eyes widened.

『These markings are...』

He bit his lips as he endured and walked towards the scene.

As he saw a crater in front of him.
he climbed towards it as he reached the top with one hand.

Up there,  what he saw was dust and smoke.
Below it, he heard the murmuring voice of a young girl.

He cried out to her.


But there was no response.
As smoke and dust began to settle he slid towards her.

He saw her touching a stone with one hand on her right as she rested on the ground.
Half of her body had grown dark as he saw the state of her body he understood.

It was beginning to rot.

He realized what it was at first glance.

His expressions paled and cried out.

『No... NO!』

Mana Collapse.
A type of magical effect that rot's the body due to overflowing power inside one's body.
Humans rarely receive this condition.
But for demon-kins and mixed-blood that cannot handle powerful magic.

They often suffer such circumstances.

If that was not bad enough.
His daughter speaking in an unknown language.
He could not understand.

『...htrof emoc esaelP
...uoy fo geb eW

.senaw tirips reh sa roivas ruo evas ot uoy daelp eW

.muidem ruo sa lessev siht htiW
.dlrow siht ni deppart dna tsol era ohw esoht ot noitavlas gnirB
.dlrow laerehte eht revo sehctaw taht stirips fo droL』

Half of her body remained healthy but she was breaking in sweat.
He was aware that her circumstances were dire.

But despite these circumstances.

Her hand reached towards the sky.


A magic circle appeared...
Her grandfather's eyes widen in both shock and confusion as he saw the magnitude and size of it.
It was something that was on the size that swallowed the sky itself.

He turns to Estel, but he didn't know what to do...

[Should I knock her out? No... she's already in a dire state.]

He turns towards the crystal she was holding onto with one hand,
as he walked towards it with violent intent.

[Is this the cause of what's rotting her?]

He reached out to take it away from her.
A voice then entered his mind.

『Stop, we can save her!』he flinched when the voice said those words.

But then...
He felt it...

As an immense force of magic filled the land as time slowly began to stop.
From the dust to air including his own body became frozen.

A presence appeared monstrous that would make even the strongest warrior demon-kin shake in terror.

 [What... what is going on?]

He felt its presence.
He shuddered in terror, his heartbeat rose with every moment.
Everything was now frozen like this being very presence was the cause of it.

He turned his eyes toward the figure in the sky where the presence was coming from...

As he raised his head upward.
He gaped widely with his eyes, wide open in complete shock.

A being was called forth.
It was something beyond which living beings could see.
Nor anything that existed could ever enter the mortal realm have ever seen before...

It then spoke.

『How pitiful...』It said.

They repeat themselves over and over...
Have they not learned why their civilization had been reduced to this?』

Her grandfather's markings then began to glow as he was slowly able to move again.
He raised his head towards the sky and he paled and gape at what he saw...

It then casually said in a voice of an old man.

『You there, the old dragon.
You carry the blessings of this child...

Not many of your kind are able see my visage you know?』

Its figure was gigantic and also majestic...
It carried no facial figure but spectral form which was only written in text in his studies.

Her grandfather swiftly kneeled to the being before him.

『Fo-forgive me!』he cried out.

It said nothing in response but brilliant light came from the crystal he tried to take away.
Soon slowly disappeared as blue orbs rushed towards the figure above.

『I see...』

『For the last of their race to end like this.』

He speaks as though mumbling to himself, but the bright blue lights seemed to speak with it.
Tyr was puzzled by his words, time was completely frozen around him, even the speck of dust and smoke remained still.

He was left baffled on what he should do.

Its spectral hand with a single finger pointed out to Estel as it continued to float in the sky.
A tiny figure of light rose from inside her.

An Einherjar!』It cried out.

『How exceedingly rare.』

After a few moments have passed...

『To save this country.』

『Even against the odds.』

『To the point of breaking.』

Her grandfather paled at his words as he gazed at Estel.
He then kneeled in despair as he said.
『How? how could this possibly happen?』
『Was it a mistake to bring her here?』

His face was full of regret but the Lord of spirit continued to speak.

『Half cannot bear the power which was used.』

『Thus her body no longer can sustain itself.』

As it continues to speak with its own curiosity.
It then said.

『Normally I do not interfere with this world...』

『Normally I do not accept a calling...』

『The voices of those that do not belong in this world drew me in.』

『Yet here I find a single youth willing to save the lost.』

『The Forgotten.』

Tyr was puzzled at his words.
As he then saw its figure smile.

『I have met a person just like her...
One who seeks peace above all else.
Drawn into chaos for his blood is filled with conflict.』

『Very well, I will make an exception of you.
Return to where you belong and keep her safe.

One day I will claim your soul as well...
As a pair, you two will be in a better place. 』

As it rambled on...
It then said.

『If the last of her kind perish,
It would be quite troublesome...
If no one exists to aid me restore the balance of this world.』

He sent back the tiny light back in Estel's body.
But something changed.

Her body that appeared to be rotting, began to return to its normal color.
It baffled him...

As he then bit his lips as it bled and cried in joy as he rushed to her side.
But then saw a strange figure on her the center of her chest.

As he saw it, he was frozen in both shock and astonishment.

Her grandfather then cried out in his thoughts:
[The Blessing of the Spirit Lord HIMSELF!] He shouted in his thoughts.

It was once said that the blessing was carried by the first demon-king.
Its image was drawn well, Tyr researched it and sought its power.
But, there was little knowledge about it.

It is said such power is passed unto the next generation.
It was once known as a marker of the king of the nation of demons.

But the reason why it was so valued was simply that...

It is said one who possessed it can control the law of nature itself.
Be it rain or the sky and even speak to the spirit themselves to punish other places.

If used in the wrong hands it can even torment countries and lands alike.

The first demon-king who carried it was able to use it.

The heir who was able to obtain it.

Many speculated the heir was assasinated, jealousy because of the power it contained.
Which caused the blessing to disappear from their land.

As he saw the figure he lightly touched it and confirmed it.
He wept in joy as he understood what it was...

It's gaze then turned towards her grandfather as he froze on the spot as he felt it.

『You there...
Is it wise to idle now?
Did you not come here to flee?』as it asked that question.

He soon realized it.
Time was frozen, and there would be chaos with people searching for answers.
With the amount of disaster his daughter and himself have made.

It wouldn't be strange that they would be hunted down like criminals.

But it would be worse if someone discovered that Estel.
Have forged and now carried the blessing of the Lord of Spirits herself.

[No... the council will undoubtedly go crazy if they found out about this!]

『Thank you!』he said to the lord of spirit as rushed to carry Estel in his arms.
Her rotting half was restored, but wounds and broken scales remained as it lightly bled.

It was then he realized she successfully defeated the beast.
Pulling out a shrowd from his shadow to cover both herself and himself, He rushed to flee the city.

Under the presence of the Lord of spirit.

In mere moments...
Time resumed and they have already left the city.



Next chapter is the aftermath.
I felt like I just pulled out a Deus Ex Machina.
Then again...

It's part of the lore in her world.

Due to their resistance to magic, they can handle even powerful presence allowing them to communicate with the unnatural.
Light dragons in peculiar are the closest to the dead, who can communicate to beings such as the lord of spirits.
It is also the reason why their contract is so sacred that it allows a non-light dragon to see such beings as well.

Funny note:
Heck some people in her world probably succeeded in  summoning the spirit king only to see they are frozen and went back to sleep.
Not realizing their success which is why he rarely accept calls from the living.