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This is a Fan-fic within a Fan-Fic of HunterxHunter.Read with causing.Minor get out please.


On a quiet island, a teenager suddenly opened his eyes wealky.

“Is this what we call genjutsu?”

Allan looked at his surroundings blankly!

“Maybe I’m dreaming after I dozed off on pornhub after my last loaded bullet was fire, I fell asleep”

Where am I, he wondered

Allan pinched his cheek and felt pain, which indicated that this wasn’t a dream.

“Did I just transmigrate into another world after I slept?”

Such an absurd idea appeared in Allan’s mind. He was a senior high school student, he often read erotic novel in his spare time, and most of the times, the Protagonist of these novels cross to another world due to being hit by Truck-Kun, or dying of blue balls. There were even some who got sucked dry by succubus but we dont talk about that.

These Transmigrators would often get some cheating ability or A System to aid them in their journey.

And here he was, crossing to another world while he was sleeping peacefully just a minute ago.

Allan noticed some captivating scenery around him. A simple forest full of trees, grass, and flowers, but to someone who lived in his basement, it was mesmerizing. He noticed how tall the trees were and instantly knew that he was no longer on earth.

Allan was deep in thoughts, wondering about his whereabouts when suddenly…

[Ding! Detecting a Host! God Choice System fan-fic is Activated!]

[World: Hunter X Hunter!]

Allan was stunned! It’s here! His Gold-Finger is here. Not only did he cross to Hunter X Hunter, but he also obtained a system!

But after the excitement he felt, Allan sighed. After all, Hunter X Hunter’s world is one of the most dangerous Anime worlds and lack big titties bitches.

An ordinary person without any cheat transmigrating in such a world full of danger meant death, and even now, as Allan got his System, he won’t be completely safe, maybe safer, but he won’t be living in peace.

“So, what does this God Choice system offer?”

Just as Allan wondered, he heard ‘Ding’ in his head.

[1: Survive 100 Days in Hunter X Hunter world: Reward: 10 x strength!]

[2: Survive 500 days in Hunter X Hunter world: Reward: Basic of Nen, Nen of Flame: Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu!]

[3: Survive 1000 days in Hunter X Hunter world: Reward: Nen Talent!]

Nen Ability, the main power in Hunter X Hunter’s world!

Only by learning Nen can a hunter truly be strong in this world and witness the incredible things it contains.

Allan couldn’t choose one as all of them gave enticing rewards!

“Ah, what do I chose? All of them are good.”

[Please choose within 60 Seconds, or else the choice won’t be accepted!]

“There is a time limit as well!!!” Allan shouted in surprise and quickly started analyzing his choices.

There is no doubt that the third choice gives the best Reward, but the first one was the fastest and most useful.

The second choice would allow him to learn how to use Nen’s basics, but Allan knew that his development would be significantly limited if his talent was ordinary.

After all, becoming a first-rate Nen user always depended on the talent that same person had.

And as a Transmigrator, Allan had a broad mindset and wouldn’t limit himself while he just started.

Therefore, after hesitating, Allan’s choice was the first one, because his too lazy to wait 1000 days.

[Ding! You chose to survive for 100 days in Hunter X Hunter’s world. Reward: strenght x10]

[Description of strenght talent: The host’s strenght will be 10× the curgent strength so will endurence, agility and senses.]

[Ding! Host gain early access to reward: Strenght×10]

“It’s a great reward!” Allan exclaimed with delight!

Although he had to wait about 100 days he would be able to last longer in bed, just like those anime character in adult shows.

Right now, Allan wasn’t in a hurry to learn Nen. Don’t get him wrong, he was eager to learn it, but he still had his priorities.

The first thing he needs now is to know where he was exactly.