Chapter 3
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This is a Fan-fic within a Fan-Fic of HunterxHunter.Read with causing.Minor get out please.

"Is that Gon?"

Allan couldn't believe his luck. He rubbed his eyes repeatedly, but the boy was still there. He just met Gon.

"I'm on Whale Island, then?" Allan muttered to himself.

In the Original plot, Gon's Home island was called Whale Island. The residents of this island lived on fishing, and aside from Gon, most people living in his home town were older people.

[Ding! The host has encountered the Protagonist of the plot; please make a Choice!]

[1: Go forward and Talk to Gon and become his friend: Reward: Lucky Treasure chest x1]

[2: Ignore Gon completely and leave Whale Island: Reward: Ten Million Jenny!]

[3: Hit Gon with a rock: Reward: Luffy Straw Hat

[Ding! Please make your choice in the next 60 seconds!]

Allan: "So I have to choose again!!"

He must choose one of the three options, or else he won't be getting a reward.

Allan hesitated a little before choosing the third option even though the second would help him more. He didn't have money, and a sum of ten million isn't small for someone like him but thinking about his lack of a place to store it and the trouble of getting rob.

The First Option is too troublesome because, I'm not a people person. And a unknown treasure box with my dog shit luck, I rather eat my own man juice.

However, looking at the long run, the Third option should be better and that without mentioning the shade from the sun, just wearing that hat would help him greatly in the future no sun burn for me.

But thinking about the money and all the High class gold-digger he could have bed. Allen heart and soul hurt a bit

'you can't be enticed by the immediate wealth. You should look far ahead and make the best out of every situation.' Allan thought to himself, trying to divert his attention from the money.

Everyone has that adventurous side, Wearing the Pirate king hat is cool.

Compared to ten million jenny, and a unknown treasure chest that could contain many trash ability made him look the other side. He may get something unexpected from the straw hat

Allan smiled widely as he walked toward a rock the size of a baseball

Just as he raised his loaded hand and was about to throw it at Gon, a bear appear behind him.

The Bear was cover is silk of something that look like condense milk

Roaring angrily at allen after sniffing at his direction, and rushing with a mouth full of sharp teeth ready to tear flesh from bones

Seeing this, Allan instantly paled and took of running away.

'What kind of joke is this? Am I going to die to a bear just after crossing to this world? Aaaaah' I did nothing wrong, is this bear mentally disable!! wait ..."

Looking back after his sprint he saw the bear from a distance. Allen suddently realise with his new 10× strenght and plus the sudden increase in testosterone he fear not the bear.

"Pay back time, Bear curry in my menu, hehe."

Using his full speed allen and the bear was about to crash, head deep. until a feminine voice was heard

"Stop! Don't hurt each other!"

The Bear directly stopped attacking as soon as he heard this voice.

But Allen who was drunk on adrenaline punch the bear with his left hand

Sending the bear flying into the trees, but he also got hurt as he fell flat on the ground due to the recoil

"Fuck it hurt" Allen shouted after standing up

"Why did you hurt him!!!" The green head boy shouted with his fist tight, ready to brawl.

Allen seeing this sight, remember his purpose and didn't forge. Holding the baseball size rock he threw it at Gon without holding back .

With his 10× in strenght allen throw could easy blow a normal human head and animal for that matter

The rock flew at a speed blurry to naked eyes

Gon with his animals like sense made a defense posture for his upper body in seconds

The rock didn't hit the head as allen intended

The sound of broken nuts was heard and a scream that could make one soul shivers

"Ahhh!!!! my dick! it so painful!!! W-why?" Gon ask rolling on the ground

[Ding! You have obtained Luffy Straw Hat , Do you want to equipe it?]

"Hehe" Allen smile