Chapter 5
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-Read with caution and no minors-

At this time, Gon brought Allan back to reality: "Allan, I caught a fish, and I'm grilling it, do you want to eat?"

"Hmm, no, I eat only noodle and potentially future girls cookies!" Allan licks his lips in excitment.

After eating, Allan looked at Gon as if hes was a theif, how dare Gon ate the fish heart before he could have the chance to swallow it.

Gon noticed Allan's gaze and asked timidly: "Allan, do I have something on my face?"

Gon felt as if Allan wanted boiled him in for dinner.

Facing the doubtful Gon, Allan realized that his expression was weird luckily he was not in a hurry to punish the mountain monkey.

"By the way, Allan, you still didn't tell me why are you here alone? Where are your parents? And where are you from?" Gon asked curiously again.

Allan felt a headache and thought: "Time to use my talent of anti-social!"

At this moment, a notification appeared again.

[Please choose from the following options!]

[1: Tell Gon the truth, tell him about your transmigration: Reward: double mental power]

[2: Fabricate a lie and convince Gon: Reward: double physical strength!]

Note: Physical strength of ordinary people is 10 points. So Allen strenght is 10×20=200

[3: Jump on Gon and knock him out: Reward: tenfold in both physical strength and mental power!]

Allan didn't want to tell made up story to anyone, he wasn't the kind of person who would tell lies to get away from things he would just run from it, but if the situation require he would, but looking at the last choice, he almost slip out a smile.

'What does he mean to jump on Gon and Knock him out?!!!'That perfect!' As a wise man once said let your fist do the talking'

The first and second choices are typical, but the third was just the more better!

Although Gon was still young, it was apparent in the show how strong he was, If Allan, who had an average power compared to a normal human when he arrive to hxh, he would be knock out by such a monster but his the monster now.

The First option is impossible for obvious reasons so, now he had to think about the first and third options.

Allan finally settled for the third option. He wasn't about to tell Gon that he was from another world, and he knew everything that will happen in the latter's life.

He had no option but to beat him up currently.

[Ding! You picked the third option! Host's physical strength and mental power increase by tenfold!]

Allan felt his body getting more robust, his power increased by ten times his current 200 which make his strenght skyrocket to shocking 2000 which is no small amount.

His body started growing at a visible speed, shocking the dumb Gon to walk backward in amazement.

His once skiny body has grown to the size of a world class fitness model, which also include body hair.

Feeling the new bound power and body change, allen arrogant reach a new realm.

"What is this shit!!?" Touching his chin and feeling not the skin but a a spiky beard has grown

His former arrogant has gain a back lash and he was in a down-mood, but thank to his tenfold increase in mental power which had help calm his mind and spirit

"Hah ha this beard and hairy ass hair is not all bad, as it match with my straw hat," Allen though of Gold D Roger beard and came to a conclusion that solve his depressed mood

Gon still in shock as allen who was at most a few year older than him turn into a uncle

Seeing the tattered cloth on the ground. Allen was uncomfortable as he had anxiety and some of it still came over to this world

But seeing his new Greek god physique, his face grew a crooked smile.

Allan looked up and said: "Sorry, Gon, I lied to you about being a sperm. I'm infact a noble being."

"Well, I guessed that from the start." Gon's words surprised Allan.

"Your a hunter right,"  Gon said while smiling

Gon then added: "Because Whale island isn't a tourist attraction island, there is nothing to watch here and usually, no tourist will come here. Therefore, only people who would come here are fisherman or hunter but no fisherman is as strong as you and has such weird power to transform!" Gon said as he came closer

Allan was stunned: 'And here I thought that this kid was dumb, it turned out he was retarded, maybe mentally retarded, but not physically handicap'

Allan smirked in his thoughts and decided to do his task before daddy system shrink my new little brother .

Thinking for a bit, Allan said: "That's right, Gon, I'm a Hunter."

"Hunter!!" Gon tilted his head upward while slightly jumping with a big innocent smile.

"Yeah in someways, you can call me a P-Hunter." Allan nodded and continued his nonsense: "I come from a place call Valhalla. My father, Oden , is the king of God, and my full name is Allen Odinson, the crown prince of Asgard ."

"I didn't once get hungry, or lack affection since I was little, everything I wanted I would get, but that kind of life got boring, I didn't even have a single true love."

"That's why, one day, I told my father, the king, that I wanted to go on an adventure and get to see the world of mortal for myself."

"But since I'm the crown prince, the one who will inherit the throne, my father didn't agree, and after we quarreled, I just left in anger and Destroy a part of the kingdom as a parting gift."

"But after the teleportation was activate something went wrong and I didn't appear at my destination, the world that lies in all male fantasy. A world that all inhabitant are sluty and big titties elf girl." Allen said as he sulk

"After getting here, I wandered and played around and got lost in the forest, before I found you, monkey boy."

Finally, Allan recited an story which he made up on the spot. He acted as if he felt heartache while thinking about his elf girls and them titties, showed anger when the king denied his journey for experience, and finally, showed longing at the end as if he missed his privaleged.

His acting skill definitively deserved an Oscar, and the innocent Gon was no match for such performance that he directly believed him and and with the effect of his Straw hat and sudden transformation: "Allan, you're a prince?"

"Shhh! That not the most important part that, I am a God boy." Allan made a Arrogant gesture, which made Gon directly cover his mouth in shock due to this sudden realization: "So your a god"

"Yeah." Allan nodded.

"What is a god? Are you not a hunter, but you said you where!!" Gon said slight angry, but became calm due to the ability of the straw hat

Hearing Gon's words, Allan shook his head: "Maybe someday you will have common sense, but I'm not going to teach you." He sighed with an annoyed expression.

"Forget about it," Allen said

After saying this, Allan directly waved his hand and made a gesture for Gon to come closer "Goodbye Gon, I'm going, and I hope your life will be full of wonder."

"But before that, Gon close your eyes, I will teach you my people way to say farewell," Allen said calmly

Gon nodded and close his eye shut

Allen approach "Gon now think of happy thoughts, like your first nut."He said

"I will try my best"

"Now put your hand behind your head" Allen said whole approching 'Like this' Gon said as he move his hand behind his head

"Yes my friend." Allen said with a hypnosis tone, infront of Gon

'Hehehe, it worked' Allan rejoiced but kept his expression full of seriousness and asked: "Gon in the future, do you want a son or daughter?"

Gon stayed silent for a bit before he raised his mouth and said: "I'm alone with no parents, my father left me here with my aunt to go adventure in the world… I can feel pain, I don't think I'm qualify to be a father!" Gon said weakly with tone of sadness


"Yeah," Gon nodded and said: "I haven't seen my mother before either. You can say I never felt the love of my parents as a child so how can i give my own child the love I have never experience"

Allan looked at him with sympathy and said: "Gon, your pain is far greater than i thought!"

Gon grinned and replied: "It's okay, I'm already used to it."

Allan lowered his head and said: Sometimes you must be hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to grow because life's greatest struggle is through the pain and through pain you will grow and move foward ."

Gon shock by the wisdom allen has spoken and suddenly tear came rolling out of his close eyes

Gon thought for a bit and exclaimed as if he had a bright idea: "Ah, since you have nowhere to sleep tonight, why don't you live in my house? What do you think?"

Stage one of Allen 2 stage plan has work, it seems like he won't be having a problem with food and accommodation tonight. Gon was easy fool.

Allan didn't accept it immediately. Instead, he seemed to hesitate and said: "Is that all right? Won't I cause trouble for you?"

"Haha, don't worry, only my aunt and grandmother live there, and they love me very much, so it won't be a problem when I tell them you are my friend."

"Well, I thank you, your a good monkey ." Allan thanked Gon sincerely.

"Haha, It's okay, we're friends." Gon grinned.

"Hehe are we now."

Looking at Gon's bright smile, Allan didn't know why he suddenly felt guilty as if he just deceived a little kid but his arrogant took over and stage two was about to start

Gon stood there with his hand behind his back and his eye seal shut

"Your time has come" Allen said in his thought

Controlling his right leg, he pull it backward and with his new strenght of 2000

He swing it directly at the defenseless Gon, With a winked smile.

One could only hear the sound of air being slice and a crack sound follow after.

Gon sense something odd, but he trusted allen and believe in him, not opening his eye until he could not feel his lower half and his beloved little brother

Tear of blood flow out from his eye as he saw himself above the ground, below where trees reaching above 100 meter

His vision started to blur, as the pain was deliver to his brain by his nerves.

And his consciousness faded to black, second later

Allen quickly cought the half-dead Gon before he fell down from his head.

"Stage two Completed," Allen said feeling proud