Chapter One : How I became the CEO.
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Chapter One : How I became the CEO.

Good day, I am Okimoto Masaru a 15 year old but I've been living as a 27 year old guy for quite some time now. 

Before I tell you the reason why, let's first start at the beginning of my story.

My life went down the drain during the last year's Christmas eve.

My parents suddenly announced that they're kicking me out of the house and now, I had to fend myself. So much for a day supposed to be celebrate happily.

"You're kidding right?" I asked my parents in disbelief. "How can you just kick me out like this? Why?" I added.

"We're too tired of your antics." mom replied with a sigh.

"You probably the biggest troublemaker out there. Why do we have to always clean up your mess?" she added.

"But, mom? I didn't even do something that huge!" I protested. "Even my friends cause trouble all the time. You can't be seriously mad about that!" I added.

"Whatever." dad said. "It's a good enough reason to get rid of you. And it's not like you're a kid who needs the care of his parents. Go and learn to survive on your own. I can't keep affording your expenses." he added.

"Yes, we are giving you some money." mom said handing the envelope with money in it. "This should be enough to find job for yourself." she added.

"Job?" I asked. "What about my school?" 

Had they gone nuts? or, they're just looking for a reason to abandon me like this?

I know that they're not doing well in financial terms but- how could they do this to make up for that?

I'd be happy to support them with a part time if they'd ask!

How could they just straight up, asking me to leave...


What was the use of complaining when they have already made up their mind.

I could have probably reported them or something but...

...My mind was to jumbled up for that.

My first instinct was to look for a place to stay.

I searched up for a cheap motel and spent my night there.

Of course, I couldn't sleep because I was too busy thinking what I would do the next day.

The money that my parents have given me will run out within a week so I had to do something soon.

The next day..

I contacted a friend who knew some useful people.

Useful people, as in the people who help me make a fake highschool and college certificate, and a fake I.d.

I have to do what I could to survive.

Just because my parents left me, didn't mean that I could afford to sit and whine all day.

I applied in entry level job in some companies.

Sending the resume I have made with the fake certificates, I got an interview call from a famous multinational company but let me tell you.

It was nerve racking for a fifteen year old like me to pretend to be twenty seven but.. I have no other choice.

I have to pull it off or else 'I was doomed'.

Thankfully, things went well and, I was able to appear mature infront of everyone.

I got hired as an intern.

Salary was not much! But for me? It was a life saving thing.

On my first day, I went to the office building to find myself lost amidst so many employees.

It was a new branch of the company and it seems like a lot of new people had been employed.

There was too much confusion and chaos everywhere.

Someone bump into me and grabbed my shoulder.

"Excuse me?" a guy said, making me turn to him. "Are you the manager?" he asked.

I was about to deny it but, I don't know what came upon me at the moment, if you remember? I used to be a little bit of troublemaker.

And guess?

All habits die hard!

"Yes, I am the manager." I replied smoothly.

"Oh? Thank god.." the guy sighed in relief. "Sir, please come with me. I needed to discuss something regarding about the upcoming meeting." he added.

He made me sit into a room and dump a lot of papers infront of me.

Surprisingly enough, I was easily able to understand the contents of the file and instructed them accordingly.

My lie started taking effect.

And I sort of became the unofficial manager of the office.

No one found out the truth because a new manager was supposed to be appointed in the branch but they had delayed the process.

And now, everyone was under the delusion that I was the manager.

I found myself doing the job of the intern and that of the manager at the same time.

I mean...

I couldn't abandon my original job because that's I was getting paid for.

But, it was too late for everyone to tell the truth about me not being the manager so, I decided to help out the duty of the manager till the new one get appointed.

Instead of finding it difficult, I was enjoying it.

I got the opportunity to make appointments, assign task to everyone, and guide the new interns on what to do.

I've thought of it as an experience that no ordinary fifteen year old got to have but, there was one problem.

'My boss'.

First of all, he was a huge 'idiot'.

He never even found out that I was faking everything.

And secondly, he have a nerves to mock me for being a push over.

"Hn, Look at yourself." he laughed one day. "Running around all day as everyone walks all over you. You tried too hard. Sometimes it feels like you're servant not a manager."

Ugh, is this jerk had paid attention to his work? Who could have known that I wasn't even the manager? He was clearly slacking off in his duties.

Who made him the boss?

I kept my mouth wisely shut around him.

I couldn't waste time dealing with someone like him.

Though one day,

I got a notice that the higher ups will be visiting to inspect the workings of the new branch.

I was supposed to give this information to the boss but I deleted the email and made sure that no one else knew about it.

Well, I finally had the chance to teach a lesson to this so called boss.

I wasn't just going to throw it away.

Before the day of the visit of the higher ups.

I announced in the whole office that I will hold a party to reward them for their hard works.

Of course, I invited the boss too.

Everyone celebrated wildly after the work hours. So much so that they're to wasted to open their eyes the next day.

So when the higher ups arrived to the office. The site that they were greeted was not very pleasant.

The boss can't even form a coherent sentence to talk with them and the whole office was a mess.

I was the only one who's in the right senses to greet them properly.

I have prepared for this in advance.

A very elegant speech to impress them.

All my work as a manager proved to be useful after all. And they admired the way I tackled everything.

The boss has been slacking off... as the higher ups  suspected.

He was fired obviously and I was officially chosen to replace him as the CEO of the new branch.

Who would've thought that an abandoned fifteen year old like me would become a CEO of a major multinational company by using fake certificates and some big lies.

Now, the only thing that I had to do was work hard to not get my cover blown up.

I met some older girls on dating apps and hang out with them to keep up the pretense of being an adult.

It was easy enough to attract those girls with my money and position but, I was not interested on anything more than just being seen with them, that was enough to make people suspicious of me.

But, there was 'one' more thing.

I actually like someone at my office.

Her name was Nakatomi Kameko and she was in her twenties. 

I couldn't approach her because I didn't wanna lie to someone I genuinely like so, I was content keeping my feelings for myself and admiring her from afar.

I had a hunch that she have feelings for me too because she tried to approach me differently for so many times but I always make an excuse and ignore her.

I couldn't do anything until I was legally an adult.

But it turns out that I'm not the only one with secrets. Nakatomi-san have secrets on her own.

No, she wasn't hiding her real age or something like that her secret was far different from mine and is a bit unexpected.

One day, I was working late at my office to complete my pending work when I heard some strange noises coming from the ceilings.

At first, I ignored it but soon, it became too much to ignore.

It was too scary to hear such weird noises when I was alone in the office.

I would've called the security but what if it was nothing?

I didn't want to be a laughing stock so I decided to check it out myself.

There was a small room behind my room.

It is the room where we store files and documents. The noise seems to be originating from there so I went inside.

My eyes landed on a dark door that was almost invisible if close attention were not paid.

I opened the door only to find a stairs that leads upward the ceiling.

"Wow, I have no idea that there's something like this in the office."

No one has even use this room as far as I knew.

I climbed the stairs and almost screamed out loud only to find Nakamoto-san infront of me, looking like she was getting ready to sleep.

The whole structure was like a small room and there are clothes and other necessary things scattered around.

Nakamoto-san's eyes widened when she saw me.

"I-I can explain!" she quickly said advancing towards me but I held up a hand to stop her.


Just how long has she have been living like this?

Was she? Broke and homeless?

Obviously, any same person wouldn't live like this otherwise.

But, more importantly!

Why was she directly living above my office? Is she secretly spying on me this whole time?

I talked to the friend that helped me faked my documents numerous times.

What if Nakamoto-san have heard all that? What if she knew my secret? If Nakamoto-san knew everything! Then I'm completely done for.