Chapter 41 – Young Master Saves the Wolf’s Son
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When Yun Ling and the wolf entered the cave, they were immediately greeted by the sight of a small, wounded creature lying on the ground, panting in its sleep.

“This is… your son?” Yun Ling asked the wolf unsurely upon seeing the little creature.

The wolf nodded at him in confirmation.

“This… are you serious?” Yun Ling asked once again as he looked at him skeptically.

“I understand what you’re getting at but I can assure you that he is indeed my son,” The wolf replied telepathically.

It was understandable why Yun Ling was a bit doubtful. Contrary to what you’d expect from the son of the wolf, the little creature in front of him was not a wolf by any means. It was a lion. Furthermore, it wasn’t a normal lesser beast lion. If Yun Ling was not mistaken, the lion in front of him was none other than a Lion King Cub. A child of a Lion King, a rarely seen lesser beast in the World of Terra.

The Lion King was a lesser beast so rare in fact that in the last 100 years, there were only three accounts of people who had seen such a creature in the world. Yun Ling certainly didn’t expect it’d be his turn to see one in that cave. What was more was that the Lion King Cub was actually the son of the wolf. It was so strange. Everything about the wolf was strange. Yun Ling had already thought of this before but nothing about the wolf made sense.

“I adopted him when I found him on his lonesome six months ago. Since then, I’ve always treated him as my child.”

Yun Ling nodded in understanding.

“Can you save him?” the wolf asked, looking at him expectantly.

“Let me take a look at his condition first before answering that,” Yun Ling said. He didn’t want to say words he couldn’t fulfill in this type of situation.

“Please do,” the wolf said as he made way for Yun Ling.

Yun Ling crouched before the Lion King Cub as he carefully inspected its body. A frown made way on his face when he saw the big cut at the side of the Lion King Cub’s body.

The wolf noticed Yun Ling’s expression and got anxious. The small creature might not be his biological son but he'd treated him as his own flesh and blood ever since he adopted him several months ago. If the unthinkable happened to the Lion King Cub, he might lose his will to live.

“Well?” the wolf asked in concern.

Yun Ling looked at the wolf deeply before saying, “I can save him.”

The wolf heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that.

Yun Ling took out a small container and a bottle of water from his ring. He cleaned his hands with water first before opening the container. Inside the container was a mixture of medicinal paste prepared by their clan’s alchemist before he left for his task. It was very effective stuff for healing which he always made sure to have one with him at all times when he was outside the capital.

Yun Ling dipped his finger in the medicinal paste and applied it onto the Lion King Cub’s wound. The cut started to close at a rate visible to the naked eye after putting some medicinal paste on its wound.

“Amazing…” the wolf who was observing anxiously at the side said in astonishment.

Yun Ling wasn’t done yet. He took out a red, round pill and a bottle of True Essence Water from his storage ring with great efficiency. Then, he crushed the pill and placed it inside the bottle of True Essence Water, dissolving the pill in the latter.

“Wake him up,” Yun Ling ordered the wolf after the crushed pill had completely dissolved in the True Essence Water.

The wolf quickly obeyed his instruction and woke his son up.

The Lion King Cub weakly opened his eyes as he looked towards his father and Yun Ling in slight bewilderment.

“Drink this,” Yun Ling said as he brought the bottle of True Essence Water towards his mouth.

The Lion King Cub looked at the wolf in confirmation. Upon seeing his father nod, he opened his mouth and slowly drank the True Essence Water.

Yun Ling sighed.

Unlike the medicinal paste, he didn’t have too much of that True Essence Water or red pills in his inventory as both were valuable items that required expensive materials to make. It wasn’t too strange for it to be valuable since one was a precious pill that could heal most internal wounds in the body while the other one was able to supply spiritual energy to a cultivator.

Since the Lion King Cub had lost too much of his blood, Yun Ling had made him take the pill so he could recover some of his blood. However, because the cub was too weak, he probably wouldn't be able to swallow the pill on his own which was why Yun Ling had dissolved the pill in the True Essence Water to make it easier for him to swallow. One might say that it was too wasteful for him to do that since he could have just used regular water instead of the True Essence Water but Yun Ling had a reason for doing that.

It was because there wasn't any spiritual energy in the surroundings. If left alone, it would be impossible for the cub to recover spiritual energy on his own. It only made sense for Yun Ling to use the True Essence Water otherwise, the cub might die because of the lack of spiritual energy in his body.

Yun Ling inspected the cub’s body once again.

Although the Lion King Cub’s wound was life-threatening, it wasn’t a complicated injury that would require extensive medical knowledge to heal it. Yun Ling was by no means a physician but he knew a little about medicine. In fact, it was not only him. Any good cultivator more or less had some medical knowledge just in case they got injured themselves.

For example, if they got wounded in some far-off place away from people or any civilization, they wouldn’t have the luxury to wait for a physician to tend to them. They could only rely on themselves in that case.