Prolog – Swan’s Song
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In days gone by, before we died, We danced and sang, convinced of our own immortality

But when the gods came, And blood fell like rain, our happiness drowned without mercy

Death went first with spear in hand, I followed him ripped from the land, but soon we had much company

Death wrote his first tome, upon founding our home, in blood he wrote his own story

My brother came next, and scoffed at the text, then condemned his own friend to agony 

And so it began, the war between man, and those who deemed them not worthy

Monsters wanted their home, so man fought to the bone, and many died seeking glory

Gods rose from among men, Death's wings carrying them, with warnings from Death impending

All sides threw down arms, in fear and alarm, at last peace was earned but costly

A thousand years past, when we breathed out last, we cried not in sorrow but victory


We know how it ends, but much still depends, on if we have made ourselves wiser.

Soon Earth’s children shall rise, they must kill to survive, but is killing the only answer?

Heroes will rise, amidst battle cries, but will living make them all monsters?

Prihor’s children fought, they’ve well earned their spot, but can their cousins make them yet stronger?

New men will unite, for peace or to fight, but one question I ask above others. 

Will they answer the call, when leaders stand tall, not το kill but die for their brothers?