Chapter 1 – Main Characters Stand Out
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The small black pot holds simmering stew enough to eat for two meals. The aroma permeates around the small straw hut, mixing with the smoke from the burnt firewood and reaching all corners of the small room.

I grin happily when the sweet smell of potato stew enter my nostrils as I stir the pot with a large wooden spoon. Bits of colourful root vegetables bob up and down the surface.

“It’s a good day for stew hehe.”

Salivating ungracefully, I put down the pot from the stove and placed it on the table.

Dinner~ Is~ Served~

“Ah right— my bread”

I stand up and turn around to reach the counter for some stale bread I managed to get cheap yesterday, but I can’t even take a step before an episode of dizziness hit me.

Feeling my consciousness gradually departing my body and waving me goodbye with a smile, I swore inwardly.



My eyelids are closed shut and my body feels heavy. I'm lying on a hard surface and there's suffocating smell of smoke.

Cough cough cough


Wait nononono— I can’t die just yet. Who the fuck kills their main character in the first chapter of the story? [A/N: Literally every isekai story]

When I sit up and blink my eyes, I wake up to the same room inside the same small hut I was in just before I fainted.

What happened?

Covering my nose and mouth, I quickly reach to open the windows and air the room of smoke.

“It must have been carbon monoxide poisoning. Really, which dumb person cook with firewood in a closed room?”

Me. I'm that dumb person.

That was me before I knew cooking in an enclosed area isn't the smartest move.

Wait, carbon monoxide? What is that?

A sudden rush of memories fill my head like pouring water into a glass.

The memories show a 30 year old working woman in a country called Japan, she was classified a ‘corporate slave’ in that era, only working day in and out with little time for herself. She was a closet otaku and her only solace from her depressing life was reading light novels, mangas, watching series of anime and playing otome games.

Then she died from over-exhaustion.

With that said, the current situation is very familiar something I saw in that woman’s memories. It’s a very generic isekai trope.

“I reincarnated in a different world~~~” genre

That means the memories I saw was my previous life.

Not that I'll start suddenly switching personalities. I’ve been born in this country, lived in this world for 15 years as “Tina”. (Yes, that’s my name.)

I’m not going to have an identity disorder. I’m me, the past life is already gone and I’m going to live in the present.

And that’s how I came to realise, I'm in a fantasy story world.

Not that I remember my past life reading THIS or THAT book, rather there were too many books with plots completely wiped out of my memory once I’m done reading.

Even if I’m not sure about the particular novel, I’m sure this is a made-up fantasy world.

How, you say?

Leaving the potato stew which is now disappointingly cold after being left for the night, if I look out the window right now—

It's morning, the sun brilliantly shines down over the small huts squeezed closely together at the edge of the town. Further away, there are a few stone and wooden buildings. The living conditions improve as you walk towards the centre of the town. It’s a populous town located near the Duke’s castle, trade is affluent and travellers frequent for visits.

Now, if you see over the busy crowd from outside the window, you’ll see a traffic of people moving about. A majority of them are commoners, they are all brown-haired and brown-eyed.They all wear normal clothes and have varying normal physique you'd expect a normal person to have. Like the default characters when you press start on a new game. The faces are a bit blurry because they have no distinguishing features. 

If I look at one person now and was asked to pick that same person from the crowd five minutes later, I wouldn’t be able to. 

I’m the same, perfectly brown hair and eyes, no pretty features. If someone had to describe the word “average” they might as well pull me and let myself be the perfect example of “mediocre”.

In that mob of exemplary NORMAL people, I would occasionally find particularly odd-looking people in the midst of chaotic crowd (this happened every few months in the past) - rather, it was strange I never stopped to question their appearance before I regain my memories.

"Odd-looking" because they have the most colourful fucking hair I’ve ever seen.

And you have to trust me to believe it’s all NATURAL - as in, their hair comes out of their roots PURPLE. Or GREEN. Or BLUE. Or RED. You get my point.

Actually, there’s one outside right now. Look at him, you can almost imagine roses drawn in the background with all those sparkly effect. Glaring red hair, a perfectly chiselled jawline, fine eyebrows, a confident look in his eyes - his face is a 10/10 masterpiece.

Now we’ll move on to describing his body - tall, broad shoulders, long legs, muscular but not bulky. The way he moves and carry himself exudes this aura saying “LOOK AT ME I’M AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER”

Ugh, what an attention-seeking man.

Anyway, I realise that in most stories, reincarnators have the story revolve around them whether they want to or not. This always happen despite saying “Nooo~ I’ll stay away from the story~~”

That is, ultimately because they’re DUMB. How do you expect to escape from the story while you generously sink you feet in the plot, dabble with all sorts of main characters and do things that make you stand out?

Obviously, I want to continue living my easy-going life.

I’m not the richest person as of right now, but I’m affording a small hut for myself while supporting myself with farming and sewing. This was already a big progress when you think of how women have a hard time supporting themselves with gender inequality in medieval times.

I don’t want to continuously have to worry about when I’ll die.

I don’t want to meet with a prince - or any royalty for that matter.

I don’t want to get involved in some bullshit drama which is not drama (Your lover doesn’t love you back? Ooh cry me a river, why don’t you?)

And to pursue such ideals, I need to pursue the life of a mob character.

This is how you live a life of mob.


This story has no romance - it's just going to be reading about MC tryna avoid the hell out of getting herself whipped into the story. So if you're looking for some sweet fluffy romance or some snusnu action, this might not be for you.

This story has no pre-planned plot. There's no world building, no kingdom building, no character development. Each chapter is just pointing out the different cliches in novel plots, and how MC overcomes these.

It doesn't have an update schedule. I'm writing this for fun.