Chapter 23 – Heroines get kidnapped every other Thursdays (Part 2)
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… How is he here?

I subconsciously look down at my neck and see the gemstone glowing red. Since when?

No wait. It doesn’t matter right now. If I start arguing about why he’s here in the middle of an escape plan, we’ll all get caught. I’m not a brainless heroine who’d start irrelevant long unfolding drama during heavy times of crisis.

I look into the man’s eyes and scowled. You. We’ll talk later. My eyes shift towards his right hand holding a dagger. We’ll see if your hand stays intact tomorrow.

“Let’s find Cecile and Ruby.” I tell Janet and walk out of the cell. She looks like she had questions on the identity of this mysterious person who came to help and said some bullshit about ‘calling for a male lead’, but she realises saving the other girls holds a higher priority.

The room has a wooden table and 3 chairs placed in the centre, there are food and alcohol on display. There's no other guard in the room, only the sound of sniffing and crying leaking from another cell opposite the cell Janet and I were just in. When I peek from the window, I see Cecile weeping in Ruby’s chest.

I jiggle the lock with keys I found attached to the guard’s waist, but there are too many keys and it’s taking too long. I’m getting impatient. The lock even looks rusty enough to break from hard impact, do they even have the intention to really keep us here?

No, surely it must have been this way because the story needs to make it easy for the heroine and her friends to be rescued. Why else would there be only one intoxicated man to guard two rooms? Why would they not tape our mouth so we can’t scream for help? Why would they have two people in one room instead of isolating the four of us to ourselves? Shouldn’t you at least search our body for weapons and sharp objects when they lock us in?

“You sound experienced in kidnapping” Mr. Gold Eyes comments from beside. Shut up if you’re not going to help.

I look around the room and found weapons conveniently piled at the corner near the table. A bunch of swords, spears, etc. My eyes are drawn towards a particular a sinister-looking wooden club with rusty nails sticking out from one end. I don’t have skills to hold a sword or a spear, but one doesn’t need skills for blunt weapons. Even if you swing it blindly, you still do damage.

I grab the club and swing it at the lock. The lock pathetically opened with a clack and fell to the floor. After rescuing Cecile and Ruby, we each grab a weapon. Mr. Gold Eyes looks amused at the evolving situation, spinning the dagger in his hands as he sits on the table top.

“This place is underground. We don’t know the structure of the building or how many men will be guarding upstairs and the exit.” I explain. “The one orchestrating this kidnapping is most likely someone who’s competing with the Duke. Your fiancé may have many enemies, but there are rarely people stupid enough to actually pull this off.”

I’m sure it’s a very third-rate villain who just needed to fill his quota in making the male lead look brilliant from rescuing the female lead.

I look at everyone in the room, my expressions turn serious. “I’m sure rescue will be coming soon. But we can’t rest assured we’ll be able to escape with all our body parts in tact if we wait. They won’t expect four weak girls to escape. This is our chance to strike.”

I glance at Mr. Gold Eyes. You better put yourself in use if you came here.

His eyes turn a crescent shape as he smiles and the corners folded. He nods.

The journey escaping the basement was fast with five people. The men who had their guards down were quickly stabbed, hit on the head, or subdued without leaking any noise. As we advance finding for an escape in the big abandoned structure, we hear laughters ringing from a certain room down the hall.

I put my fingers on my lips and approach the room. If my bets are right, this should be the boss who’s pulling the strings. Again, things have to be made easy for the male lead to catch the third-rate villain in one swoop, so obviously he needs to be staying in the same location.

[That damn Wolfram bastard. He dares challenge my honour! Hahahahha! What can he do now that I got his weakness in my hands?!]

It’s a thick greasy voice which would make anyone who hear it bleed from their ears. With every word the villain spits, the noose around his neck grows tighter.

[Young Lord Ruslik now has advantage over that insignificant man who only grew from your father’s support.] 

This time it’s a slimy voice which makes you want to rub your skin when you hear.

[Exactly! Without my father’s support, will a bastard like Roderic have been able to rise to this position? Yet he dares condemn me for my brothel visits? He dares shut down the casino I frequent?!]

[Yes yes]

[Does he know how powerful my father is with the backing of other nobles under him? With one word from my father, we could go on a rebellion!]

[Of course, Lord Ruslik is the most powerful man behind the curtains. That bastard Roderic should have been grateful!]

[……. unruly! My father…]
[ my father-]
[…my father……. That bastard will pay!]

I don’t know who his father is, but I feel like I’ve been acquainted with him for my past 9 lives just from listening this 5 minute back and forth between the third-rate villain and his minions. With a headache brewing in my head, I count the number of different voices in the room.

5 people are in there. One or two more if we’re unlucky.

I glance at the girls whose eyes are brimming with confidence after hitting a few guards unconscious. They aren't in a bad condition. I look at Mr. Gold Eyes who stares back at me.

Do you think you can handle three of them?

He nods with a nonchalant smile.

[My father is owns the biggest iron mine in the duchy. Let’s see if that basta-]

I kick the door down with my feet. There are 6 people holding a banquet around a full table of food, each of them holding glasses of liquor in their hands. They stare at the open door which slammed against the wall with force after being kicked.

“This impudent bitch dares disturb my dinner! Where are the guards?!" His voice is making my headache worse. Ah really. F*ck.

"Who are you?!”


I jump on the table and head straight for the third-rate villain. He’s most likely an big-mouthed person putting on airs, someone who can’t do shit without this father backing him and his minions protecting his ass.

Surprised at me forcing my way with a club, he sits there stunned. I hit his head with my club, the rusty nails dig deep into his face. If I pull it across right now, I’m sure I can disfigure him enough to make him never leave his house again. The girls have already started fighting the half-drunk minions. Mr. Gold Eyes already knocked out two of them.

I hear men shouting from a far and horse hooves hitting the ground. Looks like the hero’s here to save his heroine. This event is ending soon.

Ah but let me finish this man’s face first.