CHAPTER 135 – Realization
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Choices are what pave our path towards destiny. It’s all about them. Or so people say. But that’s certainly not all there is to it. Most of the time they forget an insignificant detail…

Our paths are not entirely paved by our own choices...

“Urgh…” Between two large buildings, a young man with strange white hair with dark roots rested between trash bags. “What the fuck happened yesterday…?” He questioned himself as he put his hand over his head. “I won’t drink again like that…” With his hand covering his eyes, the man laid his head back.

He rested there for a moment until he finally started sniffing around. “The heck? What’s this smell?” Opening his eyes, he looked around. “What the fuck…? Oh shit…” He muttered as he looked around. “Not again…” He sat up from the trash with difficulty as he looked around.

All he could see was an alleyway filled with trash bags and big trashcans. It was already daytime, so outside of the alleyway, he could see the bustling streets of the city.

“Shit… How much did I drink to get in the middle of an alleyway…” He said as he sighed. he then frowned as he looked at his wrist. “I even lost my fucking smartwatch… This has to be a freaking joke…” Only to stop a step before going outside. “What…?” He looked at his hands. From them, blackish-red colored energy was seeping. “My power… is back? Why?” His frown deepened as he focused on his senses. {This isn’t Korea… This isn’t even The Novel’s Extra’s world…} Another deep sigh escaped the young man’s mouth.

“Not again…” He muttered as he exited the alleyway with a deep sigh. All around him he could see people going around their own lives. He walked forwards until he found a bald middle-aged man reading a newspaper. He stood in front of him, causing the middle-aged man to crash onto him, and almost fall back.

“Wha!” The middle-aged man got scared as he almost fell, but the young man in front stopped his fall by grabbing his arm. “Who-!” He tried to say something but stopped abruptly.

“Be careful, Ossan.” The young man slowly said with a frown as he gave a slight glare to the middle-aged man. “You were not paying attention to your way and almost fell after bumping into me.”

“Wah! I-I-I’m so s-sorry.” The middle-aged man tried to step back, but the young man was still holding his arm. “I-I’m r-really sorry…” He said with a shaking voice.

“Mm… Is that so?” The young man’s eyes got sharper.

“Y-YES!” Resulting in the middle-aged man nodding furiously.

“Well, I guess if you’re sorry…” The young man said slowly as he released the man’s arm, causing the latter to let out a relieved sigh. “Hey.”

“Y-YES!” At least until he was called again by the young man.

“Could you lend me your newspaper?” The young man said while nodding towards the newspaper that the man was holding.


“The newspaper. Could you lend it to me? I’m curious as to see what’s on the news today.” The young man said, his eyes still sharp.

“A-Ah! YES! Absolutely!” In a rush, the bald man gave the newspapers to him. “T-Then, I-I’ll be l-leaving!”

“Yeah.” Uninterested, the young man just waved him off as he started to walk forwards, completely ignoring the bald guy.

“…” This change in attitude made the middle-aged man shed tears of rage, but before even trying to shout at the young man back, he remembered the yanky-hair and the angry eyes that looked at him, making him shudder in fear. {I better leave this place before that Yanky decides to come back to kill me!} He thought as he escaped towards his home.

“Acho!” Meanwhile, the sneezing ‘Yanki’ was walking while reading the newspaper he stol-borrowed from the balding man. {Mm… Not enhanced regular humans… Japan… End of March… Classes start in April?} As he walked and read, he gracefully evaded the passerby people that walked as if hypnotized. {Mm… This world is too weird.} He said with a sigh as he threw the newspaper into a trashcan that was on the street. He then sighed before looking at the setting sun.

It was almost night, and he was in the middle of Earth, or at least, a version of Earth. {This is not my own world… But it also isn’t the world Hajin created… this one is more in 2008… Ha… Just what happened?} He thought as he looked at the sky.


Soon, the night was already present, and Cristopher was sitting in an empty, and probably abandoned, factory, drinking from a bottle of sake while looking at the moon through one of the windows of the fabric.

“…” He took a sip from the bottle while his eyes didn’t leave the bright moon. The whole day he’s been trying to move back to the previous world, but no matter how hard he tried, it wasn’t impossible for him to go back to The Novel’s Extra’s world. He could open portals to every other world he’s been onto, but not The Novel’s Extra’s one. This only meant one thing. {It was all a dream, huh…} He said as he sipped from his bottle of sake, letting out a deep sigh.

He first thought of going back to his world but lacked the motivation to do so. And for now, he was still against the idea of going back to the others. {They are doing well by themselves.} He thought. With nothing else to do, he decided to just spend time on this world that he still hasn’t figured out which one it was, and with that decision taken, he just stole some money from some drunkards, before using it to buy sake. It was a hard choice between beer, rum, and sake, but seeing that he was in some parallel Japan, he thought that it would be better to go with sake.

“Fuck…” He muttered as he turned to look at the bottle. “If it was going to be a fucking dream, at least let me sleep forever…” a single tear escaped his right eye before a deep sigh left his mouth.

As he lamented with his bottle of sake, the entrance to the abandoned factory opened, and from it, two people entered.

One of them was a small child-looking girl with white hair, while the other was a foreigner blond guy. They were wearing what looked like a school uniform.

{The heck… Is this a freaking anime world? Really?} Cristopher frowned for a moment, before shrugging and taking a sip from his bottle. {Whatever. At least I’ll have something to see while drinking my sorrow away.} He thought.

“I don’t think it is here. Yuuto-senpai.” The short, white-haired girl said.

{Mm… Yuuto-senpai...?} Lowering the bottle of sake a little, he took a more focused look at the pair of intruders. {Oi. Aren’t these…}

“Are you sure, Koneko-san?” The blond guy asked. He was carrying a sword filled with demonic energy, while the small white-haired girl sniffed around the factory while wearing black leather gloves.

{Mm… Interesting.} Cristopher said as he crossed his arms over the handrail, looking at them. {Maybe…}

“No.” Koneko said as she sniffed around. “It smells as if it was here some time ago, but I can't find it.” She stopped.

“What is it? Have you found it?” Kiba Yuuto asked Koneko as she looked around, sniffing harder.

“No.” She said, looking around. “Smells like alcohol.”

“Alcohol?” Kiba frowned. “Is it that the stray was drinking alcohol?”

“No.” Koneko shook her head. “It’s not that.”

{He. Done by sake, little cat?} Cristopher smirked before sipping on his bottle of sake.

“Yuuto-senpai.” Suddenly Koneko shouted and turned around, in time to see a tackling stray devil coming towards them.

“Right!” Yuuto unsheathed his sword and moved faster than the tackling devil, cutting its arm.

“WARGH!” The stray devil shouted as it grabbed its cut arm. It was a big centaur-like monster, just that this one had the upper body of a disheveled man, while its lower body was similar to a lion’s.

“…” Meanwhile Koneko ran towards it and grabbed its tail, pulling it and throwing it towards one of the walls of the factory. Right below the floor where Cristopher stood.

“Yuuto, Koneko.” From the door, soon a pair of women came running, one of them had lacy black hair, while the other, the one that called for Yuuto and Koneko, had crimson red hair.

{Interesting.} Cristopher, who was still leaning over the handrail, smirked as he looked at them coming inside the factory. {This confirms everything.}

“Akeno, finish it.” The crimson-haired girl spoke, while the black-haired beauty acted.

“Yes, president.” She said as she got closer to the beast, walking with calm. “Fufufu~!” She chuckled with a hand over her mouth.

“Grrr!” Meanwhile, the stray devil growled at it. “I will kill you, bitch!”

“Ara, ara~ Are you capable of doing it~ Fufufu~” She answered with a smile, her eyes closed, while one arm was raised.

{Too much of the sexy onee-san type- Huh?} Cristopher thought with a chuckle, before being interrupted by a magic circle forming over him. {Oi… Isn’t this too much of a bad coincidence?} He thought as a lightning bolt fell. “Ha…” A deep sigh escaped his mouth as the lightning bolt covered him. Instead of destroying the second floor and reaching the stray devil, the lightning concentrated on his body, before dispersing, leaving him there with a bored face. {Whatever.} He thought before sipping from his drink.

“…” Akeno just looked at the scene with utter confusion.

“HAHAHAHA! SEE THAT BITCH! YOUR LIGHTNING CAN’T EVEN DESTROY A SIMPLE FLOOR!” The stray devil said shouted as it rushed towards Akeno.

“Akeno!” The red-haired girl shouted as the devil almost reached the dumbfounded Akeno in a moment, extending her hand to form a crimson magic circle.

“Akeno-senpai!” Yuuto, who was also surprised a moment ago by the sudden turn of events, shouted as he rushed towards the devil

“!” Even Koneko rushed towards the devil, though a lot slower than Yuuto.

“Freaking noobs.” Cristopher muttered, while lazily pointing a finger towards the rushing devil. A thin laser-like lightning blade flew from his finger and pierced the demon’s heart, while not touching Akeno’s by a hair’s width.

“!” Everyone got surprised.

“W-What…?” The stray devil, who got its heart pierced, turned his head to look back with difficulty. It couldn’t move normally. What he saw was a young man with weird hair looking at it with bored eyes, while pointing at him with a finger, and lazily holding a liquor bottle. “S-Since… When… Are you there…?”

Cristopher just smirked at it, before sipping from his sake. “Since the start.”

“Imp...ossible…” The stray said, light leaving its eyes.

“Tch.” Cristopher clicked his tongue. {Can it be more of a cliche line? Freaking anime worlds…}

“Who are you!? State your business!” As the monster died and fell, the crimson-haired girl shouted as she prepared herself to attack at any moment, pointing her arms towards Cristopher.

Yuuto, Koneko, and Akeno also looked at him warily, completely forgetting about the monster that was now dead close to them, and that they were here to hunt.

“Mm?” He raised an eyebrow lazily. “Shouldn’t you say your own name before asking for mine?” Cristopher said before sipping from his sake. “Ah. It’s empty.” Only to find that he had drunk it all. “Oh well, whatever.” With a sigh, he jumped over the handrail towards the first floor. “I’m leaving. I need to look for more sake, or rum, or whatever I find.”

“No, you’re not leaving until answering my question.” The girl said, and Kiba, who was a moment ago close to Akeno, stood in front of Cristopher.

“Ha… Hey, really. The fuck are you guys doing?” He said with a frown.

“My name is Rias Gremory.” The red-haired girl said. “And I’m the current governor of Kuoh Town. State your name, and what is your purpose for being here!” She said with a slight glare.

“Look. I just had a heavy drinking night, and ended up waking up in this place.” Cristopher said with a shrug. “Now, if you don’t mind it, I’ll just look for more alcohol.” He said as he tried to move forwards. Or at least he tried before a lightning bolt fell in front of him.

“Fufufu~ I can’t let you leave without playing a little bit~” Akeno said as she flew a few meters in front of him. “Besides~ You haven’t answered our president Rias~”

“I would love to play with a beauty like you.” Cristopher smirked at her as he shrugged. “But sadly I’m out of alcohol, so I need to go look for some.”

Ara ara~ We don’t need alcohol to have fun, stranger-kun~ Fufufu~” Akeno said while chuckling with a hand over her mouth.

Yeah. But you also don’t need running shoes to run, but it fucking helps.” Cristopher smirked. “So, if you excuse me, I’m going to look for my running shoes.” He said as he quoted his last words, before walking forwards once again.

You won’t.” Koneko stood in front of him. Her guard up. Now he had Koneko and Yuuto on the ground in front, and Akeno flying not that far from them with a magic circle forming and her smiling-not-smiling face turned on.

Ha…” With a sigh. “Can you guys just chill out? Why are you so on guard against a simple alcoholic drifter?” Cristopher asked with a tilted head.

Someone that can hide from us and a stray devil right in front of our noses is not a simple man.” Rias said with a frown. “And there’s also the way you stopped Akeno’s magic and defeated the monster. Answer, in the name of the House of Gremory. Who are you?”

{Mmm… Should I role-play a little bit?} Cristopher thought for a moment before shrugging. {Well, it might help me forget the shitty dream.} He then smirked. “Fine. Yeah, I’m not a simple guy, but hey, I’m indeed a drifter.” Cristopher said, before dramatically sighing. “I was just having a nice drink outside yesterday night, and I might have drunk quite a lot more than usual, as I ended up in a complete black-out, again. And lo and behold, I woke up in the middle of an alley, surrounded by trash bags. They were quite comfy, actually.” He said as he rubbed his chin.

You… just appeared there…?” Rias asked, dumbfounded.

Yeah. Precisely.” Cristopher answered with a shrug.

He’s doesn’t seem to be lying, president.” Koneko said.

Of course not. I don’t even need to.” Cristopher said as he rolled his eyes. “So? Can I go?”

You still haven’t said your name.” Rias said while crossing her arms. “Even if you just happened to appear in this town, we still need to verify your identity and affiliation.”

Ah… regarding that, good luck.” Cristopher said with a chuckle.

Ara~ What would you mean with good luck~?” Akeno asked with a tilted head and a smile.

Well, I’m not from this world, so you won’t find shit about me here.” Cristopher smirked.

...What?” Everyone asked at the same time. “Not from this world…?” Rias asked dumbfounded.

Yeah. I took a look around, and I’m 100% this is not my world. Heck, these things have never appeared in my world.” He said as he pointed to the dead stray devil. “By the way, don’t you have to dispose of the body?”

This is not the time for that! What do you mean this is not your world!?” Rias said, still in shock. “That’s not-”

Possible?” Cristopher tilted his head. “Sorry to break it to you, but it is. And apparently, I’m stuck in your world without the chance to go back to my own.” He said with a sigh. {At least until I forget about that shitty dream.} The sole memory from that dream made him unconsciously put on a really sad face, which might or might not have caused those around to pity him.

“…” They all looked at each other before Rias finally sighed. “Come with us, let’s discuss this somewhere else. Shall we?”

Huh?” Cristopher looked at her, incredulous at her proposal.

You don’t have where to stay, right?” Rias asked with a raised eyebrow.

Well… I was actually going to use this place.” He shrugged.

No, it won’t do.” She shook her head. “Let’s go. I know a place where you can stay the night until we figure out what’s happening.”

“…” Cristopher slightly frowned for a moment, before letting out a sigh and nodding. “Okay. I guess it would be good to sleep somewhere comfy after the chaotic night I had.”

Right.” Rias smiled, while Akeno just gave her ‘Ufufu’ laugh. Yuuto and Koneko exchanged glances before he sheathed his sword, while Koneko took her gloves off.

They all left the place together, not before Rias took care of the dead stray devil, disappearing its body with magic.


Moments after, the group reached Kuoh Academy’s abandoned dormitory building, where the Occult Research Club and Rias Gremory’s main base of operation were located.

You can sleep here.” Rias Gremory said as she showed the main room of the Occult Research Club. “It’s not much, but it sure is better than the streets.” She said with a small smile. “There’s also a bathroom over there that you can use.” She then pointed toward a part of the room that was covered by a curtain.

Oh, great.” Cristopher said as he quickly took off the black jacket he was wearing, moving then to take his white shirt too. “I’ve been needing a bath since waking up surrounded by trash.” He said with a sigh. His body was definitely different than the one in his dream. He had, after all, his original body. It wasn’t that much different, same physique, same stigma, the only thing that changed were his scars, which once again were present. Looking at these for a moment, he was reminded once again of the fact that everything he thought he was going through was actually a dream, running his hand through a scar that ran diagonally on his chest. It wasn’t a long scar at all, but it was his worst-looking one by far.

...Cristopher-kun?” Looking at his absentmindedness, Rias called him, making him turn around to look at her. “U-Um… We’re going to wait outside while you wash yourself.” Rias said as she looked at his scarred body. Giving special attention to the scar on his chest. Something pierced him where his heart is, she thought in surprise. The exact same scar that he had on his chest, was present on his back. “Akeno, can you look for some clothes?” Rias then said as she turned towards Akeno.

Ara ara~ It’s true that he might not have spare clothes.” Akeno said while trying not to look too interested in his scars or his sleeve tattoo. “I’ll look for some-”

It’s not necessary.” Cristopher interrupted her while shaking his head, then with a wave of his hands a new set of clothes appeared in front of him, he just grabbed them. “Oh right, sorry for the mess, I guess. I’ll just take a shower, thanks once again.” He said as he turned towards the bathroom part of the room. Meanwhile, the clothes that he took started to burn.

W-Wha!” Yuuto that was walking towards them got surprised when a blue fire appeared out of nowhere and burnt the clothes.

Beautiful.” Koneko said as she looked at the ghastly blue flames that almost instantly consumed the discarded clothes.

That’s no good~” Akeno said with a sigh before trying to use magic to disperse the fire, but she hasn’t even done anything when the fire disappeared by itself.

Don’t worry too much about it, it won’t spread.” Cristopher said from the other side of the curtains.

“…” Akeno just looked at his silhouette, before exchanging glances with Rias and the others.

Well, Cristopher-san, we’ll be waiting outside.”

Sure.” He said, entering the bathtub and starting the water.


President. I don’t think it would be a good idea to keep him around.” Once outside the room, and slightly far away from it, Yuuto gave his opinion.

I agree. President.” Koneko also nodded.

“…” Rias nodded at them before thinking for a moment, after apparently reaching a conclusion of her own, she turned to look at Akeno. “What do you think, Akeno? Was it a hurried decision?”

We don’t know who he is, apart from his name.” She shook her head. “And he’s been showing strange abilities since the first time we met. Not only was he able to hide his presence from us and that stray devil, but he also received my lightning magic as if it was a simple breeze. Not even his clothes were burnt or damaged.”

I know.” Rias nodded. “But what if it is true?”


That he’s just lost from who-knows-where with no way to go back to his world?” Rias said while biting her lip.

Rias, it is your curiosity talking.” Akeno said with a sigh. “At the very least, we should talk about this with the Student Council’s president.”

Sona, huh…” Rias nodded. It was true that she was curious about him, even more, when she was still building her peerage. He was certainly an amazing option from what he has shown already. After thinking for a while, she let out a deep sigh. “We’ll leave him to stay for the night, and then we can decide.”

Yes, president.” They all said with a nod.

But it’s certainly amazing fufufu~” Akeno added. “He has to be really powerful for him to ignore my lightning as if nothing, I really want to see what else he can resist fufufu~”

Akeno…” Rias said with a sigh. “I don’t think it is good manners to talk like that about our guest.”

Ara ara~ Is that so~? Fufufu~”

Haha…” Yuuto could only smile awkwardly while Koneko shook her head.

Anyways, I would still like to question him regarding his abilities.” Rias said as she looked towards the door of the ORC room.


My abilities?” Cristopher asked with a tilted head as he leaned on the couch, he was wearing a black buttons shirt with black pants and boots. “What about them?”

I would like to know why you can use them.” Rias said with a stern gaze. “Pardon my intrusiveness, but it’s just that I can’t see you as something more than a human…”

Mm…” Cristopher nodded, before turning to look at Koneko, who had taken out a bar of chocolate and was opening it. “He.” He smirked. “Might I have some of it? I really love chocolate.”

“…” Koneko looked at him with an expressionless face before pulling the chocolate slightly away. “No.” She shortly said.

Mm…” Cristopher frowned, before remembering something. “Right, I almost forgot…” He whispered before waving his hand. On top of the table that was in front was soon filled with all kinds of chocolates, and different kinds of alcoholic beverages. He nonchalantly took one of the chocolates and started eating it. {It felt like a really long dream, I almost forgot that I keep this stuff in my inventory…}

Meanwhile, Koneko froze as she watched all kinds of chocolates appear on the table, before looking toward Cristopher. She gulped and was about to ask, but stopped when seeing him smirk.

Ha…” Rias sighed while looking at the scene play out, while Akeno just gave her usual chuckle and Kiba smiled awkwardly. “Anyways, that’s what I’m talking about. How can you make things appear like this?”

Oh, it’s just an extra-dimensional space I use for keeping my stuff.” Cristopher shrugged. “Think of it as an inventory from the games.”

Is that even possible...?” Rias muttered while hearing his explanation. “But… if you’re not from this world, how is it possible for you to keep the connection with that extra-dimensional space? It should be in your world, right?”

Nah.” Cristopher shook his head. “Think of it as being a part of me.”

Right…” Rias nodded. “And what about your other powers…?”

I really feel as if I’m being interrogated here.” Cristopher said as he opened a bottle of rum, taking a sip from it.

Please understand that we are basically leaving a complete stranger here, and we need to know more about you.” Rias said with an apologetic smile.

Right.” Cristopher nodded. “It won’t be a good idea to keep around a complete stranger.” he smirked as he looked at Kiba Yuuto.

Huh…?” Everyone got shocked.

I have great senses.” He shrugged and then turned towards Akeno, his smirk deepened. “And you would be surprised at how much I’m able to resist.” He winked at her.

Ara ara~” Akeno blushed.

Kuhum.” Rias faked a cough. “Please understand that it’s normal for us to be worried…”

Sure.” Cristopher shrugged. “It’s not really a problem or something you should worry about, tho.” He said as he took a sip from the bottle of rum. “I’ll just leave if that makes you feel better.”

W-What?” Rias frowned as she asked in surprise. “You don’t have to leave.”

I prefer not being a nuisance” Cristopher said with a smile. “No hard feelings at all. It’s understandable. I’m familiar with the dangers of blindly believing someone.” He said, taking a sip from the bottle. “Anyways, I’m really grateful to finally take a shower.” He then waved his hand and all the chocolates and bottles disappeared from the table. Except for a few bars of chocolate. The remaining chocolate floated and slowly flew towards Koneko, falling right beside her. “A small gift, chocolate from my world.”

“…” Koneko looked at the chocolates for a moment, her eyes slightly widening. She then turned to him and nodded. “Thanks, Cristopher-kun”

Well, I’ll take my leave.” Cristopher said while standing up and stretching.

You really don’t have to leave.” Rias also stood up.

Yes, I’m sorry for my words earlier, it’s just that I was worried.” Kiba also stood up with an apologetic smile.

Relax.” He said with a smirk. “I’ll be okay. I can take care of myself.”

But-” Rias tried to stop him but was stopped by him suddenly appearing in front of her.

You seem like a kind person. Even more than a curious one.” He simply said while the rest were still in shock. Patting her head. “You should always be careful with strangers.” With a smirk, he stepped back and turned around towards the door, walking slowly. “Anyways, I’ll be leaving now. Too much exploring to do!” He said with a chuckle as he waved them goodbye, before disappearing from the room, and from the entire building.

...Who gave you permission to pat my head… you ungrateful idiot.” Rias muttered with a light blush as she tried to arrange her slightly disheveled hair.

“…” The others just looked at her with a wry smile. Though there was one thing they all were thinking. Fast. Too fast. Even Kiba couldn’t follow his movements at all. It was more like he teleported in front of her.


A couple of days passed, and it was soon time to start classes. Inside the Occult Research Club’s room, two women were playing chess, one of them was a crimson-haired Rias Gremory, while the other one was a girl with black hair that reached to her chin, she was also wearing glasses over her violet eyes.

Checkmate.The girl with glasses, Sona Sitri, said as she finished moving her chess piece. “It’s my win again, I guess.”

It’s not like I play with you expecting to win, Sona.” Rias said with a smile at her rival. “At least not in chess.”

I know, anyways.” Sona said as her eyes turned serious, crossing her fingers and resting her chin over her hands. “Do you think it is true? What that guy said.”

“…” Rias looked at her in complete seriousness, before turning to nod towards Akeno. “Akeno, please.”

Yes, president.” Akeno answered with a nod and gave Sona an empty chocolate wrapper.

Imported chocolate?” Sona raised an eyebrow while looking at the wrapper. “Why would you show something like this to me?”

Yes. It’s a simple chocolate wrapper.” Akeno nodded. “But certainly not one from anywhere on Earth.”

...What?” Sona got surprised.

I’ve been researching in deep, and there’s no brand with this name. I even tried dialing the contact numbers or looking for any clue. But there’s nothing. It doesn’t exist. The numbers I’ve called just lead to different companies that have nothing to do with the chocolate industry.” Akeno said.

Do you know what that means, right, Sona?” Rias asked as she raised an eyebrow.

“…” Sona looked at the chocolate wrapper, before turning to Akeno. “Have you visited the country it says it is from?”

Yes.” Akeno nodded. “The country exists, but there’s no company with that name or brand there. Also… it’s close to vanishing, but look at the fabrication date.

Sona raised an eyebrow and checked the wrapper. An almost vanished fabrication date was present there. 5/12/2027.

No way…” Sona’s eyes went wide open.

Ha… I thought the same.” Rias said and then leaned on her chair, drinking from a cup of tea. “At first I thought that he might be just delusional or something. But once I got to talk to him more, I started to think that he might be telling the truth. Even then… even then I guess I didn’t really accept it as a possible truth, the surprise I got after the research was just like yours.”

Sona nodded as she looked at the wrapper. “Do you know where he is?”

No.” Rias shook her head. “He left that day, saying he had a lot of exploring to do and hasn’t come back. It’s not like I expect him to want to come back after we treated him like a suspicious liar.” Rias smiled wryly.

Well… In your defense, Rias, he was a suspicious one. Not so much of a liar, but no one would expect someone to be telling the truth while saying that he comes from another world.”

Rias nodded as she drank from her cup.

Have you told your brother?” Sona asked.

“…” Rias bit her lip, before nodding. “He said he hasn’t heard of someone by that name that has his strength.”

Is he that powerful?” Sona frowned.

I don’t know.”

What do you mean? You said he was strong.”

He is… At least I think he is.” Rias sighed. “It’s not like we really saw how powerful he was, everything he did looked like a game for him. We couldn’t sense his presence, Akeno’s lightning magic didn’t affect him at all, not even his clothes got wrinkled by it. Neither Yuuto, Akeno, or I could see him move, his speed is just on another level.”

“…” The more Rias spoke, the more Sona’s eyes widened. “I don’t think it would be good to leave someone like that going around by himself…” She said as she stood up. “Even more when we don’t know what his intentions are.”

I don’t think he will do something bad.” Rias said with a frown.

You don’t know that, Rias.” Sona said as she turned around and started to walk. Her servant, a long-haired girl with odd eyes followed behind after bowing to Rias.

Where are you going?” Rias asked as she stood up.

I’ll look for him.” Sona answered nonchalantly.

Stop.” Rias said, making Sona stop and turn around, giving her a questioning look. “Let us do it.”

Why?” Sona asked.

You already know that he’s powerful right? What do you think might happen if your suppositions are correct? Let us look for him, we at least know him, enough for it not to look like an aggression towards him.” Rias said determinedly.

“…” Sona just stared at her for a moment before nodding. “Fine. You look for him. But make sure to find him soon. Time’s pressing. I’ll also contact my s-s-sister.” Sona said, trembling slightly as she mentioned her sister.

Right.” Rias nodded, sitting down again to drink from her tea.

Keep me updated.” Sona said before leaving the room.

Rias sat in silence for a while, sipping from her tea, while Akeno cleaned the table and took the chessboard and pieces away.

Akeno.” Rias said moments after, leaving her cup on the table.

Yes, President.”

Call Yuuto and Koneko, we’re going to look for him.” Rias said as she stood to look outside of the abandoned dormitory’s room.

Right.” Akeno nodded with a smile. “And might I ask, what is it that we’re going to say once we find him?”

Mm? Don’t you want to look for him?” Rias asked while turning around to look at Akeno with a tilted head, crossing her arms under her chest and leaning back over the window.

Ara ara~ That’s not what I meant~ Fufufu~” Akeno said. “I just want us to think of what to say to him when we find him, not committing the same mistake we did before fufufu~”

Right.” Rias nodded with a wry smile. “I will just invite him over.” She said while looking outside the window. “After all, he’s alone out there. And I haven’t met the first person that likes to be alone.”

Ara ara~” Akeno looked at her, before turning to go call the others.

{Where could you be, all alone out there? Will you even let us find you?} Rias thought while looking outside of the window.


Later that day, it was already night and Cristopher found himself on top of a building, drinking from a vodka bottle while looking at the moon, a pair of wireless earphones could be seen on his ears.

All around him tens of bottles of liquor could be seen littered, empty. His gaze was stuck towards the moon for a moment, before downing the remaining vodka at once.

Ha…” He let out a deep sigh as he dropped the bottle behind him. “What should I try next…” He said as he turned around to look at the bottles. “Huh… look at that, all empty already. Second round it is.” He said as he moved his arm to summon more bottles.

...Isn’t it better to stop already?” A voice said from behind him, but he just ignored her as more bottles appeared.

What do you mean? The night is young. There’s so much drinking to be done.” Cristopher answered back nonchalantly while picking up a strawberry-flavored rum. “Sweeter taste to start a second turn.” He muttered before turning around to see Rias flying in front, the moon shining behind her. “Also, what are you doing here?”

“…” Rias just looked at him as he sipped from the now open bottle of rum. “I was looking for you.”

Why tho? I’m just a suspicious stranger.” He shrugged. “Besides, I already told you that I will be fine, really.”

I’m sorry for what happened back then…” She said with an apologetic smile as she flew closer to him. “And this doesn’t look fine to me…”

No hard feelings, really. Sorry if my comment seemed bad, I didn’t mean it to recriminate you or anyone else. I was just stating a fact, I AM a suspicious stranger to you guys.” Cristopher said as he looked into her eyes. “And I don’t really know what you mean. I’m perfectly fine.”

“… You’re not…” She whispered to herself as she turned to look at the dozens of bottles littering around, at least half of them completely empty. “Let’s go back.” She said, looking back at his eyes. “You can stay with me. With us.” She said.

Cristopher looked at her silently, sipping from his bottle while music played through his wireless earphones.

You don’t have plans, do you?” She asked with a small smile. “That’s why you should come with us. Even if you can’t go back to your world anymore, you can start a new life here…” She said as she flew and sat beside him.

So, do you believe me now about not being from this world?” He said.

The clues you left helped us figure you were not lying.” She said with a chuckle.

It was just a gift.” Cristopher shrugged with a smirk, before sighing. “I’m not sure. You don’t know me, Rias. You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

That doesn’t matter.” She said while shaking her head. “I don’t believe you’re a bad guy. I know for sure that you could have hurt any of us if you wished to, but you didn’t.”

That hardly says anything.” Cristopher chuckled. “I could be faking it.”

I don’t think so.” She smiled while tilting her head, looking into his crimson eyes. She then caressed his cheek. “Your eyes are telling me what I need to know.”

Ha…” He sighed and softly grabbed the hand caressing his cheek. “I’m not really what you think.”

And I’m not what you think either.” Rias said with a smile.

What? A hot red-haired babe with legs, ass, and boobs to die for?” Cristopher raised an eyebrow.

T-That’s n-not what I meant!” Rias got flustered as she hit his chest repeatedly. “Ha...Ha...Ha… Idiot…” She muttered while looking down to hide her embarrassed face.

Pfft. Didn’t take you for a shy girl, look at you… You really are not who I thought.” Cristopher said with a smirk.

“…” Rias pouted, all her seriousness gone. “It’s not funny. Stop messing with me. Believe it or not, I’m still a virgin!” She shot him a glare.

Hahaha, I’m just joking around.” Cristopher said. “Well, not that you’re not hot, that’s true. Also, what the hell does your virginity has to do in this conversation? Weird topic to bring out here.”

You are the one bringing weird topics here!” She pointed at him while pushing her index finger on his chest. She was huffing, before letting out a big sigh. “You’re a tiring one to talk… That’s not the point I wanted to get to. I’m a demon, a devil!” She said while extending her wings. “These are my wings. You sure didn’t expect that, huh?”

Mm?” Cristopher tilted his head while looking at her eyes, right before smirking. “What do you mean? I knew you were a devil all along.”

...Ah?” Rias froze.

I told you I have great senses.” He chuckled at her expression, patting her head. “I can feel your demonic energy from miles away.”

Y-Y-You knew…?” She asked, ignoring his hand on top of her head.

Yeah.” He nodded. “You have to do better if you want to surprise me, Rias.” He smirked.

“…” She pouted while crossing her arms under her chest. “You’re insufferable.”

Cristopher chuckled. “Well, seeing as you’ve come clean with who you are, I guess I could do the same.” He smiled at her, as a pair of scaled wings appeared on his back. At first glance, Rias thought they were black, but she then got a better view, they were a really, really dark red that looked almost entirely black. White and crimson lines could be seen going through them, forming strange symbols through the arms of the wings.

Extended, they were really long. Far longer than her own wings. While lost in shock, she looked into his eyes, trying to look for an answer, only to be even more surprised. Her crimson eyes were now different, they turned reptilian. Like a pair of crimson dragon eyes looking back at her.

What do my eyes tell you now?” He asked her softly, knowing far well that she was shocked by the surprise.

I-I… What is this…?” She asked.

He chuckled at her daze, finding her cute. “I’m not entirely human. You could say that I’m a mixed-race between human and dragon, albeit a bit of a special case.” He said with a smirk.

A mix between… a human… and a dragon…?” She was surprised. She had figured that it could be the possibility of seeing his dragon-like eyes and wings, but hearing it directly from him was still a surprise. “Was one of your parents…?” She couldn’t finish the question.

No.” He shook his head and scratched the back of his head, where a couple of horns had grown. “It’s really hard to explain. I was born like a normal human, but sometime after being born, my body awakened dragon traits. I don’t really know why, or how, but I became a hybrid since then.”

And this… is your true form…?” Rias asked as she reached out to touch his horns, caressing them while also caressing his wings.

Not really.” Cristopher shook his head. “In a sense, I don’t have a true form… I guess my perfect hybrid form would be it, but I can stay normally in my human form. I mean, I lived quite a few years after being born as a human, so I guess that affected me too.”

You said there weren’t monsters in your world… There were dragons there…?” She asked.

No.” He shook his head again. “My world is a pacific one. It doesn’t have monsters, devils, angels, or anything fantasy-like. Just your regular humans.” He said. “That’s why it was even more of a shock when I suddenly awakened dragon traits. I mean, we have stories of dragons… But they’re either fantasy stories or myths. Nothing real. I never found a single trace of dragons back in my world. What about here?”

There are.” Rias nodded. “They are one of the strongest races… Probably the strongest there is.”

Is that so?” Cristopher muttered. He did know about some dragons in this world. Not that much, but even the protagonist has a dragon inside his Sacred Gear.

Rias nodded, her hands softly touching his wings, tracing the runes and symbols there. She had seen similar symbols before, but not these ones, except for one place.

Dragon Runes.” Cristopher said as he looked at her hand.

They look just like some of the ones in your tattoo…” She muttered.

Because they are. They are all draconic runes.” Cristopher said. “Not just the same ones.”

Oh…” Rias nodded.

I told you that I wasn’t what you thought.” Cristopher smirked as he stared into her dazed eyes.

Haha…” She chuckled. “Indeed, who would think that behind a perverted idiot with a drinking problem there was such a secret?”

Mm? I don’t remember being a pervert, tho?” Cristopher tilted his head.

Really? After what you said of me moments ago?” She raised an eyebrow.

Come on…” Cristopher rolled his eyes. “What does speaking the truth has to do with being a pervert?”

Y-You can’t just say that kind of thing in front of someone as if it was nothing!” Rias said with a snort.

Nah, I’m not the type to shy away from saying what I think.” Cristopher shrugged. “I really mean what I say.”

“…” Rias averted her eyes while slightly blushing. She then stood up from where she was sitting and offered him a hand. “Let’s go.”

Mm?” Cristopher tilted his head. “Where?”

Back to the Occult Research Club’s room.” She smiled.

I don’t really want to make people uncomfortable.” He looked into her eyes.

Really?” Rias raised an eyebrow while a small grin could be seen on her face. “I mean, who was the one that was telling me that I had an ass, boobs, and legs to die for? Remember? Me being a hot red-haired babe? I think we’re past the part of being uncomfortable among each other.

Whoa, tone it down with the narcissism.He smirked back, accepting her hand and standing up.

I’m not.” She gave him a slight glare, before sighing. “Seriously, why are you like this? Isn’t it enough for me to be looking for you all around the place to understand that we don’t really mind you staying with us?”

Fine, fine.” He rolled his eyes, still smiling. “Let me just take care of the mess.” Cristopher said as he waved his hand. In an instant, all the bottles, both empty and filled, disappeared from the rooftop.

I still don’t get accustomed to you making things disappear so suddenly.” Rias said as she looked at the newly emptied rooftop.

Really? I thought devils might have a way to make things disappear or appear.”

Yes… But it’s usually more flashy. You make it look as if nothing was there in the first place.” She said with a sigh.

It’s just a small trick, nothing really amazing.” Cristopher shrugged. “Just like changing from and into my other forms.He smirked as he turned back to his usual form.

Really?” Rias raised an eyebrow. “I think it’s really amazing you consider it as a small trick. Ha… Let’s just go back. Also, you didn’t look bad in your other form.” She said with a small smile, as a shining red magic circle appeared below them, making them slowly disappear and reappear inside the ORC room.

Welcome back, president.” Akeno said as she bowed toward Rias. “Ara ara~ I see you found him fufufu~”

Thanks, Akeno.” Rias answered with a smile, before putting her hand over Cristopher’s shoulder. “And yes, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”

I see, fufufu~” Akeno chuckled while covering her mouth.

Cristopher-kun. Smells like alcohol. Too much..” Said Koneko as she sniffed around.

Yeah, that’s what usually happens when you drink.” Cristopher shrugged.

Yes. But it doesn’t make it a good thing. You should take a shower.” Rias said with a sigh as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

Right, right.” Cristopher just rolled his eyes.

Cristopher-kun…” Kiba said with an awkward smile, before bowing. “I’m really sorry for doubting you before. I know that it might feel unpleasant for you, so, I’m really sorry.”

Relax dude.” Cristopher chuckled. “I told you. It’s all fine. I understand where you were coming from.”

Yuuto stood straight, finding Cristopher’s hand stretched for a handshake. He smiled and took his hand.

Well, I guess I should listen to the hot red-haired babe and take a shower.” Cristopher said with a smirk as he glanced at Rias, who blushed.

S-Stop it already…” She said, averting her eyes.

Ara ara~? What is it about, president Rias~? Fufufu~ Were you two flirting before coming here?” Akeno said with her usual chuckle.

No!She said.

Mm? Really?” Cristopher tilted his head as he rubbed his chin. “But what about that proposal about coming back to you? That felt like quite the direct flirting. And you caressing me, you know?” He smirked.

T-T-That was not what I meant! And don’t say such easy-to-misunderstand things!” Rias said as she punched him in the chest.

Fufufu~” Akeno just chuckled. “Cristopher-kun, stop teasing our cute president so much, fufufu~” Akeno chuckled.

Haha… It’s just funny to see her blushing.” Cristopher chuckled. “Well, I’ll take a shower then, if you don’t mind.”

Idiot.” Rias just muttered while looking away. Meanwhile, Cristopher took off his shirts and kept them in his inventory.

Ara ara~ Cristopher I’m starting to think that you’re an exhibitionist, fufufu~” Akeno said with a chuckled. “Aren’t you worried that I might do something to you~?”

Pervert.” Koneko said as she bit on chocolate that she had just taken from her pockets.

Mm?” Cristopher raised an eyebrow at Akeno, before smirking. “Say… Are you sure you want to try it? You might get trapped afterward, you know?”

Ara ara~ Now you’re going after me~? Is Rias not enough~?” Akeno blushed slightly while covering her mouth with her hand. “I might get carried away with your indecent proposals fufufu~”

Can you stop this already?” Rias glared at them, before turning to Cristopher and pushing him with her index finger. “You go take a shower already.”

Right, right.” Cristopher rolled his eyes as he walked toward the bathroom.

Ha…” Rias sighed.

Oh, I almost forgot fufufu~” Akeno said. “The Student Council’s President is waiting for us, Rias.”

Ha… Fine. We’ll go after Cristopher finishes his shower.

President.Koneko said as she sniffed around Rias.

Mm? What is it, Koneko?”

You smell like alcohol, president.” Koneko said.

“…” Rias just stared at her, before smelling herself. “It’s true…”

You should take a shower before visiting the Student Council’s President, president Rias.” Akeno said with a smile. “Ara ara~ But what can we do~? We’ll be late if you also shower after Cristopher’s done~” She turned towards the bathroom section where Cristopher had just undressed. “Cristopher-kun, do you care if our president showers with you?”

Oi Akeno! What are you saying!?” Rias tried to stop her, blushing.

Ara ara, fufufu~”

Mm? Not at all. But you should hurry and jump in Rias, the more you keep the alcohol smell on you, the harder it is to shower it off.” Came Cristopher’s answer.

Mo! I can’t stand you two!” Rias said as she crossed her arms but suddenly raised an eyebrow. “You know what. It’s true. We can’t be late.” As she said that, she started undressing as she made her way towards the bathroom section, going inside.

Oi. What are you doing?” Cristopher's voice came over.

What? You are the ones that told me to take a shower together to save time and to prevent the stench of alcohol that YOU rubbed on me.”

It was a joke, you didn’t have to take a shower with me, you know?”

W-Well, t-too late for that now.” Rias said as she stepped into the bathtub.

O-Oi. This thing is too small for us too.”

I don’t care, move over!” She said.

Ara ara~” Akeno just looked with widened eyes and an awkward chuckle.

Akeno-san. Idiot.” Koneko who was covering her eyes said.

Haha…” Meanwhile, Yuuto only smiled awkwardly as he stepped back. “Well… If you don’t mind, I’ll wait outside… haha.”

Yuuto-senpai, coward.” Koneko said as she followed him.

But you’re also following me out…”

It’s different.”

Ara ara~” Akeno chuckled awkwardly as she looked at the silhouettes of both Cristopher and Rias bathing. “I’ll be leaving while you two take a shower, ufufu~”


So you’re Cristopher, huh?Sona said as she accommodated her glasses. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Sona Sitri.”

Likewise.” Cristopher said with a nod as he leaned back on the couch, taking out a bottle of strawberry-flavored rum. The one that he didn’t finish before.

Some time has passed since Rias and Cristopher shared the bathtub, and they were now inside Kuoh Academy’s Student Council room. There were a few students present here. Not only all of Rias’ current peerage was present, there was also Sona Sitri’s peerage. That was formed by mostly women and one blond guy.

Ha… Are you really going to drink right now?” Rias asked as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

Yeah.” He said. “I have to finish this strawberry-flavored rum, you know? After all, I just saw some red color that reminded me of strawberries, and then of the rum.” He said with a smirk.

Y-Y-You… Ha…” Rias got red, but then just sighed, not wanting to waste more words on him, which made Cristopher chuckle. “Forgive him, Sona.” Rias had to apologize, but before Sona could speak, someone else answered.

You! What are you doing drinking here!?” It was the blond guy, who he remembered as Saji, or something.

Mm?” Cristopher raised an eyebrow as he took a sip from his bottle.

Stop doing it! You’re not allowed to drink here unless our President gives you permission to do it!” Saji said with an angry scowl as he pointed at him. “Do you even have the legal age to drink? You look like a freaking third-year student!”

Ha…” Cristopher sighed. {There are idiots everywhere I go.} He shook his head before looking at him with pity.

Saji.” Sona shortly said, making the hotblooded young freeze. “When did I give you permission to speak for me? It’s disrespectful and certainly of bad manners. Stay back in silence. We’re going to talk about your behavior later.” She said as she glared at him sideways. “Kuhum. No worries, Rias, you said he had a peculiar behavior.” Sona then nodded towards Rias, before turning to Cristopher, frowning as he look at him smirking at Saji. {Certainly, he seems to be somewhat childish. Ha… How troublesome.} She sighed inwardly. “Rias has informed me of your circumstances. Is it true that you can’t go back home?”

Yeah.” Cristopher said as he took a sip from his rum. “I don’t even know how I ended up here. I don’t even remember much from that night, so I might have ended up here by accident, or by someone else actions. Who knows...”

Right.” Sona nodded, as she crossed her fingers and rested her chin over it. “What do you plan on doing?”

Mm? Not really sure.” Cristopher said. “Someone offered me the option of starting a new life here, as I can go back to the one I had.” He gave a side-glance at Rias as he spoke, making her blush slightly, remembering what happened early, though she tried to hide it.

Is that so?” Sona raised an eyebrow as she looked at this. “And what are your thoughts on that?”

I mean, do I have a choice?” Cristopher shrugged. “How I see it, I’m probably stuck here for who knows how long… Ha… Also, it’s not like there’s someone waiting for me back in my world.” He said with an inexpressive look.

Mm…” Sona nodded. “I think we can help you with that.” She finally nodded. “But… There’s a condition. You have to enter Rias’ peerage.”

It’s not necessary to do so, Sona.” Rias said with a frown, but Sona shook her head.

I spoke with my sister, and it is the best option.” Sona said.

But-” Rias tried to protest, but a magic circle suddenly appeared in the room. And from it, a silver-haired beauty and a handsome man that looked to be in their twenties appeared, there was also a girl that looked to be in her late teens, and that was wearing a magical girl cosplay.

Let me do the explanation, Sona-chan~” The magical girl cosplayer said while winking at her sister.

S-Sister!? What are you doing here!?” Sona got shocked.

Hahaha as the Satan in charge of foreign affairs, I must be here. Don’t be too surprised.” She said while posing as a magical girl.

Mm… Quite the peculiar one, huh?” Cristopher said as he turned to Rias. “Is she always like that?”

Ha… Yes.” Rias gave an awkward smile, before turning towards the handsome man. “Brother, what are you doing here?”

Well, I just wanted to meet the guy that has been staying in the thoughts of my beloved daughter.” Answered Rias’ brother while smiling.

{A siscon… huh. Interesting.} Cristopher said with a smirk.

Anyways! As my Sona-chan was saying before we disturbed.”

You were hearing that?” Sona asked while pinching the bridge of her nose.

Yes!” Answered her sister with a pose and a wink. “But you already knew that, right?” She then smiled at Cristopher, who just smirked and shrugged.

Wait, what do you mean?” Rias asked surprised.

Told you I have really good senses.”

I don’t think it is something that can be explained with good senses alone.” The silver-haired beauty said as she looked at him.

But they are?” Cristopher tilted his head, still smirking.

Don’t go off-tracks!” Serafall Leviathan, Sona’s older sister clapped. “As we were saying, you need to become part of Rias-chans peerage. It’s the condition we thought about.”

B-but why? It’s not necessary.” Rias said as she stood up.

It’s the best choice Rias.” This time Sirzechs Lucifer, Rias older brother, and the current Lucifer, intervened. “He is, after all, still a mistery. Tying him to you is the best way to be safe.” He then turned towards Cristopher. “I apologize, but please understand that even if you seem harmless, it’s important to be safe. Rias is my cute little sister, and I can’t be calm unless I make sure she’s safe.” He said.

Yeah, no worries.” Cristopher said with a shrug. “I understand it. Putting your family’s safety first should ALWAYS be, your first priority.” As he spoke, Sirzech felt he saw the light of his eyes fade away for a moment, before turning back to normal.

Thanks for your understanding.” Sirzechs simply said, not pointing that out. “Rias, if you agree, we should add him to your peerage soon.”

Broth-” Rias wasn’t really sure, but before she could even speak her mind, she was interrupted.

Yeah, I think it won't happen.” Cristopher said simply. “Sorry, but I never said I agreed to it.”

Huh?” Everyone got confused and looked at him. This was a petition coming from two Satans.

Even if I wanted to be a part of her peerage, it’s not even possible in the first place.” He said with a shrug before sipping from his rum.

Why?” Serafall asked with a frown.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to turn someone into part of one’s peerage, you need to put one of those weird chess pieces inside the person, right?” Cristopher asked with a raised eyebrow.

How do you know of the Evil Pieces… I’ve never...” Rias asked in surprise.

Told you.” Cristopher smiled. “Good senses. I can feel those… Evil Pieces…? Inside each one of your servants.”

Those are not simple senses…” Sirzech’s said with a frown. “And yes, you’re correct.”

Well, sorry, but you can’t put one of those inside me, no matter how hard you try. I can’t even do it myself, so good luck trying.” Cristopher chuckled. “The moment they try to fuse with me, they will be utterly destroyed. You can try if they’re not irreplaceable. But I wouldn’t really recommend it.

“…” Everyone froze. “How do we know you’re not lying.” Serafall said with a stern look.

As I said, you can try. But trust me, there’s no way that’s going to work.” Cristopher said with a shrug.

“…” Sirzechs looked at Cristopher for a moment. “The only known beings that can’t be reincarnated through the Evil Pieces are Gods, Buddhas, and Dragon Gods.” He said with a frown.

Yeah, I kind of enter in that category.” Cristopher nodded with a smile, making them all shocked. “I guess you could call me a Dragon God, in a sense.

A Dragon God…Serafall muttered with a frown as she step in front of Sona. “There are only two Dragon Gods known. And I don’t remember you being one of these.

Of course not. I’m not from here, remember?Cristopher rolled his eyes as he took a sip from his bottle. “Relax, I’m not planning on doing anything.”

How is it that I can’t feel anything from you?” Sirzech suddenly asked. “If I didn’t hear from Rias, I would think you were just a normal human.”

Because I can control my power.” He simply answered. “I don’t have a fetish of going around receiving duel requests with every being that things it can test its power against me. Also, I grew up as a human, so I’m mostly accustomed to the human way of living. It gets boring though, so I have to look for ways to entertain myself.”

Ha… I can’t believe this. So? What should we do?” Sirzech said as he sat down on the couch, Grayfia sat beside him, also slightly shocked. Serafall was still looking at him while standing in front of Sona.

Yeah, tough luck.Cristopher said with a shrug. “Well, I guess you’ll have to figure it out. I’m honestly tied without much to do.”

“…” Sirzech looked at him for a moment, before standing up and turning towards Rias. “Do you trust him?” He asked shortly.

Rias widened her eyes at the sudden question but soon started thinking. She looked at Cristopher for a while, before giving him a small smile. “Yes. I do trust him. I think he won’t do anything that could put us in danger.” She said.

You’re too trusting for your own good…” Cristopher said with a sigh as he shook his head.

You’re mistaken.” Rias shook her head. “I’m not trusting at all. But… I feel I can trust in you, and you haven’t proved me wrong yet.”

I didn’t tell you what I was, though.” Cristopher raised an eyebrow.

You did.” She smiled. “Maybe not the whole truth. But you didn’t hide that you were a half-dragon.”

Cristopher sighed. “Hearing you say that makes me worry about your future, you know? Someone might end up abusing your trust and hurt you.”

Well, good thing that you’ll be close, right?” She smiled. “It sounds nice, having a Dragon God protecting me.” She muttered softly.

Pfft… Hahaha.” Cristopher chuckled. “Look at you, turning a Dragon God from another world into your personal bodyguard. You sure are good at magic, huh?He smirked at her.

I try my best. And I have to get revenge after the embarrassment you’ve put me through.” She said with a fake pout.

Not sure what you’re talking about.” He shrugged.

KUHUM.” A strong fake cough interrupted both of them. “I’m sorry to interrupt you two. But we still have to figure out what we’re going to do with his papers and all of that.” Sirzech said with a wry smile as he called them.

Oh, right.” Cristopher nodded.

I can help him get proof of residence in the human world. Then we can just enroll him here, right, Sona-chan?” Serafall said with a smile.

Y-Yes… Certainly…She nodded.

Excellent!” Serafall, who was acting all protective a moment ago, clapped happily. “You look like you’re in your late teens, so you might as well pass as a 3rd year. Just like Rias-chan and Sona-chan.” She smiled.

Whatever fits your need.” Cristopher shrugged.

I still have to ask.” Sirzechs spoke with a raised eyebrow and a smile. “How old are you?”

Mm…” Cristopher rubbed his chin. “I think I’ve gone past the 300 years already. I just stopped aging in my 20’s. Probably earlier than that.” He shrugged. “At some point, I simply stopped counting the years.”

“…” Everyone looked at him in surprise. “So president Rias liked them older, fufufu~ Interesting~” Akeno muttered, but in the middle of the silence, everyone heard and turned to look at her, making her blush. “Ara ara~ I said that aloud? Fufufu~ I’m sorry.”

Ha…” Rias only sighed while covering her blushing face.

Cristopher just chuckled.

Well.” Sirzechs clapped. “I think this resolves everything, right? Serafall?”

Yes!” She said with a bright smile and a weird pose. “Welcome to Japan, and to our world, Cristopher-Dragon-kun.”

Right, thanks.” He said with a nod. Until a really soft music tone started to sound all around them. “Huh? What’s that sound?”

Mm? What sound?” Rias asked with a tilted head. The others also seemed confused.

The song…” Cristopher said as the sound was making itself louder and louder. “Huh? Isn’t that Hatredcopter?” At this point, he could clearly hear the song. It was Hatredcopter from Dethklok. And it was turning louder and louder.

Are you okay?” Rias asked worriedly.

Can’t you guys really not hear that?” Cristopher asked, completely confused and in shock, as the song started to become unbearable. “It’s all around!” He shouted.

Cristopher?” Rias stood up and went closer to him, looking into his eyes, she spoke. “Daddy.”

Huh? What did you say?” Cristopher got stupefied.

I said, Daddy!” As Rias said with a shout, everything around him turned black. Hatredcopter still sounding around him. “Daddy!” Once again someone called him, and he woke up to find an irritated Evandel with sleepy eyes. “Please turn off your alarm… I’m trying to sleep, daddy…” She said.

Huh?” Cristopher blinked, as he looked at his wrist to find his smartwatch reproducing Hatredcopter. “HUH!?”

Please just turn it off…” She said pouting.

R-Right…” He did so.

Thank you…” Evandel said with a relieved sigh as she walked towards her bed, muttering. “Stupid daddy… Idiot daddy… Doesn’t allow me to sleep in peace...”

“…” Cristopher just looked at her back, and then turned to find Shina covering her ears with her paws, growling in annoyance. “Just what the fuck happened…?” He muttered. “Did I dream all that…? What the fuck did I drink yesterday…?” He said as he lay once again on the bed. “Oh well, whatever.” He just shrugged it before going back to sleep.

This chapter's real title is SPECIAL 4 – April's Fool, though albeit later haha. Sorry, no regular chapter this week, so take this +10K words special chapter for April's Fool. Also, please take it with a grain of salt, I have a lot of time without reading DxD, so I have forgotten quite a lot, most of this had to be built with the help of the wiki.