Extra Ch – Ch 16.2 – Punishment for a naughty fox (Part 1 – 18+)
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Thank you all very much for allowing me to reach this much into such a short amount of time. Getting to Trending was a huge objective but I could never have imagined, even in my wildest dreams, that we'd reach #1 in less then 2 weeks. I sincerely thank all of you, my dear readers, and as a token of my appreciation, am releasing the extra chapter I intended only for Patreon here, split in parts of around the same size as a normal chapter. Remember, this is an extra chapter. Today's release of Ch 17 is still coming. See you all on my Discord. I have made available through it drafts of the World Map and the Dungeon Map. A release of an Auxiliary Chapter with all Character names and disclosed status is planned for next week. Now, enjoy the steamy night of our beloved Core and Foxy.

As I let go of her, she laid, chest down, onto the mattress. When I put my head inside, there she was, wagging her cute tail, looking behind to see me come in.

As she saw me enter the tent, she raised her ass and started wagging it, together with her tail. Her white skin, glistened in the... Wait... What light? It should've been dark in here? Oh, right, the whole dungeon seems clear... I’mma ask Gloria about it some other time.

As I was saying, her skin glistened, and the lingerie I gave her suited her perfectly.

I leaned down and held her ass with both my hands. She started moaning as I started kissing her legs and ass... Wow... Her pussy smells amazing even from here... I gave it a small kiss while rubbing my nose onto it. Her moans increased in volume.


"Now, now... How should I punish my naughty little fox?"


"What for?" She answered with a wicked smile... haaaah~ You are too good at provoking me...


"For being much too naughty!" As I said that, I gripped her tail and pulled it up while kissing the area below its base. What followed was a deafening moan and Mihara's ragged breath.


"Ha~... How did you... do that?! Fuck... That was... Amazing..."


"I didn't expect that to be that effective... but..." *SLAP*




"Since you liked it so much, I need to punish you another way..."

My hands slid up her body, from her thigs, to her ass, to her waist, shoulders, all the way up to the nape of her neck. And closely behind them, my lips. I went up kissing and smooching her whole body on my way up, until I reached her neck.

I laid atop of her and tenderly moved her hair to the side, exposing the gorgeous nape of her neck to my kisses. She quivered as I kissed and sucked on it. I kept doing it while caressing her ears for a second, her tail tickling my thighs and dick inadvertently.


Listening to her moans was rather addictive, I wanted to check her as much as I could and try every single thing to turn her on as much as possible.

I kneeled over her legs and started massaging her back, from her tail all the way up to her neck. An on my way back I'd slide my hands to the sides of her body, caressing her breasts and waist. Whenever I reached the bottom of her spine, her ass would jerk and raise a little, urging me to slap it. I held myself from it for a couple times, before grabbing both sides of her ass with my hands and squeezing them. Fuck... Her ass is amazing. Out of sheer curiosity I slid my hand in between her thighs while holding her ass up by the tail. Her underwear was dripping wet. I gently rubbed my middle finger on her pussy over the piece of clothing while caressing and pulling on her tail with my other hand. Her reaction was priceless... Her waist jerking uncontrollably trying it's hardest to control the pleasure, each movement causing another jolt of it from the other side, her body hair standing on end from the uncontrollable chills all over her body. It didn't take long before Mihara came again, this time, only lowering her body to the bed, leaving her ass straight up over her knees.

Seeing her like that was one of the most gorgeous sights yet. However, she as still dressed, and that was something we had to deal with. Her breathing was still ragged and her body still twitching from the last orgasm.


I slapped her on the ass once again, this time with much more strength, leaving a handprint on her gorgeous ass.


"Ahwn~." Her moaning was much more contained this time though.


"So... How do you feel about your punishment?" I asked, leaning forward for her to hear me even in a low tone.


"Ah... Ah... It was so... so good... I want more..."


"You want more punishment?"


"Ah... Yes, Master... Punish me more."


I turned her face around, hissing her madly. Who would've guessed she was such a masochist?


"Then beg me for it! Say why I should punish you more and how much of a vixen you are!"

I smugly whispered into her ear, while putting one of my hands into her panties over her ass.


"Yes, Master! Punish this horny little vixen of yours, I've been a bad girl lusting over you so~ hard!"


As I heard her words, I stood on my knees while putting one of my fingers in between her ass-cheeks, over her asshole, gently circling it with my fingertip.


"Aahh~ Master! Not there!"


"Why not? It's your punishment, remember?" I slapped her face hard with my hard dick, prompting her to suck it, while increasing the pressure on her ass.


Her mouth went straight for my cock, sucking like a vacuum. I held her face with my free hand while watched her sucking on my dick. I slowly shifted from a circular motion around her asshole for a more direct pressing. As I noticed her moaning over her full mouth, I took my hand from her ass and waved it near my dick.


"Suck my fingers so I can punish you properly."


She let go of my dick for just a spit second before grabbing it with her hand while she sucked two of my fingers energetically. She was trying to be sensual, but she was much too excited for that, resulting into further clumsy movements that flooded my heart with love.


As I pulled my fingers away, she instantly went back to swallowing my dick. Her lust and desire were astonishing. I swiftly put my hand where it had just been, but this time, I inserted the very tip on one of my fingers into her ass.


"HMMMF~" She stopped sucking for a second before releasing a muffled moan. The pleasure she was feeling was tangible. Her ass twitching and squeezing my fingertip. I started to slowly increase the pressure, inserting my finger deeper into her tight asshole. She was no longer able to keep sucking my dick, instead opting to lick it and stroking it with her hand. Every time I moved my finger even a little bit, I could see her holding herself and feel her asshole twitching. As I felt the base of my finger reaching her asshole, I jerked it out in a single fell swoop.


"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... Please don't! Put it back in! hummm~" Mihara looked up sheepishly, raising her ass as up as she could, begging me to put it back in there, holding my dick with both her hands.

I, however,  had a different idea on what to do.


"Nah... It's time for the main meal."


"You wanna..."


"Not yet, first..." I started to relieve her from her panties. "I want you naked for me."

After sliding her panties all the way to her feet, I left them hanging from the frame of the tent, it was literally dripping.

I once again knelt behind her, but this time, she was naked.

I could clearly see the contour of her body, her naughty ass, as smooth as a peach, and though the gap between her thighs, a droplet of fluid forming over her slit.

I wanted to make her mine, but today I would make her beg to become mine. And in order for that to happen, I needed to tease her even more.


I spread her ass with both my hands, stretching her tight pink butthole, before going down on it with my tongue. The pink skin around it felt incredibly smooth, and I indulged myself in the off-sweet flavor as her gorgeous moans once again started to resound in my ears. She tightly gripped the mattress. Her open mouth drooling from the pleasure as the moans made her unable to hear her own thoughts. She could feel her pussy twitching as it dripped its fluids onto the mattress. The pleasure, and the salacity of her still untouched pussy made her feel like a bitch in heat. She just wanted him to fuck her senseless, to destroy her pussy with his massive, throbbing, cock. But instead, he teased her and gave her pleasure in ways she had never imagined. Her ass felt so good from his finger and now licking she honestly started to wonder whether that was not the place he was supposed to fuck from the very beginning. And as I forced my tongue into her ass, she backed onto my face while moaning hard, almost as if wanting the whole thing in as soon as possible.


"Ahhh! Fuck my ass with your tongue!! Harder!! It feels so good! Yeeeeah!!!"