Ch 38 – New named dungeon monster: Mihara
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<< What the fuck did you give her? >>


What? A health potion...


<< A health potion doesn't do that! >>


I mean it was the cheapest health potion there was...


<< What the hell was the name of it?! >>


Ghoul Blood.




It said it increased regeneration and healed wounds as well as giving perfect dark vision...


<< Did you read the second page?! >>


Second page?




Ah... There was such a thing... I did think it was too good to be true for that price...


<< You're such a fucking dumbass... >> 


Okay, okay, what's going on? Is she ok?


<<Yeah... For now. >>


What do you mean for now?


<< You just partially turned her into a fucking ghoul you idiot! >> 


... Is that a bad thing?


<< Of course it is! That's the lowest form of the bloodsucking kin. >>


Oh... You mean a vampire?


<< No... I mean a mindless undead vampire underling that behaves like a zombie but for human blood! >>


Oh, shit... that sounds bad...


<< You tell me! >>


So... What do we do now? 


<< She's gonna start transitioning but it should take a couple more days before it becomes irreversible... There are a couple of ways to sort this out. >>


< New named dungeon monster: Mihara has been added. >




"Come on people! Move!" 


Marcus pushed his men forward to the very limit. They were not tired though, just afraid. Only three of them had Lighting Rods, which made the cave extremely ominous.

He looked very collected, but on the inside he was freaking out. He'd delved into Dungeons and many unmapped caves before, but none like this one. Dungeons always looked methodical, logical, at least on the first few floors. Caves, on the other hand, felt like the natural course of a river, always flowing forward and down in a very natural way. This one, on the other hand, looked organic. Almost like something was out there to swallow him the whole time. His hairs stood on end every time one of his men's foot slipped, his halberd ready to pierce through any source of sound.








A shadow passed in front of him. It was small and nimble, followed by a scream behind. He knew all the men would turn around towards the person who screamed, since a loud noise echoed with his fall. 


'A trap? No... This is too small to be a human... A Halfling? Was this cave a bandit den?'


More shadows appeared in front of him. Four of them. He'd made the right choice not turning around, they were fast. Had he turned he'd be dead by now. 

A large swing of his halberd truck three of them, cutting the first one in half, while throwing the other two towards the wall.




He could hear a guttural grumble from the remaining shadow in front of him.


'Goblin-Kin? Is this part of the dungeon already?' He thought, staring intently at it.


"Ugh" "Gha!"




He could hear drowned screams and grunts behind him. The ominous image of the cut shadow's body slowly sliding in two different ways etched itself onto his retina as a dozen more such shadows appeared from the distance.


'Shit... A pincer attack... So there was another path somewhere...' His logic led him to the wrong conclusion that they circled around them... The truth was much grimmer.


His vision started to darken as the remaining lighting rods slowly turned off, as their bearers fell. The metal clanking noises behind him intensified.

His vision faded completely after a couple seconds. Darkness everywhere.

He closed his eyes completely, concentrating


"Mole Eyes!"


Mole eyes was a strange technique he learned from a master a long time ago. By syncing him inner Qi with the Earth attribute mana around, it allowed him to see the vibrations caused by all things around him. 

He was no expert though, and the range was pretty limited, but paired with his hearing, it was way better than trying to see something in the dark.


What he realized however, was shocking. Three men were trading blows with a large amount of shadows, 7 laying on the floor, either dead or on the verge of dying. 

Yet... He could see none of the ones in front of him.


*Swoosh* *Clang*


He heard the sound of the air being cut and hurriedly raised his halberd in a despaired motion, parrying the blow.


'Shit! They don't make any vibrations when moving.'


He saw the shadow that attacked him with the vibrations from the clash of the weapons, and another far behind.

Another man fell.


"Overcome Limits!"


Marcus realized the impending danger. He was not strong enough to deal with all these enemies effectively blindfolded. Overcome Limits was a weaker version of the Skill Gahan had, It had almost all the same benefits... But the consequences were considerable.

Mole Eyes' perception increased, as he was now able to sense the heartbeat of the shadows, pinpointing their location... Not that it helped nearly as much.


He dashed backwards, piercing through some of the shadows still fighting his men. They were surprised that the combat ended, but managed to grab two of the lighting rods from the ground. 

Marcus tried to pull his halberd back as he felt a handful of presences moving in his direction. 


'What!? How?!'


His halberd was stuck. 

The shadows he pierced were holding it into them with all their might. 


He let go of the halberd, turning back towards the shadows in order to protect himself. But it was too late.


As the remaining men turned the lighting rods on, the image they saw was that of their leader standing limply, his body held up my three spears piercing through his neck and propping him up from the ground.

For a second, before they themselves fell into eternal slumber too...

< Title Acquired: Goblin User >
< Dungeon Title Acquired: Goblin Den >
< Title Acquired: Goblin Commander > 

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