Ch 40 – Torturer
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These three...


<< They escaped... >> 


On the bright side, they are going back into that first bifurcation they avoided earlier. 


<< That one?! But isn't the other group also going over it? >>


Isn't that even better? Two birds with one stone.


<< I see... >>


And what do we do about her?


<< There are those options... >>


We don't have nearly enough EP for that! You know it!


<< Well yeah but we can farm it right? >> 


Oh... Those...


<< Yeah!? Did you really forget about more than 20 prisoners? >>


I... did. Sorry bout that. We still need to get a room for them to stay right?


<< That'd be ideal. >> 


Can I make it like, so nobody can go in or out? Closing it off?


<< Nah... Haven't I explained this already? Every room in a dungeon has to be connected and the connection has to be at least large enough that an average human can get there. >>


YOU EXPLAINED ME SHIT! But hey! Does that mean I can make the passages towards here so small they can only get here crawling like the extra corridors?


<< What!? No! Of course not! The main path to the Core Room has to be large enough a large sized monster can get here. >>


Large sized monster? What does that even mean? 


<< A Small dragon! That's a large size monster! >>


Oh... Crap... But I still can make other paths smaller. Hehe...


<< So long as there is one larger one yeah. >>


So... I could make a windy path almost impossible for an adult human to go through without literally crawling? So long as it's not the path from the entrance to here?


<< Well... Yeah... But why would anybody do that? >>


Gloria, oh Gloria... So Naive...

System, make me a large room to the side of here. Make it like this:




The whole cave trembled for a second as minor yet important changes took place. Gloria watched in Awe as more than 50 goblins slowly showed up, pulling unconscious humans. Some of them were simply paralized, moving their eyes desperately trying to understand what was happening around them. Others were so disfigured they barely reminded her of humans anymore. Their whole bodies had been consumed by acid, some, all the way to the bone. Yet, they were still alive, their blood and gore painting the floor red as the goblins pulled them along into the newly created room, better yet, Dungeon. 

As soon as most of the goblins came out of the long corridor, the room shook as it contracted. Only a small opening remained, barely large enough for a human to get in.

Yet, Gunther knew leaving was almost impossible... Even air would have difficulty getting out of there. 


On this side, the hole was near the bottom, but on the other, it was almost 15 feet up, near the ceiling, and the corridor that was only 10 meters long before, now was a complicated maze in the shape of a three dimensional Tesla Valve. The shortest path still would take several hours for a human to go through, as it snaked into the wall. 


It was almost impossible to hear what was taking place in there. 


A group of 10 goblins suddenly appeared from the shadows behind the dungeon core, and slowly made their way into the newly made small tunnel.


<< Hey! What are those goblins, can you please show me their status? I don't recall us having talked about any such. >> 


Of course not... I researched it while you slept! You idiot! 


<< Hey! It wasn't sleeping, I was just taking a nap! >>


Yeah right. Fuck you. but there you go. 

System! Show me the status of one of them.


< Monster Status                                           >

<                                                          >

< Name: None                                               >

< Race: [Insane] Shadow Goblin                             >

< Lvl.: 1                                                  >

< Rank: 2                                                  >

<  Attributes:                                             >

< ◘ VITALITY(VIT): 95                                      >

< ◘ MANA(MAN): 10                                          >

< ◘ STRENGTH(STR): 42                                      >

< ◘ AGILITY (AGI): 127                                     >

< ◘ STAMINA(RES): 103                                      >

< ◘ INTELLIGENCE(INT): 32                                   >

<                                                          >

<  Passive Sills:                                          >

< • Regeneration IV                                        >

< • Insanity IV                                            >

< • Sadistic VII                                           >

< • Silent Steps IX                                        >

< • Darkness III                                           >

< • Taboo III                                              >

<                                                          >

<  Active Sills:                                           >

< • Dagger Technique IX                                    >

< • Murder Technique VI                                    >

< • Torture Technique VII                                  >

< • Tools Handling Technique IV                            >

< • Dark Healing II                                        >

< • Poison Magic I                                         >

< • Poison Concoction III                                  >

< • Alchemy II                                             >


<< WHAT!? Why the fuck would you get such an expensive and dangerous monster?! >>


Oh... But it was dirty cheap...


<< Excuse me?! >>


Yeah... Apparently the Sadistic and Insanity traits are a bad thing so their cost started to lower... It's mostly because it says if they get bored they'll turn onto other monsters and murder them...


<< Exactly! They are dangerous, they can even destroy dungeon cores! >> 


Oh... But I have the Goblin Commander Title... It should be fine... I won't let them get bored, see... I spent over 1000EP on Lower Healing potions so they can have their fun and all...


<< Are you sure you are a human....? >>


Why wouldn't I be?

You are a confusing person you know. Why would I not be a human? Just because I'm torturing them for points and don't care? I'm not even from this world for fucks sake.


<< Yeah... Maybe you're right... >>


< Title Acquired: Torturer >

< Title Acquired: Head Torturer >

< Dungeon Title Acquired: Hell >

< Title Acquired: Heartless >

< Dungeon Title Acquired: Livestock Farm >

< Title Acquired: Inhumane >


< Core Passive Skill Acquired: Sadistic I >

< Passive Skill Acquired: Heartless I >

< Core Passive Skill Acquired: Sadistic I >

< Passive Skill Acquired: Heartless I >

< Core Passive Skill Acquired: Hellish I >

< Active Skill Acquired: Torture Technique I >

< Core Active Skill Acquired: Command I >

< Active Skill Acquired: Command I >

< Core Passive Skill Acquired: Dungeon Architect I >

< Core Passive Skill Acquired: Dungeon Expansion I >




... Fuck you System!

I'm a normal person. N O R M A L!

Screw both of you


< Active Skill Acquired: Anger I >


Oh fuck this shit! I'm out!






"The fuck was this?!"


"I have no idea... But it's not a good sign... We better find that bitch quick!"


"You still on about this? Why don't we just go back and get reinforcements? This is a dungeon Gahan! A dungeon!"


"I'm not leaving this hellhole without her! I've paid a huge price already Garth! We lost him! I'm not going out of here empty handed!"


"Okay, okay. I get it. But let's leave as soon as possible. This place is getting more ominous by the minute! We haven't found a single enemy all this time."


"I know that... still..."


The pair of mercenaries walked up, advancing once more after the false alarm. 

Beneath them, three more mercenaries made their way back towards the Rally point. 








As the two jumped up. The whole flooring of the cave they were in collapsed. Into the cave system below.










A scream of pain resounded elsewhere in the dungeon, in a closed room where nobody but two people could hear.