Meet Karan and Esha (R-18)
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Karan moved two steps back as he got a punch on his face. The fist has hit on his cheekbone as there was an injury on it. The punch came from a tall muscular white guy. There was a couple of guys looking similar to him standing behind with a smirk on their face.

"How dare you talk to my girl? Have you forget that you are just a loser?" The guy said angrily.

"You insecure bitch. I didn't go to her, she came to me first, Alan." Karan replied.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Alan punched Karan's stomach with full force giving no time to react.

Blood spurted from Karan's mouth and his head started to get hazy. He fell while holding his stomach.

After a couple of seconds, Karan tried to stand up and readied his fists for upcoming assaults. But still, after so much effort he was not able to stand properly.

"Let's go, Alan. It's enough for this loser." One of the guys said to Alan.

"Hmph. If I ever see you near her, you are dead meat." Alan said before turning. All three of the guys went away leaving only an injured Karan there.

Seeing that he is safe now, Karan relaxed and started walking towards his hostel.



Karan was sitting on a bed in his room and applying a bandage on his cheekbone where he got punched. It was not the first time he got beaten up by guys of his class as most guys try to pick a fight with him. He was fed up with all of this and had already planned on moving to a different city. Anyway, he will be joining a college from now on so he hoped that he doesn't meet trashy guys like his classmates.

Karan was a what we can say an average guy. His parents migrated to New York, USA from India when he was 7 years old but unfortunately, they died in a car accident after 5 years of them living here. Karan was 12 years old when he had to take care of himself. He is 17 years old as of now. His parents left him with a good amount of money so he didn't suffer a lot of financial problems. A friend of his mother became his guardian. His grades were pretty good but guys in his class became a headache for him.

His room had a bed, a table, a chair, a cupboard and an attached bathroom. Karan always felt at peace when he comes into his room. He kept it very neat and clean.

"I am so tired, I should sleep for some time. What time is it now?" Karan said after applying a bandage on his face. He looked towards his watch to know the time. "Oh shit, it's already 5 o'clock. I don't have any time to rest."


Karan was expecting the knock on the door as he went to open it. After he opened the door, he saw his girlfriend standing there.

Her name is Esha. She was a year older than Karan. Her looks can be only described as godly. Long straight silky black hair that reached to her waist, sky blue eyes, smooth fair skin with a little natural tan, kissable red lips and the sexiest smile in the world with cute dimples on her cheeks. Long sexy legs, wide hips with a perfectly rounded ass, slim waist, big perky boobs with perfect proportionate figure her body is to die for. She stood at 5'10 an inch taller than Karan. She was of Indian and American descent.

"Karan, you got in a fight once again?" Esha hastily barged in the room seeing Karan's face. She was very worried about him. She was wearing a top with black and white stripes and a black mini skirt.

"It's nothing. You don't have to worry, Esha" Karan didn't want to make her worry. "Just have a seat."

"I just don't want you to get hurt Karan." Esha hugged him and gave a kiss on his cheek. They both sat on the bed.

Esha is the perfect girlfriend Karan could ever ask for. Loves him more than anything and is supportive, smart, talented, open-minded, absolutely gorgeous and extremely naughty. She's studying at a university, Pacific Trump University which is in California. She even started a start-up in her freshman year and sold it recently for 50 million dollars. Whenever she got time she flies to NY to meet Karan.

Also, Karan considered himself very lucky to get a girlfriend like her who doesn't judge his desires and is always supportive. In the past when Esha was still in high-school she asked him about his sexual fantasies and he reluctantly told her that he fantasizes about having a threesome with two hot girls. The next day, Karan was shocked by seeing Esha as she brought one of her super-hot friends with her. It was a life-changing night of his life as three of them spent hours fucking each others brain out with him being center of attention.

Esha had also said that she doesn't mind him fucking other girls because she doesn't want to take away his freedom. Esha was the girl he lost virginity to and after that noticed that he's way different from other guys when it's come to sex. Karan was very happy as he was worried about his exceptionally high sex drive after getting into a relationship with her.

Karan and Esha sat very close to each other on the bed.

"Why did you got into a fight this time? Since your exams are already over and you are going to enter college you don't have to meet with those jerks." Esha said with a worried expression.

"You remember Alan? His girlfriend was flirting with me and I believe he got to know about it somehow. He and his friends came here to pick a fight with me." Karan explained. "It's good that nothing much happened."

She was in the same school as Karan. Guys from Karan's school used to bully him because he was orphan and looked different from most students as he was Indian and most kids in his school were whites with some African-Americans. The bullying got worse when Esha and Karan started dating as all guys and even some girls in his school lusted after her but she didn't give anyone time of her day.

"Alan once tried to hit on me. He sure doesn't know his place. Well, forget it. You are not in high school anymore." Esha said

"I am not going to let it slip. I'm going to fuck his girl. She's kinda hot so why not." Karan said with a perverted grin on his face.

"Your girlfriend is here and you are talking about banging other girls," Esha said in a jealous tone as she moved between Karan's legs and fell on her knees. "Ain't you a bad boyfriend?"

"If you want some love, you have to earn it," Karan said in a commanding voice.

"I will." Esha started unbuckling Karan's pants. Once she took down his underwear, his half-erect cock came out and hit her face. She put his cock in her hand and give her seductive lick from its base to the tip.

"HOLY FUCK," Karan shouted.

Karan's cock is now fully erect by just one lick. Esha on various occasion had described his cock as a weapon that can enslave women and cause chaos in the world. Standing at a proud length of 12 inches, impressive girth it can give women orgasms with just one thrust.

"Am I doing good, Karan? It seems your holy sword is ready to wreak havoc." Esha asked mischievously.

"Not so fast babe." Karan put his hand behind her head and forced her mouth toward her cock. "Keep going. It needs some more love."

Esha didn't resist and took the head of Karan's cock in her mouth. She started lovingly move her tongue around the head of his cock in her mouth. With her right hand, she started stroking his cock. Her left hand went towards his balls. She gently massaged his balls using just her fingertips. Eyes looking towards Karan's face.

"AAAH Oh god this is so awesome." Karan moaned because of overwhelming pleasure. He removed his hand from Esha's back and just enjoyed the feel of her mouth.

After 15 minutes, Esha's vigorous effort came to fruition. Karan's cock was about to blow its load in her mouth.

"Aaargh, I'm cumming." Karan groaned as his cock started shooting ropes in her mouth. Esha tasted the cum and went into ecstasy. For a good two minutes, Karan pumped his load in her mouth which she savored it fully without any worry. She didn't let any of it go to waste. She removed her mouth from his cock and began cleaning it using her tongue. 

"Taste of *SLURP* your cum *SLURP* is so heavenly. *SLURP* I can't ever *SLURP* get enough *SLURP* of it." Esha praised Karan while licking his cock.

"The main course is still remaining. Don't get satisfied too early." Karan said with a satisfied voice.

Unfortunately for Karan, Esha cleaned his cock fully and stood up. "Not today Karan, please. I just came here to talk about your university. And also mom is coming from Afghanistan tonight. She told me to meet her at the airport. If she got to know about us she's gonna kill you."

"Your mom's so scary. It can be helped then." Karan was disappointed. "Anyway, what did you want to talk about?"

Esha moved and sat on the chair. "Which university are you applying to? If you are thinking about any other university I'll kill you."

"Don't worry. I have applied to Pacific Trump University. I even bribed someone so I am sure that from next month I'll be balls deep in you every night." Karan said while laughing.

Esha was speechless. "BRIBE? You don't have to do this. Your grades are good so most likely you will be approved." Esha was worried about him if he gat caught somehow.

"Most likely is not good enough." Karan stood up and got near her.

"And don't worry I'll not get caught." He leaned towards her and kissed her on the cheek.

"If you say so. But if you need any help, you better not hide it from me." Esha warped her hand around his neck.

"Sure, sweetheart."

Both of them started to enjoy the moment they are in.


Esha hurriedly removed her and took her iPhone to see who is calling her. It was her mom.

"Oh shit. I have to go, Karan." She stood up and began to leave.

"You are leaving me blue-balled. You are going to make up for it, Esha." Karan said in a frustrating tone.

"I will, Love. And you have a revenge to take, don't you? Bye." Esha winked to Karan and left.

"Oh, I forgot about Alan." Karan started FaceBook on his iPhone. "What was her name again? Oh yeah, Emily."

After a minute of searching, he found her profile and messaged her.



Karan - Hey Emily, free right now.

Emily - Oh hi Karan.

Emily - I'm at Alan's house. His family went for a movie so he called me here.

Emily - Do you need any help? It'll be my pleasure to help you.

Karan - Yeah, I got a big problem.

Emily - What big problem?

Karan - I should just show you. Wait a sec.

Emily - OK.

{Karan took a photo of his dick}


Emily - OH MY GOSH. You need immediate help. Come to Alan's house. I'll solve your


Karan - I'll be there in 5 minutes.



'That was easy.' Karan grinned. 'She was flirting with me so it's no big deal.'

Karan put his pants on and left the room. Alan's home was in a different neighborhood but still, close by. He got on his bicycle and went towards Alan's home.


A portal appeared in Karan's room and from there a feminine figure emerged.

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