Unexpected Guard
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Karan jumped from building to building through Imperial City and reached the front gate of the Emperor's Palace.

The palace was surrounded by walls with only one gate to get through. The security was tighter here than before. A total of ten True Saints and an Origin Sage were guarding the front gate and several saints were patrolling on the walls.

'That sage can be a problem.'

Because of his "True Vampire Physique," Karan can easily stealth against saints and magus because of himself being a saint. But the sage will be able to detect him if go anymore near the gate.

Similar to how he entered Imperial City, he went far away from the gate and reached the front yard of the palace after passing through the saints on the wall.

Everything between the walls and palace was filled with greenery. Various types of trees were organized beautifully and several ponds increased the beauty of the garden and the palace. There was a road made of stones connecting the palace gate and the gate at walls.

The Palace was enormous, larger than any structure present in the Zhongshu. And not just its size, but it was the most majestic and beautiful building in the Zhongshu. A large dragon sculpture that resembled the form of the emperor's dragon form was covering the top of the palace with its face in the middle.

Some stairs that reached the closed palace gate were present where the stone road ended with two dragon statues on either side. There were no guards at the palace gate.

'Security seems to less inside the palace complex but I can't just go through the gate.'

Karan climbed to the top of the magnificent palace so can descent to the other side from there.


A word of appraisal came out from Karan's mouth as he looked at the tree from the absolute top of the palace. This is the closest he has seen the tree from. The amount of qi he was feeling was unprecedented resulting in his cultivation base rising significantly.

He jumped from the top and landed at the other side of the palace where the World Tree was located. He was silent with all his movements to not alert anyone in the palace.

The grass around the tree was as fresh and green as it can be. Different types of plants and trees were able to grow there but were overshadowed by the colossal tree. The air was chill and soothing to the body.

Karan looked at the palace and was glad that there was no sound of any movement in the palace. His infiltration has been successful.

He started walking towards the world tree to observe it from close to and even touch it.

The trees and plants were moving in a rhythm creating the impression that they are dancing in the welcome of Karan. The flowers' scent intoxicated the whole environment.

'This is so good.' Karan thought while walking.


After covering a large amount of distance and getting near the tree, Karan heard the sound of an arrow and looked in the direction of the sound. An arrow was coming straight to his face. He caught that arrow in midair with his hand before it can pierce his right eye.

"Who's there?" Karan asked in a loud voice as he threw the arrow. Since he was now enough far away from the palace he doesn't have to worry about keeping his voice low.

"Shouldn't I be asking that?" A feminine voice answered from some height on the tree.

Karan saw a beautiful woman sitting on a small branch of the world tree. She was wearing a very beautiful orange robe that hugged her figure so it doesn't come between her movements. She had a bow in her hand and with it was aiming an arrow towards him.

'I didn't expect anyone other than emperor to be here. It will be bad if I get caught.'

This time woman shot three arrows at him consecutively. Karan moved at a great speed and avoided getting hit.

"Miss, you will not be able to hit me so why not I just retreat and we forget about it?"

Karan offered her an option. Even he managed to beat her, more people might come resulting in him fighting them too. He activated his ability [Domain of Roses] that filled the surrounding with his intoxicating scent so the situation can get in his favor.

"I have the duty to protect the Emperor's Palace and most importantly the World Tree. I can just call the guards and you will be done for, intruder."

The woman rejected his offer but there was no sign of anyone else other than her or her calling for help.

'It settles it. I have to deal with her quickly.'

"You will not call anyone Zhong Wen!"

Before Karan could proceed to attack the woman, a familiar mature woman appeared between the two. She was none other than Empress of Zhong Empire, Zhong Jiao.

Her graceful and buxom figure greatly appealed to Karan as she walked to him.

"Hello young man, I assume you know me but what's your name?"

Zhong Jiao said in a seductive voice as she stood close to Karan.

"I'm Karan."

Karan answered her without getting fazed by her presence that impressed the empress.

"My Empress, we should immediately make him our prisoner and take him to Emperor."

The woman whose name was Zhong Wen descended from the tree before getting near the two of them and said.

"Oh Wen, he hasn't done anything bad except trespassing and for how many years you are going to remain single, doesn't he look like a great guy?"

Empress refused Wen's demand.

"Yeah...no. I mean as a Head Guard, I don't want a relationship with an intruder."

Wen was feeling attracted to Karan but still, it was just an attraction, she can't forget about her job.

"Anyway Karan, why are you here? Can I help you with anything?"

The empress turned towards Karan and asked.

"And why are you helping me?"

Karan asked as he wasn't sure about her intentions.

"I took a liking to you... ahem... Only harmless request will be entertained here."

Seeing the weird look on Wen's face while she was flirting with Karan, she changed her words.

"I just wanted to visit the World Tree."

Karan revealed his intentions.

"Ah just a curious young man, can't we fulfill that request, Wen? Zhi doesn't have to know anything."

The Empress asked Wen but with a look that she will not accept a "no" for this.

"As you wish, my empress."

After some hesitation, Wen eventually accepted.