Chapter 1: Demon Lord Leon
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- Capital City Escalon: Demon King Val’s castle- Demon Continent-

“Send a message to all the demon lords to come to the capital at once, they will be receiving rewards.”

One of the king’s subordinates left the throne room to relay the message with haste.

“Bring them in.”

As the king barked the order, his subordinates brought in cages.

“What do we have this time?”

“Looks like some Elves, Beastman, and Humans, my king.”

The king looked at the girls with a satisfied and confident smile.

“The lords will be pleased with this bunch, they diserve to have some fun, they have worked hard maintaining peace and helping my kingdom prosper.”

“Huhu, your right your majesty”


Demon Lord Leon was different in many ways from the other lords.

He was the only lord who made a difference when it came to peace.

Leon was raised around humans, so he tried to have close connections and ties with all the other races.

He even chose to have his territory on the Human continent, so that he could build good relations.

He also picked that territory, just get away from the other lords and even his own race.

Even though he was strong, only second or third to the demon king, he didn’t like to fight or have war break out.

The other lords on the other hand were just horrible and cruel, with not care for others. The rest of the Demon race was no better, some worse than others. That’s why most of the other races disliked the Demon race.

Leon wasn’t disliked as much, actually most people who knew him or lived in his territory liked him.

Like everyone apart of the Demon race, demon lord Leon had horns. His were short and slanted to a point, towards each other.

Leon has blood red eyes, black/white hair, which was somwhat long and a perfect body one the other lords only dreamed of having.

. . . . .

-To be continued