Chapter 46
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Chapter 46: Slap  

~Mabel’s POV ~

  He was never so forward before, he knew what my personality was like.  I didn’t want to get into this type of situation again unless it was with someone I loved.  I told him before about the incidents of that night, tears started flowing down my face the moment I told him.  He didn’t ask for more details and comforted me till I fell asleep. He was so calm and slow.  But now his atmosphere, as well as his actions, changed.  My lips were interlocked with his, my arms were wrapped around his neck.  He continued with taking off his shirt, I moved back slightly to get a nice view.  His toned hairy chest made me blush, his face was much the same.  Once our eyes met once again he came closer.  We kept kissing, his hand slowly went up under my clothes.  His palm brushed up against my belly and slid around toward my spine.  He pulled me closer, we were on the bed at this point.  He started tugging my outer garments off.  His lips went to my neck, kissing my shoulder leaving a mark or two, visible even with the clothes on.  We were sitting up and he was about it pull the entirety of my clothes off, revealing my underwear underneath.  Once he took off my top layer, he followed, slipping off his pants.  His black underwear was the only thing left, though I could see a shape emerge from underneath.  “I have been waiting for this moment for so long.”  He nudged me on my back, my arms together.  Once his large build towered over me, my eyes got somewhat blurred and traces of that horrifying night glimpsed in my mind.  Jesse supported himself with his arms and went back to leave a few marks on my body.  Though during that time my body moved on its own.  I pushed him off with force and slapped in the face.  I sat up and slid back from him, tears started forming in my eyes, my body was trembling.  Once I saw his face, his hand touching his cheek.  The realization of my action came to me and I put my hands to my mouth.  He continued to look at me, he tried to utter a few words softly.  He tried reaching in for me. “Hey. A..”  I looked down at avoiding eye contact, I grabbed some covers and covered my front.  In a sad and terrified like tone.  “I’m sorry. I, i...”  He backed off slightly, he put on an at easing smile.  “It’s okay.. that was on me.”  He slowly came closer to me and suddenly grasped me in a hug.  “Hey, don’t cry, it’s alright.”  “I’m sorry, I didn't mean too..”  “Huh, didn’t I tell you I’m the one to blame. I shouldn’t have forced myself on you like that.”  My head was pushed against his chest in a soothing embrace. ”I want to, too, but I don’t think I’m ready yet.  My sniffling slowly stopped.  “It’s still early, and it seems we both were up all night. Do you want to sleep together? In the same bed, I mean.”  “Yes, I do.”  There was a candle or two lit so he blew them out and came to the bed.  I was under my covers, I put my nightgown back on.  Though he didn’t put any clothes back on.  I pushed myself closer to him, my arms and face nudged into his chest.  His arms wrapped around me, and we both cuddled for a while.  “Can I ask why you wanted to be with me so badly?” “We couldn’t catch up to Luna, so I wanted to be with you at least once before being outed by Leon.”  “I don’t think master Leon would do that to his best friend.”  “I don’t know, if it’s for her then he’ll do whatever it takes. He put me in charge and I failed him.”  “I’m partly to blame, so you won’t be taking all the punishment.”  “Huh, I won’t allow you to do that. Let’s get some sleep before the head maid forces us to get out of the bed.”  Though I doubt either of us could sleep after the situation that just happened. We still felt each other’s closeness and warmth and that was enough to soothe us.  

-to be continued