Chapter 47
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Chapter 47: Coliseum  

-ship cabin-

  The ship for Luna wasn’t a nice ride, the waves crashed into the bow and the thunderous crackles of lighting resonated throughout the sky.  Luna sat on the sheets of her bed, the darkness of the night seemed much too rough.  She then gently draped the covers over herself to muffle sounds of the thunder and rain pounding at the shut windows.  Usually, she would be huddled next to Leon during nights like these, but for the time being, only the thought of him was the only thing that could console her.  Thinking of his every feature and trait seemed to be a usual occurrence since his leaving, but tonight it seemed to be more prominent.  She huddled into a ball with the pillow over her head and covers.  She thought of his smile and his deep warm gaze.  She slowly fell asleep. 


“Knock knock”  “Miss Luna we’ll be docking shortly.”  Luna was still asleep through the knocking, as well as the screeching of seagulls, drove her to wake up.  “Miss Luna, we’ll be docking shortly if you wish to see your master before he comes aboard I recommend leaving once we doc.”  “(Yawn) thank you.”  Luna spoke with a tired yawning voice, she pushed herself up from underneath the material.  She moved the wooden shutters from the windows.  She lifted the window up slightly, letting in a gust of fresh air.  The smell of the sea woke her right up.  She noticed a few ships nearby throwing nets and sailing off to new destinations.  She got dressed rather quickly, she knew she needed to leave as fast as possible to catch Leon.  She heard of the competition, she wanted to get just a glimpse.  Plus she knew it was where Leon was.  She walked out of the room, her dark hood covered most of her body, not her feet.  It only partially covered her face, leaving her chin and lips exposed to watchful eyes.  She rested her arms on the ledge of the ship, watching the crew as they scrambled to clean and tie ropes.  She also watched the capitol of the Demon Continent ease closer to her.  She could see the giant castle and giant city that surrounded it.  She could hear cheering and screams come from the Coliseum.  It was different from the other structures around it, build sturdy and strong, much larger than most buildings.  The Coliseum was close to the castle, near the center.  Even though it was a ways away Luna could still hear the noise coming from it.  The ship finally hit the doc, a ramp was placed for all those who wish to board or leave, which wasn’t many.  Leon was the only one allowed to come on, well the only one supposed to come aboard and Luna seemed to be the only one who wanted to leave the ship and go into the capital.  Each of her steps made a clanking sound, as she walked off the ship.  A few crew stepped off and watched her go off into the city, saying to each other, “she made a wrong choice””you think she’ll be back?”  

-to be continued