Chapter 48
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Chapter 48: Please Help 

 -Luna’s POV-  -Capital, Demon continent-  

I walked off the ship with hope and stride. I saw multiple demons look towards me, though only for a moment.  No one tried stopping me, thank goodness.  I stared down the street, looking around though not moving my head.  The building either looked run down or strangely well built.  I hurried to the Coliseum, the large circular structure was in my view.  As I came closer and closer to reaching the coliseum I noticed sparks of mana radiate out of it.  Dark red and purple, the two seemed to bend to each other in the air.  ‘Wait... can’t be.’  I kept going and going until I reached my destination.  Many people were leaving and entering, I could hear the loud cheers from inside.  I walked in, pushed through the people bustling around the inner area of the arena.  I went upstairs and finally made it through to an opening.  The passageway had light pouring through it, I stepped past the archway and looked out.  I blocked the sun with my hand.  A multitude of people standing up and sitting down, all paying great attention to the match.  I looked closely at the match taking place and noticed I saw Leon.  He was on the ground though not defeated yet it seems.  I hurried down the stairs past the hundreds of people.  But without any notice, a couple of men blocked my path.  I bumped into one of them and fell to the ground.  The group didn’t seem to take to kindly to my mistake.  “Hey, you brat.?.!”  I tried getting up as fast as possible, but one of the men grabbed my shoulder. “Where do you think you’re going?!”  “Hey Seal, I think it’s a human.!”  He pulled my hood down, then pulled me back closer to them.  “Damn, you’re right. And a girl as well.”  “Haha, it’s our lucky day.”  “Let go, I’m Demon Lord Leon’s slave, he’ll killed you if he finds out you hurt me.!”  “Why would we believe that, you don’t even have a slave crest.”  “But I d..!”  ‘Oh, yea, I don’t have it anymore. No, why now I was so close.’  One of the men, the biggest, grabbed me pulling me closer rapping his hand around me.  His hand slips down over my clothes tightly squeezing my b.r.ea.s.t.  “Ahh.” His other grasped my neck and chin.  As if showing off my face to the others.  “She’s isn't half bad, a little small For my taste, but she’ll make for a good time.”  Their eyes filled with malice and lust.  Their sinister smiles, as they reached and touched me, scared me.  I started tearing up, my face matched how I felt.  Though it only seemed to feed the fire, they seemed to want to play with me more.  “Come on guy, let’s get out of here.  “But what about the match.?”  “Forget the match it was over for him from the start, plus we have something much more interesting right here.” He shook me a little with a sadistic smile smile on his face. “Master.”  “Oh, she wants to see her master. Why don’t you give her one last glimpse.!”  He pointed my face towards the arena, Leon had a sword pointed at him.  “No, master. No. I need your help.”  The man holding me pushed his mouth to my ear and spoke.  “You’re masters going to die, you won’t be getting any help.”  I could hear a shallow laugh come from his mouth, his tongue stuck out and licked my ear.  The tears started pouring down my face I closed my eyes and screamed out to him.  “Master Leon, Please Help!.”  I screamed his name as loud as I could. Hoping that the message could make it to him.  ”Haha, idiot.”  A moment went by and the men grabbed me, taking me up the stairs, I struggled to get free. I screamed one again.  “Master Leon, Please.!”  

-to be continued   

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