Chapter 49
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Chapter 49: The Challenge  

(Leon’s POV) 

 -Coliseum, viewing balcony-  

The final day of the Ascension competition has come.  Thankfully I can go home as soon as it ends.  I sat back in my chair, one of the ones placed closest to the King.  The arena for the past few days has been boring to me.  All we did, day in and day out was watch trivial fights go one between the lesser lords and common Demon Folk.  Though the thought of Luna took most of my unsatisfied attention away from the day.  Her sweet, tender expressions and motivations.  The emerald eyes, which color droughted entire forests.  Her lips as plump and juicy as a peach, something I truly wanted to enjoy when I arrive back home.  Though those weren’t the only things I thought about when thinking of her.  I thought of that night, our first time embracing one another, or anyone of that matter.  I thought of her sexy, embarrassed expressions as she writhed in pleasure.  I thought of her sensual and delectable body, one I would never let anyone else have.  Though with those memories, came forth the thought of what happened after.  I contemplated why she rejected me, saying she doesn’t want to be with me.  Though I knew, from every moment we spent together before, that she was lying.  But why, why would she not want to start a family with me?  Why would she not want to be my one and only queen?  And then it came to me after so long it never occurred to me.  We may love each other, be obsessed with one another, but there’s one problem.  She’s a human and I’m a demon.  That combo would be considered an atrocity to either race.  To make things worse I’m a demon lord, marrying a human would cause problems for me.  She must have known that, yet she still wanted to stay by my side.  I still want to be with her and I didn’t care who would stand against my or her wishes.  So the only thing I could do was fight and prove myself, doing so, who would question my choices.  That thought had been wavering in my mind for a while, all day in fact.  I watched the show end with one of the common demon folk losings.  There was another challenger, but my action seemed to calm all remaining competitors for the time being.  I sat up, my chair having indentions of where my hands were, in the wood.  I walked over to the viewing balcony’s railing.  I turned to the king sitting in his chair, he had a smug expression.  I turned towards the dirt arena and leaped forth.  I landed on the ground in the center of the arena.  Blood seemed to paint the ground, never being cleaned after countless battles.  The spectators froze for a moment waiting to see my action.  I looked towards the demon king once again, our eyes met.  His expression changed to a very angry and frustrated one.  I understood him, anyone would be mad at someone challenging them for their position.  This was what had to be done, for my sake and hers.  

-to be continued