Chapter 51
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Chapter 51

~Leon’s POV~

My eyes, my reason went black.

All I could conjure in my mind was a picture of Luna.

I drove forward my body moving on its own.

My sword firmly in my hand clashed with the demon King’s.

My force seemed to overpower him and in a blink of an eye, his head fell to the ground.

My body flashed out the arena, a trail of red followed me.

I pounced forward grasping my girl in my arms, slaughtering her aggressors one by one without mercy.


~Luna’s POV~

I was struggling with my body being held tightly and dragged away by unknown men. My voice resonated through the coliseum.

I screamed as loudly as I could at that terrifying moment.

“Master Leon, Please Save Me!.!”

The men around me only laughed at my action.

I tried getting free but nothing seemed to work.

I screamed once again, closing my eyes hoping that my voice would reach his ear.

“Please save me, Master Leon!!”

In the moments after my call, I felt the grips all over my body loosen.

I looked and saw a dark being quickly pass my sight.

My body was enveloped by a strange yet familiar warmth.

My head laid against someone's chest, I then heard a deep, tender yet growl of a voice.

“She’s. mine!”

The men around us were thrown to the floor, blood on one of them splattered around.

The throat of another was cut clean from side to side.

Another man came from in front of us and had a sword gouged through his eye.

I starred up towards the man who saved me.

His aura was dark and menacing, his eyes shown red, leaving a trail of the color wherever he went.

The last one of the men started running away though he didn’t get far before my savior‘s sword was lodged in his back.

I didn’t see all the gruesome parts though, my face was mostly plunged into my savior’s, my master’s firm chest.

My body still fairly shaking after the traumatic experience I just went through.

After the man's motions ceased I moved my head from his chest.

I starred up at his face, drops of blood seemed to have splattered across his cheek and neck, though none of it his.

I disregarded it and dove up, wrapping myself around him.

Tears fell from my eyes in this sudden reunion.

“(Crying tone) master, master Leon. I missed you so much.”

He moved my body slightly away from his, we looked into each other’s eyes.

The black subsided from his eyes, traces of red mana dissipated around him.

“huh, Didn’t I tell you to call me Leon.?”

He leaned forward, his lips met mine.

My tears started to settle as I did my arms around his shoulders.

He took his lips away slightly as if tempting me to have more. He starred into my eyes and spoke.

“I missed you too.”


He started making his way down the steps, slowly walking down with me in his arms.

We made it to the balcony area, it seemed to be filled with Demon Lords.

The other lords were up from their chairs, bowing to their new king.

Leon walked forward not even looking at the other, he finally made it to his chair, the previous king’s throne.

I sat on his lap, my face to his chest once more my hands laying against it as well.

He sat, the other lords seemed displeased by it but none spoke out about it. Though they did speak out about me.

“De, your highness, who that human with you, a slave?”

“She must be a good slave, to protect her.”

Some talked directly to Leon, while others talked amongst themselves.

“Why bring her here though.?”

“Is she the reason why he killed those men?.”

“As you can probably see from the mess I made protecting her, that she’s my slave. My favorite slave. Though she’ll have to get punished tonight for disobeying her master.”

He moved his eyes towards mine, when saying the last part.


To be continued