chapter 53
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Chapter 53


-Luna’s POV-

The day started to end, the competition was over, another new lord was brought up, shortly after a new King was.

The coliseum emptied, as did the balcony for the demon lords.

The group, as well as Leon and I, were on our way to the castle.

I’m actually happy Leon was carrying me, I doubt I could stand walking that many flights of stairs.

Once we made it to the throne room, the other lords seemed a little puzzled.

Leon just kept walking, he seemed to just make it to the room.

“Your highness, where are you going?”

“Your highness, we still need to discuss the...”

“The day is over, I’m tired, you’re probably the same. So discussions about land distribution and hierarchy can be held at a later date.!”

“But your highness..”

Leon turned his head towards the other lords, they fell silent rather quickly.

He started walking to the exit, though two people were in the way.

An older woman and gentleman.

They both greeted Leon.

The older gentleman bowed with his hand across his chest.

He wore, what seemed to be a butler uniform.

He gave off the same vibe as Butler Thomas.

“Good evening, your highness, I’m the head butler of this castle. I’m Seal if you wish I can escort you and this little to the dining hall for your dinner or if you prefer to eat in your room I can have it brought to you.”

“Maybe later, I just want to get some rest.”

An older lady also bowed.

She wore a typical maids uniform, though she seemed more defined than most common maids.

“Good evening your highness, my name Gretel, I’m the head maid of this castle. I can escort you to your room if you’d like.

“Is my room perchance the previous king's room?.”

“Yes it is your highness, is there a problem with that room?.”

“Not really, I just don’t feel entirely comfortable, sleeping in the same bed he did last night.”

“You don’t have to worry, your highness. It is thoroughly cleaned every day. Though once we heard of your victory, we made the necessary preparations for your arrival. But if you do still feel uncomfortable, we have other rooms prepared.”

“No, as long as it’s cleaned and nothing of Val’s is there, then it’s fine.”

“Alright, then please follow me.”

“Whenever you need something please let me know your highness.”

“Alright. Seal.”


Leon followed the head maid from behind. She walked as a noble lady might walk, with her hands together and her posture quite refined.

I looked at Leon for a second and then at the passing of furniture and corridors.

Leon’s grip changed, he pushed me up slightly, one of my arms slightly holding onto his shoulder.

We finally made it to the room, a singular room in a large corridor.

Gretel opened the door for us and we walked in.

She left the door open and came in.

“As you can see, we prepared the room so that you may be as comfortable as possible.”

The room was very clean, the furniture was as if it were never used.

“Thank you for guiding us.”

“Your welcome, your highness, I’ll be taking my leave.”

She looked towards me, with a slight smirk and left the room.

There we were standing in the newly furnished room, I was still in Leon’s hands.


To be continued