chapter 59
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“Let go of me, let go of me, you a.s.s.h.o.l.e.”

Leon struggled to get free but he wasn’t strong enough.

Leon’s father threw him into the carriage, locking the door.


Leon was in the carriage, the only thing he could do at the moment was look and watch through the windows.

The view of carnage and death was evident, tears fell from his eyes.

His small hands hanged against the glass, he screamed as he watched all the people he grew up knowing, the ones who raise him die.

“No, no.”


Leon’s father came back from his fun, closing the door behind him.

He looked down at the boy showing signs of crying.

“I don’t even know how you came from my loins. How could you cry over the death of some humans? They are nothing more than insects, ha well, now they’re nothing more than fertilizer.”

Leon’s father laughed towards the end of his sentence.

Leon’s expression went from utter ruin to a one of malice.

His blood-red eyes grew dark, his tears evaporated.

His teeth grit against each other, convulsing pure anger, all of it towards the man before him.

His father's middles aged, blank face smirked at his son's change.

“Now there’s a son of mine, only a Vanity could incite fear with just a simple glance. We are known for our resonating red, bloodthirsty aura. Though it seemed that power has been neglect for your whole life all because of those humans, those idiots.”

Leon’s hands turned to fists, in a single motion he dove towards his father.

Though not even being able to touch his suit, his father grabbed his neck and held him high.

“Let me just make this perfectly clear, your little s.h.i.t, I may be your father, but I’ll easily kill you, without a single care in the world. So if I were you, I would sit there,”

Leon’s father tossed him onto the other seat in the carriage.

His voice starting to increase showing hints of being ticked off.

“shut up, and not tick me off again. Unless you want to end up like all you precious human friends out there. Lying on the ground, in a pool of your own blood.”

When speaking of Leon’s friends he did it in a mocking tone.

Leon’s father sat down, his face went blank once more, his red eyes staired well at Leon sitting in front of him.

“Now, how about you tell me your name, it seems I never got around asking it? Those humans get in the way of that.”

Leon looked at the ground, still angered, and hesitantly say a word.


“Spit it out, boy.!”

“It’s Leon!”

“Leon... I like that... Meaning kingly, or one of courage. I guess those humans weren’t entirely worthless after all.”

He looked out the window for a second then looked back towards Leon.

Just as the carriage started to move he spoke again.

“I was going to rename you of course, if your name wasn’t to my liking, but it seems they picked a perfect name for someone of my household.”

“Now... Leon...”

Leon’s eyes started to open, the image of his father speaking gradually faded away revealing Luna.

Her mouth was moving, her face hovering above Leon’s.



-to be continued