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When they open their eyes , it is not earth. The whole place is so beautiful and dazzling. A lot of large trees around the place. Just like a fairy land. Rema looks around .

REMA: Waaahhh.. how beautiful. Look guys! it does not look like our world!

SOU : YEAH! just like a isekai novel in online platform!!..... Rema! are you thinking that I will say something like that? are you in right mind ?

REMA: What do you mean a**hole?

SOU : We are in a situation where we don't know exactly where are we or how can we go back in earth and here you are appreciating the beautiful nature! for real?

REMA : And whose fault is this you think?

SOU : What the hell! you mean this is all my fault? Everything that is happening is because of me?

REMA : I don't think that I took your name! And I did tell everyone that the machine outlet was not looking right..

SOU : Huuuhhh!

DR REN : Tskkk! Will you two stop?? This is not the time to blame anyone. In this project everyone tried their best .So Rema and Sou stop this. Why do I always feel like you two completely ignore me...like I am some kind of side character!!

REMA : I am soooo..... Ahhhhhh! Arrrrrg!

DR REN : What happened?

REMA : Mmmmph.... what is this! It's so gross!

Everyone looks down. Something is licking Rema's  feet.  A small elephant like creature . It has a horn on its forehead and two small wings. Rema likes it and thinks that it is so cute.

REMA : Aaawwww! it's sooo cute... Come here baby. I will give you something to eat.

SOU : A moment ago it was gross to you but now it suddenly becomes cute! The most mysterious thing in the world is girl's mind after all.

Rema doesn't give a damn about Sou's words and bring out a packet of potato chips from her bag .That elephant like creature first see it and smells it carefully.Then it takes a piece of chips.After eating that, it's expression changes. It looks like it's pleading to give some more.It suddenly screamed in loud voice,like it is informing it's friends. And then in a moment  thousands of this creature surround them. These creature start screaming . Dr Ren , Rema and Sou get scared and tried to get away from them but one of it bites DR Ren.

DR REN : Aaarrrggg... it bites me. It has poison! My whole body is becoming numb!

REMA : I am so sorry Dr Ren! everything is because of me!

DR REN : Don't talk like that...aaarrrggghhh ...huuuh! My right leg feels like burning!!

REMA : OHHH noooo.... more of them are coming! What should we do Sou?

SOU : We have to run away from here. I don't have any medicine but I have painkiller.Dr Ren .... please bear with it for now. We will think of something later.

" gulp"

DR Ren drinks the medicine. He still feels nauseous. But they have to hurry or they will die here.

Three of them start running like mad but can't get away from them.