it’s a mystic party
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Oh it hurts, why does it hurt. I looked up and it seems I was being eaten by something that looked like a pack of wolves. I got up and ran away from them and hoped my tickets were still there. I counted them all one hundred. Yes now to hide and come up with a plan. I ran to my tree and climbed up it to get away from the wolves. In the process, I lost both my legs and one arm but my healing speed was getting better. As I was safe in the tree I decided to use one ticket. Now weapon or appraisal tool. I was safe and had many tickets so the appraisal tool won out. As I began to figure out how the ticket worked, I needed to make the item in my skill window then use the ticket to make the cost free. So I began fumbling through and gave the item a map feature, infinite garage, the highest appraisal ability, and a personality. DECAFORD'S ARROW MYSTIC RANK WORLD MAP, FIELD GUIDE, INFANITE GARAGE, MELISSA'S SCORN. My first mystic item looked like a metal paper plane floating next to me that was the size of my hand. Greetings master, I am the arrow system. Fuck, it sounds just like the goddess that sent me here. Yes, your power was given by goddess Melissa and i was granted wisdom from her. Fine, appraisal of those wolves please. LESSER FENER LV. 180 A RANK WIND ELEMENT ATK 1800 DEF 1800 AGI 1800 VIT 1800. So now that I know that new plan make another item. DECAFORD'S BOX MYSTIC RANK DRACONIUM ALLOY CONTROL, GOLEM CREATION, AUTO TARGETING, MELISSA'S FURY. Out popped a silver slime that grew into a massive figure with two swinging blades as arms. It shredded the wolves and began running through the woods. Where is it going. It is targeting enemy's of master. It will not stop till they are all gone. Is it going to be ok. As long as the box is in tack the golems will still remain. What is master's orders. I want to get to safety, is there a place without monsters. No master, your only safe option would be high in the sky and still you would need a high powered shield to repel flying monsters. So let's do that still got ninety eight tickets. DECAFORD'S MOUNTAIN MYSTIC RANK FLYING ISLAND, OZONE PRODUCTION, MELISSA'S SHAWL, ARROW SYSTEM DEFENSE. High in the sky I was on a patch of land with a mountain on one side and a field on the other. Melissa's shawl was a shield protecting the island and was the strongest shield. The arrow system defense was mini versions of Decaford's Arrow that would fly around kiteing any threats. Decaford's Arrow needed a shorter name so I called it deca and asked about the Melissa's Scorn. It was Deca's only attack but it sent a beam of light that would ko anything in its path. The golem was destroying the forest below and giving me level ups with each breath. I was to tired I made a log cabin with my cheat with a bed and went to sleep.