boredom really is a sickness
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Ah, sleep it's so wonderful. Right now I was asleep in the log cabin fighting off a bad case of boredom. Master, boredom is not a disease please get up. Deca does not understand me. I need a peaceful life with less thinking. My item cheat was so I could just take a slow second life. But now I needed to develop a chaotic world for that goddess. Based of novels of this, dungeons were needed to reign in the monster population. Deca are there any dungeons in the world. No master, goddess melissa did not make anything like that. She left it up to master to do. So I have to use my precious tickets to help out Melissa. Yes, that would be the case. So what do I need to make a dungeon management tool. Something that can think on it's own fast movement and a production ability. DECAFORD'S HAMMER MYSTIC RANK ARROW SYSTEM, BLINK, INFINATE GARAGE, MELISSA'S GRACE. This new item was in the form of a rag doll that would create the dungeons for me. Setting up dungeon masters and terraforming the world that I dubbed Hades. Now onto my new home. I had a vegetable garden, a lake that was filled with rainbow jelly to drown in my sorrows on occasion. Master you are immortal, you cannot drown. Next to the house, I made a statue of Melissa that I fling rotten fruit and vegetables at on a daily basis. Master you will anger goddess Melissa if you do that. That's the point Deca, it makes her mad and me happy. The crystal mountain behind the house supplied all known resources to make further items. Now onto sleep, in my silk bedsheets  with down conformoter. Decaford's box named bruno has been running wild on the world below. It has a charging skill called MELLISA'S FURY that breaks anything it walks into so the landscape has become a barren wasteland instead of the forest that was once there. Meanwhile giant bats have been attacking the floating island but have been repelled by the MELISSA'S SHAW ability that acts like a shield for the island. But with seven mystic items I might be able to sleep in peace. Yes seven besides ARROW, BOX, MOUNTAIN, and HAMMER I now also have DECAFORD'S BED, BIBLE, and CLOSET DOOR. Yes, in an attempt to cure boredom I made my bed a mystic item. HAMMER named Charlie has been gone since I made it probably making the dungeons. It has been seven years since I was thrown onto Hades by Melissa. The first two years I just survived with making the exploding rocks. Now I slept for three years after making MOUNTAIN in my BED. DECAFORD'S BED MYSTIC RANK SPACE/TIME MAGIC, NOISE CANCELLATION, PHASING, MELISSA'S DISAPPOINTMENT. Yes it is an overpowered bed. I can freeze time go forward or back in time. Negate all attacks through them being phased right through me and the bed even Deca's MELISSA'S SCORN will not touch me but it still destroyed the house that I rebuilt when I noticed it was in pieces. Finally, MELISSA'S DISAPPOINTMENT was the true broken skill that made it a mystic weapon. It allowed small versions of Bruno do all the daily tasks for me so that MOUNTAIN would not look like a trash heap when I woke up. Master, your pride in BED is why the skill is called DISAPPOINTMENT.