because last time I was too exited about beds.
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Ok, got a little too excited with the BED and did not go into BIBLE and CLOSET DOOR. DECAFORD'S BIBLE MYSTIC GRADE SIX ATTRIBUTES MAGIC, ENDLESS MANA, CHANTLESS, MELISSA'S JOY. DECAFORD'S CLOSET DOOR MYSTIC RANK INFINITE GARAGE, TELEPORTATION, ENTRY ACCESS, MELISSA'S AUTHORITY. I learned that the useless goddess made it so that I could do nothing without an item. As I was trying to do magic I found it impossible. So I used another ticket to make a small book that by equipping it I could use any kind of magic. The only bad part was the MELISSA'S JOY that it came with. The skill activates an ability to learn any known magic to others but MELISSA'S JOY. Any time I made that goddess happy was a loss in my book. See I did not name the skills. With mystic weapons, three of the skills came from my choices in the system. The melissa skills were added on each time I would use a ticket to make the items. The names were how she felt about my mystic items. So now that I had a transportation tool and a way to do magic I decided to see how Bruno was doing. Entity named Bruno has stopped at the ocean. Why it cannot swim and he water hinders movement of Bruno. Well that was unfortunate but it has done its job but clearing the oceans of monsters will be difficult. Deca, where is Charlie's location now that I think of it. Entity named Charlie has already made three S rank dungeons and is setting up more 900 miles west from us. Any sign of human life? No, but master probably needs to contribute to the start of the human race. So now I need an item that can produce life that just spits out. What powers does Melissa even have. She is the goddess of creation and love for Hades. Nope, this is something Melissa can do herself I'm going back to bed. With that I went to sleep in BED and spent the next four hundred years asleep.