Melissa sent a second person
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Crash. That is what finally woke me from my sleep. Now this was big, BED had noise cancelation, so there should have not been a crash to be heard. The cabin was still standing so this was not Deca's work. Master, something has penetrated MOUNTAIN and landed in the jell lake. What now, I'm guessing Melissa is behind this because nothing could get through MELISSA'S SHAW. I could not see through my hair as I raced to jell lake out crawled a teenager with bright orange hair and red eyes. I could immediately see he was sent by Melissa as he had the same immortality as me. He could not remember his name and he fell from the sky. His status page was as this NAME CLOWN JOB: CLOWN LV. 1 STR. 1 DEF. 1 INT. 1 VIT. 9999 WIS. 1 LUK. 0. SKILLS IMMORTAL SOUL APPRAISAL. It says your name is Clown and she gave you god damn appraisal skill. This fucking sucks, all I was given was a skill and thrown into Hades. Master you have the item cheat ability. Anything extra Melissa gave you was meaningless. Wait, what is with that status page, why would you need my help. Name: Bastard Decaford Job: item meiser lv. 1200 Age: to old STR: 100000 DEF: 100000 INT: 100000 VIT: 9999 WIS:30 LUK: 2. Oh that is what my status page says. No matter what I made I could not appraise myself so you have done me a service Clown so please leave and never return. Wait, I was sent to help you and you need to help me. Also, why does it say to old for age. Master has been here for thousands of years developing the planet. You were probably sent here because master has not inhabited the planet yet and Melissa is tired of waiting. What is she expecting me to do with him. We're both duds, we can't have children. Wait I have to populate this world. Master how many tickets do you still have? What are you getting at Deca? You could make an item that creates life and give it to Clown to use to populate the world. Nope, I am not wasting a ticket to help Melissa. Bruno and Charlie have helped enough so no. Bruno, Charlie, Deca who are you talking about. Sorry, greetings I am the mystic weapon DECAFORD'S ARROW nicknamed Deca. DECAFORD'S BOX AND HAMMER are also mystic items nicknamed Bruno and Charlie that are maintaining Hades down below. We were created through master's job item meister. Wait it was suppose to be master. When did that bitch change it? Dont mind him, he goes mad from being on this planet for so long. Now master Clown needs this item to do his job and maybe a weapon for protection. Nope, not doing it. Master, the faster you make the items the faster you can go back to BED. Fine but this is helping Clown not Melissa. Stupid Deca always making me do stuff I don't want to and done. DECAFORD'S SHIV MYSTIC GRADE DNA SPLICING, BIOSPHERE CONTAINMENT, REPRODUCTION SYSTEM, MELISSA'S EMBARRISMENT. EMBARRISMENT, fucking she is embarrased by this, she wanted this. Here take this to do Melissa's job, and this is your weapon/ item Deca wanted you to have. MELISSA'S PARTY HAT LEGENDARY GRADE PHASING, INFINITE GARAGE, ITEM SHARE. By pulling out something from the hat you will draw an item that is legendary rank or lower. Item rank? Master's items are ranked into COMMON, RARE, VERY RARE, EPIC, LEGENDARY, AND MYSTIC. Wait I dont follow what is this knife and top hat for. Well hope your job is successful and try not to visit to often. I pushed him off down into the barrin wasteland that was Hades.