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I'm cold. It so cold and wet out on the streets. I sleep under a bridge on the west side of our glorious city. My blanket is a muddy fur coat with blood stains I pulled off a woman that had been dropped from the bridge. She is in bad shape, but I dont want to get involved. I just stay out of people's way and mind my own business. She keeps on crying and trying to move to cover from the rain. Two men came down to help the woman, or so I thought. One stabbed her in the stomach while the other one held her up. As she took her last breath, they then came after me. I was scared, but I could not run. Not out of fear, but the will to keep living this life was not there anymore. I wish I helped the woman, but I was just like everyone else trying to ignore the problem so with that I died. NOTICE: TWO BODIES FOUND UNDER JILLING BRIDGE. NO SUSPECTS. RULING ACCIDENTAL DEATH.

It is dark. Where am I now? Welcome, come into the light child. I mean you no harm come in come in. Yes welcome, I am the god of creation Melissa welcome. Oh, where are my manners, what do I call you child. What do you mean? I mean, your birth name was forgotten by society. You were alone for so long that you child are nameless. So I will let you choose, what do you want to be called. I dont know, do you have anything in mind. Well we can spin this wheel with random names if your fine with it. Ok. Around and around it goes where it stops nobody knows and stop.your new name is Decaford, would you like a last name as well? No thank you. So, now we can get to your ability that will help you in the new world, do you have any thoughts or will you spin for it. Can I have the ability to make stuff. I have never own anything before, can I have a way to make items. Is that all you want? Yes. Ok, so you are now Decaford the ITEM MEISER.