Chapter 3 new home
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My new home is a cave. I am in the lowest level of the cave dungeon Melissa sent me to. I have already have found bodies of dead dragons and other atrocities as I descend the depths. I have yet to use my job's ability so I am taking it slow I reached the end where a large room with a screen was displayed. On the ground i found a sword that was jammed into a large sphere in the center of the room. I pulled on it and its information entered my mind. Name: Sword of Twin Fates (broken) Grade: legendary. Ability: Melissa's blessing. This is a big find and something related to Melissa. But what can my job do? A screen appeared before me that allowed me to alter the Sword of Twin Fates. But my lack of mana is a issue. The only thing 10 points of mana can do is add a simple skill on to of Melissa's blessing. I can pick from STR up, DEF up, or AGI up. I choose STR up and watched my points dropped to zero as I blacked out. 

That was scary, I got up and dusted off my fur coat and pants. I checked my status as Melissa taught me and saw my experience bar went up by a third. So, if i want to level up i need to enhance this sword some more. I saw that my STR value had increased by 2 points was it from the STR up on Twin Fates. I released the sword and my STR went down by two. I tried adding another STR up to Twin Fates and on the display a + 1 was added onto the skill and i blacked out again. You can imagine where this is going.

It finally came, my golden ticket that I was so looking forward to. I learned that the skill can be stacked but the experience decreased each time I did it. But this golden ticket would allow me to make one free item. But I needed to think of what to make. I needed something that would do multiple jobs at once so maybe a summoning skill item would be best. I had the perfect idea, a mask.

The mask was a dangerous one.  Name: Crown of Devilism. Grade: Mystic. Ability: demon summoning, mana boast, otherworld translation magic. Crown of devilism was a item to research the terrain of the cave dungeon. I gave the mana boost so that I no longer had 10 points in my Mana pool, the demon summoning allow me to summon from the nine tribes of the demon Realm the demons that were summoned through the crown we're all level 100 and I was gifted with an unlimited Army the demons cannot be upgraded or evolved so I had the first Army of minotaurs research the 7th floor of the cave dungeon using their immense strength they cleared away all the dead bones of the former dragons. The second Army of  Orks gifted with powerful Earth Magic made a throne room on the tenth level for me. I summoned each representative from the nine tribes: Minotaurs, ogres, orks, nagas, daianians (ants), lizardmen, yetis, crabmen, and draconians. As a fighting force, this was overkill but there was no interaction from them. They followed every order I gave but would only make grunting sounds as I asked a question. Now that I thought about it I made them to explore the dungeon for me.