Chapter 5 arm up and out
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Now that my knight had a body it needed a weapon and a shield. For the weapon I decided on a hammer, or a kludge. The kludge needed to be intimidating so it ended looking like a t rex head with a mouth that would shot out fire and chomp on victims. The shield was a simple tower shield that was three interlocking parts that pointed towards the center. I contemplated on the skills to attach to the kludge and shield. The skills that were listed to the kludge were: power energy transfer, ancient memorial resurrection, and diamond body for ultimate damage output. The tower shield was given sanctuary, flame wall, and earth quaking. 

Now what to name my champion that will be my main fighting force? A giant knight of fire and brimstone that would protect Mysterism from the interloffers. Mysterism was the name of my home that sheltered me from the outside world. I once sent a minotaur outside who was immediately roasted by lightning bolts that rained from the sky. Then a speedy demon made it to the ocean 20 kilometers away then immediately cut in two by a massive gator. 

The red knight's start up day was close at hand as I kept increasing the level of soul, thanks to the generous donations of the men. I set on the name Alpha, sent him out into the world and waited for contact. I hope this goes well.