Chapter 47: Scribbles on the Grass
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Chapter 47: Scribbles on the Grass

After leaving the village chief’s home, we continued to check the other cursed patients. Their cases were far lighter compared to the village head’s wife. It was manageable. Unlike the lady called Hild, the rest of the patients were even conscious.

I even talked to a few of the patients. Fortunately, the scent of death was weak on them. A little help and they’ll recover. But what bothered me was all of them were asking me to help the wife of the village head. Some even offered monetary awards and goods so that I will do my best.

Of course, I rejected their offers. Damn it, they’re treating me like I’m some brilliant doctor who’s capable of treating even the most infallible of all diseases. The chances won’t even increase even I accept those bribes. It would only bug my conscience if I fail.

A spirit tamer curing curses? I’m not even a trained spirit tamer if I am indeed one. The contracts I had with the spirits weren’t even voluntary. Someone had indefinitely cut my internet connection with the spirits. It only happened because of luck and chance. If only they knew this aunt was a businesswoman, not some deadly curses MD.

The scarred priest’s wife was well-loved in this village. It got me curious. If she recovers, I would love to have a pleasant chat with her. After all, when I thought of the employees I managed before, it made me quite envious. Those employees loved me… that’s when I’m not in the office.

If only I could use [Appraise], or maybe talk to the blobs. Things would be easier. Unfortunately, both preferences were currently unavailable. Use appraise and I’m dead. It’s also impossible to talk to the blobs since an inflexible bastard had cut off our link.

“If the only Saria is here.” I gazed at the vast grasslands and sighed. Even though she treats me like a lab rat, I still missed her. I hope she’s doing fine.

Anyway, I already lost count of the exact number of patients I checked. But the last number I remembered was eleven. And it was still morning then. Right now, the skies had already worn her dark clothes, while the sun had called it a day. The warm breeze turned cooler. While the nearby houses opened their flickering candles as they welcomed the night.

I told the old catkin that I would try my best to find something. But no promises. Soon, Emma led me back to her house. The sight of the two kittens soothed both my tired heart and body. The warm scent of food wafted through my nose, bringing forth a smile from me. The little ones also knew how to cook. I wonder what’s on the menu.

“Big Sis, ya’ll like what I cook,” the scarlet kitten puffed her chest. A big proud smile she wore. Her ears perked up, making this aunt feel itchy.

My right hand reached out to touch her ears but stopped midway. I remembered the bloody fate of those rat slave traders, forcing my hand to take a strategical retreat. What if she becomes a bloody kitten again? I hid those thoughts in my mind. Instead, I offered her a smile and a few words. “Then let me taste it.”

“Ai! Gran-Gran tell me also if it’s tasty!” The young kitten giggled. She excitedly ran towards the smoking big black pot while whistling in the air. She pushed a full plate into the pot, adding the colorful vegetables, mixing them with a large wooden ladle. “Coby, gu’ get plates. The food’s almost done.”

The golden kitten nodded, rubbing away the drool stains from the sides of his mouth. He was as hungry as me. I watched the two skitter around, enjoying the lively atmosphere which I could not experience when I was still young. After all, I’m an only child. The clumsy kittens brought a grin to my face. I’ll leave the troubles for later.

In the end, Emma added a not-so-little help. All to make sure everything would turn out just fine. They served the plates along with pipping perfection, credits to Tabi. I immediately picked up the spoon and started eating. I didn’t take any lunch because of my busy schedule. I examined the texture with my tongue and gave it a pass. The taste was akin to mutton and chicken. It had a vivid white hue akin to carbonara’s white sauce. Stinging to the tongue, but that’s what made it very appetizing for me.


A sense of deja vu struck me like a ten-wheeler truck. I stared blankly at my empty plate. My eyes turned into saucers after realizing something. I shifted a gaze at the busy scarlet kitten and asked. “Tabi, what’s the name of this food?”

She raised her head with her mouth full. I saw a wiggling thing akin to a noodle moving on her lips. She slurped it down before speaking gibberish. “Rsadst Staweawf.”

“What is she saying?” I tilted my head. This aunt unconsciously turned to Emma for help. I rubbed and cleaned my ears to make sure I’ll hear it well. I don’t know why but I felt my heart pumping a little faster than usual.

The old catkin’s smile was a few shades deeper. While it was her natural grandmotherly smile, it gave me a lot of bad vibes. Her mouth slowly cracked, uttering the unthinkable. “Rat Stew.”




Kittens are traps. But old kittens are far worse.

Damn aunt. Why do you never learn your lesson? Fortunately, the rat stew this time didn’t contain any poop-inducing substance. The bad news was I still ate those ugly buggers with relish. Linking those two bloody rat heads along with the rat stew gave me one good shiver. This aunt has an iron for a stomach. Still, I could not tolerate those nasty furries. Maybe I should live out my old vegetarian vow from last year.

Initially, I wanted to puke my guts out, but the kittens. The scarlet one buzzed around me, asking me again and again about the taste. So I wasn’t able to vomit on the spot. All I could say was a shaky yes. A retched smile formed as the memories of the revolting rats graced my thoughts.

Both the gold and scarlet kitten continued to pester me, forgetting what my lovable blobs almost did. Their curiosity worsened my agony. I only escaped their soft paws through Emma’s stern ‘Go Sleep’ command. I gave her a nod, realizing how lovely she was.

I immediately rushed to the outhouse where I battled the poop demon. This time I’m battling the dogging rat demons. I emptied my stomach, chucking up the dreadful mucks, splashing gooey substance away from my mouth. See that? My revulsion both had reason and rhyme. All hail to the lord of the outhouse, it gave me the power to quell the enemy faster unlike before.

After the ordeal, I trudged towards the kitten’s house while rubbing my stomach. The moonbeams fell into the world, illuminating the night sky along with twinkling stars yonder. This was the first time I saw it in its full glory. There were no stars the last time I bolted to the outhouse. The skies had bared itself tonight.

My steps unconsciously slowed down as I lifted a gaze. My adventurous heart thumped. Two bright moons held the night sky for their own. One had the hue of lilac while the other shone in pale white. I had not realized that my feet had already stopped. It was beguiling. Its innate perfection captured this aunt’s heart.

“What a beauty.”

I don’t know how long I have been peering at them. For time seemed to have lost its meaning for me as I stand before the two moons. As soon as I came to my sense, I took a deep breath, but this time, with a big grin waltzed on my face.

Should I consider this place my first itinerary as a traveler? Not bad for the first one. I stretched my limbs, easing the stress it accumulated from the past few days. Watching the marvelous heavens calmed my tout nerves, I felt free and relax.

Soon, my thoughts drifted towards the case of the village head’s wife. Right, I have to do my best to help her. I tried focusing my attention on the connection I had with Alistair and Maggie. No matter how hard I tried to call out in my mind. I had not heard nor felt anything back. The links were dead...

Maybe I could do this in another way. I lifted my hands to my chin, frowning as I try to think of other ways. How about the primitive way? Oh, this might work.

“Maggie, Alistair, can you hear me?” I tutted under the moonbeams. Silence roamed for a minute.

I thought it was a failure, but I was wrong. The answer that came forth wasn’t a bulk of emotion nor voices which I expected. The wind whipped, calling me to gaze on the ground. A lashing sound entered my eardrums as I stared on the grassy ground. The wind trimmed the swooning grasses, scrawls slowly appeared, forming a bunch of childish scribbles.

I looked and read. “We hear you.” And at the bottom part, “I’m little Maggie.”

How I miss the innocent blob. A grin broke out, settling on my lips. That’s one nice breakthrough. Now that solves problem number one.


I talked with blobs while they wrote letters in reply. The two blobs had been with me all the time. They were silently watching me, waiting until the spiritual connection recovers. Alistair, the proud blob, warned me in all capslock plus several exclamation marks that I should not use my magic until I recover.

He was quite a nagger.

Anyway, back to the topic. I told the wind spirits about the Spirit Tamers and my current task of healing the village head’s wife. After a back and forth, Maggie wrote she might be of help. The tiny blob needed our spiritual connection fixed first. When I asked why. She reasoned out that she needed the cut-off spiritual contract so that she could use the stored mana she had siphoned from me. However, her childish writings struck me as reluctant.

Now that’s good news and bad news.

After the discussion, I strode forward to the catkin's home. The old catkin and the village head seemed to be proficient in the healing arts. Maybe, they’ll be able to help me. If so, I’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.

As soon as I arrived at home, I silently walked to my room only to see two little kittens doing a sleepover. They were probably waiting for me. They were getting too attached. Do I smell like catnip? Or maybe lemongrass?

I unconsciously moved nearer to them. My hands reached out towards the golden kitten, nuzzling him. He made a light ‘nya-nya’ noise in his sleep. A lax smile slid on his charming face.

And although I had reservations about petting the scarlet kitten, she looked so defenseless right now. It made me want to I risked my hand. I slowly petted her furry ears, cuddling her cheeks. She purred.

A purr almost came out from me, but it got stopped by the old catkin smiling outside the door. She caught me red-handed. She looked like she wanted it too. So I tried reaching out to her, but my hands got slapped away. Oh well, old kitties temper were like ginger. The little scarlet kitten surely got her gutsy temper from her.

She stamped forward, ignoring the lonely me. She picked up the two little kittens by the neck. Still, the duo stayed asleep, curling as they got lifted away. For them, getting their necks handled seemed to be normal. They’re just like the young kittens on earth. How cute.

Anyway, thanks to Emma, my bed was now free of kitties. Yawning, I fell on the mattress, my eyelids fluttered, turning into lead. I’ll tell Emma and the village head about the rest tomorrow. For now, I’ll drop dead and resurrect tomorrow. It’s been a long day.

I drifted into slumber without me even noticing.

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