Chapter 46: I Introduced My Angelic Familiar
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I spent the next couple minutes telling my story of how I met Melody, leaving out the explicit parts, of course. I even told Melody not to mention what happened in the cave to anyone long before we got back. For the sake of my comfort, my familiars relaxed their hold and gave me breathing room as I spoke. They were still close to me with our sides touching, though.

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t do something as crazy as going to a dungeon by yourself at this time of night, but to go to a cave in the forest and make your own summoning circle … I can’t help but feel that’s even more insane,” Ms. Renne commented while rubbing her temples. 

“I was also surprised!” Melody exclaimed, “And he had just learned to use Earth Magic to make that possible, too! After watching him deconstruct his work so well, I couldn’t be more excited to start as Soar’s familiar! Don’t you feel the same, Sarise?”

Sarise crossed her arms under her generous chest, heaving it upwards, and nodded with pride, “Indeed. His performance throughout our time together in Myron Dungeon was phenomenal. Master does not just show promise as a talented Magician, but as a splendid person as well. It is a great honor for one such as I to serve a man like Master.”

“Please, stop. I feel like you’re only saying that because you’re my familiars. I’m not really all that great, ” I said while scratching my head.

“I think I’ve learned what I needed to know for now, too,” Zalena said, “Still, I find it fascinating how you’ve already achieved what we were initially determined to do after our talk with your parents.”

“Oh, yeah, Sarise mentioned something about that, too,” I commented.

From there, Zalena and Sarise explained what happened over their talk with my parents. From how Ms. Renne blushed a little during the retelling, it seemed like some details were left out for some unspecified reason. I’d have to ask Sarise to fill me in more on what happened later.

“It’s surprising enough to hear my parents wanted me to summon an angel familiar to keep Sarise around, but … you’re really thinking of taking me on as your apprentice, Zalena?” I asked.

“But of course! You piqued my interest in the dungeon, Soar. I imagine there isn’t much anyone around these parts that can teach you at your level, and I want to see how much more you can grow,” Zalena explained while resting a hand to her bosom, “I was thinking I’d pair up with you and your familiars as a Hunter party. We’d take quests together and I can teach you what I know while on the job, including your newly-attained Light and Earth Magics. Your parents are taking tonight to think about it, but what would you say, Soar? Would you be interested?”

“Would I ever! If you’re willing to take me in, I’ll do whatever I can to improve while being of use to you, Zalena! You won’t be sorry!” I exclaimed while pumping my fists in excitement. It was out of that excitement that I didn’t take my familiars sitting so close to me into consideration, specifically their large round tits, and my arms bumped into them on accident.

When I realized that, I panicked, “Uh, sorry about that, Sarise, Melody. Did I hurt either of you?”

“As a devil, my body’s rather durable. It would take more than that for me to feel any pain, Master,” Sarise answered.

“And I fell—I-I mean, I went through a lot so I don’t get hurt easily, either! I’m okay!” Melody added.

Though the toughness in their bodies was admirable, I still need to show them all due care and respect. 

Zalena cleared her throat to get us back on track before holding up a finger, “There may be some quests here and there where you’d need to be away from town for a few days, maybe weeks, or even longer. We’ll likely have to camp outside, too. Are you alright with that?”

I nodded, “Sure, that’s okay. I can even stay up to take night shifts too.”

“Excuse me for interrupting, Master,” Sarise intervened with a hand up, “Melody and I, as your familiars, should be taking night shifts as well. If needed, we are capable and willing to stay up all night while you and Lady Zalena rest.”

“We are? I-I mean, yeah! We are! What she said!” Melody added in a slight fluster.

I guess there’s a lot Melody didn’t expect to be part of being a Familiar?

“I appreciate the enthusiasm, but your need for rest is just as important as ours,” I said, “If some emergency happens, we will need all the energy we can muster to tackle it head on. Familiar or not, you both will be a part of this team. It’s important that we divide our work evenly to maximize our efficiency, and I think it will be more fun that way, too.”

As if on the brink of crying tears of joy, Melody splashed the bath water as she pulled me into a great embrace. Soft, wet, almost malleable skin enveloped my side, while my face was trapped in her slippery cleavage.

“Oh, you’re such a kind and understanding person, Soar! I love being your familiar already!” she exclaimed in delight.

My only way out was suddenly blocked off by another wall of flesh that was red, soft, yet firm and even hard in some places, exhibiting a protective strength. Such a contrast from Melody’s body was quite pleasing. With both sides of my head enveloped by large breasts, I was cut off from both vision and sufficient air.

“While I can say the same, Melody, please be mindful of how you show your affection,” Sarise lightly scolded.

“Oh! Of course, I love having you as a partner, too, Sarise! I hope we can work together well!” Melody said while adjusting her hold and pulling Sarise into it as well, trapping me in their voluptuous flesh even further.

Sarise adjusted herself to pull me even tighter towards her, “I appreciate the sentiment, Melody, but that is not exactly what I was referring to.”

Ms. Renne then mumbled something I couldn’t catch, but there was a hint of aggravation in her tone.

“Hmm, you two mind making some room? After all the drama tonight, seeing you getting all comfy like that has me feeling a little huggy myself,” Zalena said.

“W-Wait! Zalena! Not you, too!” Ms. Renne intervened.

I couldn’t say anything, not just because of the boob flesh cutting off my air, but because I was already doing my best to keep myself sane from all the attention. My sanity was tested further when not just Zalena’s, but even Ms. Renne’s large tits got jammed into the mix. At this point, I couldn’t catch what they were arguing about. All of their breasts, universally huge but exhibiting various textures and levels of softness, shifted, rubbed, and pressed against me as I felt myself get pulled along in different directions. I was like the last toy of a popular franchise that a bunch of rowdy kids holding bags full of pudding and jello were fighting over to keep for themselves. There wasn’t any room in their banter for me to cut in, it was a wonder if they even remember I was still there. I tried to shove them aside to gain some breathing room, but that only led to my hands randomly groping their wet and slippery boobs. My remaining will to resist taking advantage of the situation was quickly drained away by their lush femininity. Lost in a fleshy sea of bounteous breasts, my mind fell into a stupor of euphoria, or maybe that was the semi-asphyxiation. 


I couldn’t remember what happened after that, when I got out of the bath, or even when I dried off and put on a change of clothes. I swear, it was like all my senses were only filled with boobs, and I was on the verge of drowning in them. It wasn’t until Zalena flicked me on the forehead that I finally snapped back into reality.

Zalena and Ms. Renne were also dressed and looked like they were ready to leave, but I asked them if I could stay behind with Sarise and Melody to talk for a bit.  I wanted to make sure Melody was prepared for her debut as a new familiar. In addition I also wanted to bring my angel and myself outside via ‘Dark Gate’ so we could enter by the front door to greet everyone and introduce her from there. I pointed out that it’d be kinda weird if we did the same after coming out of the bathroom instead. Ms. Renne showed some doubt, but Zalena intervened and pointed out that, technically, I should be able to bathe with my familiars, since they were both adults. They also were the same beings that had been judged trustworthy enough for their own gods to approve of them and assign them to me as my familiars.

“If you can’t trust the gods, then whose judgement can you trust?” Zalena asked rhetorically.

Outmatched by Zalena’s logic, Ms. Renne sighed in defeat, still having some apprehensions, but eventually agreeing to let me have my way. I profusely thanked Zalena for assisting me through telepathy magic as she and Ms. Renne left the bathroom, leaving me alone with my familiars. The same familiars who had just passed the partition separating the changing area from the bath, and started drying themselves off. This gave me an amazing view of their naked, freshly cleaned bodies, dripping with water. I swallowed the saliva building in my mouth at seeing all the hidden delights of these erotic supermodels of beauty. Somehow, I restrained myself from glomping onto the ethereal and infernal bodies before me in order to focus on the task at hand.

Making sure my ‘Silencing Winds’ spell was on, I started things off with a question, “Why did you two take so long in the bath?”

“Um … don’t you remember?” Melody asked, averting her eyes awkwardly and clutching her hands to each other, which pushed her ginormous breasts up while pressing them together with a jiggle.

“Uh …” I trailed off, both at a loss for what it was I forgot and getting lost into the depths of her cleavage, Wait, did it have something to do with what happened after I blacked out?

“Master, Melody’s ‘clothing problem’? We cannot risk the others knowing how … unprepared she is to be a familiar’s, yes?” Sarise asked.

“... Huh? Oh, oh! Right, that! Yeah, that would be bad. Good call, we should probably talk about what to do next,” I said, to which my familiars agreed.

So, what did happen after I blacked out? I didn’t know how I would come off if I asked about that, so I decided to play safe and just dropped that subject from my thoughts.

At my suggestion, we took the bath stools as our seats, sitting together in a triangle for our discussion on Melody’s clothes. Sarise, instead of acting like a modest lady, was bold as, well, a demon, as she sat on the bath stool with her legs spread wide apart, not looking the slightest bit ashamed. Melody eyed that posture and, for whatever reason, widened her own legs to follow my devil’s example, while also not looking embarrassed. This allowed me a full frontal view of their bodies, with their differently maintained bushes put on display. I was pleased to be allowed to witness such a picturesque sight, but I didn’t let it deter my mind from our discussion. My inner adult male led me to still stare at them throughout the talk though.

“Okay, Sarise, we need Melody in a large, white gown fit for an angel when she introduces herself. Can you do that with your clothing magic?” I asked.

“Ehhhh? Just a plain boring, white gown?” Sarise asked, disappointed.

“I don’t know how the others would react if they found out she can’t use clothing magic,” I said, “We need to make it look like Melody conjured the gown herself. Melody, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while, but how does your Aura, as an angel, differ from a demon’s like Sarise?”

“The type of Aura an individual has varies,” Melody explained, “They all come in two types, Physical or Mental. We mid-rank or higher familiars will naturally acquire one as we mature. What that first one is depends on our species, but we can train an additional Aura of our choice. We’ll go over Physical Auras another time, but Mental Auras are fields we emanate that affect other people’s minds, including things like their perception of us. For perception altering Auras, how we dress may increase or decrease the Mental Aura’s cost, or cause it to not affect some people at all. One of my Mental Auras is what we angels call the Purity Aura, which is what many angels are born with. 

“I’ve managed to … enhance my Purity Aura to provide personal protection on the rare occasions my roommate wasn’t around to provide clothes. Whenever I needed to step out for necessities, I …” Melody’s head flushed as she looked down and fidgeted, “I … may have concentrated my Aura around me at full blast to step out, get what I need, and come right back … buck naked, without anyone batting an eye in my direction at all.

“I got the idea after reading that Purity Auras can affect the viewer's perception of the user’s body and that it redirects attention towards the user’s personality. I thought that maybe if I adjusted and empowered my Purity Aura strongly enough, others wouldn’t notice my missing clothing. I had been thinking about and wishing to Nodem to be unnoticeable for sometime, and he must have granted my prayers, because when I finally had to go out, my altered Purity Aura worked. I practiced using my adjusted Purity Aura a lot after that in case I got stranded naked again. I’ve practiced and, whether I’m clothed or not, making myself practically invisible works equally well and the amount of energy I use is virtually the same.”

I think I get it, I thought, Races like demons and angels each have either a Physical or Mental Aura. Mental Auras can make others view the Aura user differently. On top of that, there are differing strengths or levels of effect that depend on the familiar’s experience, and maybe even personality. From what Melody explained, if she had just arrived in Manara for the first time last night, that means the people who didn’t do a double-take on her streaking cases were other Zaleesians. Does this mean both them and Zaleckians are just as liable to be affected by Mental Aura effects as Manarans like me are, or could affecting their own kind, who should be more resistant to Mental Aura effects, be a display of how powerful and capable my familiars are? I guess that question will have to be put aside for another day.

 Going back to Melody, it sounds like she can heighten the effectiveness of her default Purity Aura to the point that her body is practically invisible to others. That’s almost the same as Sarise inverting her own Arousal Aura to imitate her automated Child Protection Aura.

“So, you can use your Purity Aura to make it so that you can wear anything you want? You can even be in the nude without attracting attention? Would you be comfortable being almost or totally naked if I asked you to?” I asked.

Not able to make eye contact, Melody looked down while fidgeting some more with a flushed face, “W-Well, I prefer to be more modestly clothed, b-but if you want me to wear something more revealing and think I look good in it, Soar, I suppose … I could give it a try. Most angels don’t really care what they wear in Zaleese and would go with whatever their masters want them to wear while on Manara. I guess most Manarans just happened to want their angels wearing robes. My adjusted Purity Aura will let me draw people’s attention away from my body when needed, whether I’m clothed or not.”

“If I may say something while we are on this topic, Master,” Sarise said with a hand up, “It sounds like Melody’s Aura works similarly to my own Child-Protection Aura when I strive to extend its effects to those of the age of majority, as well as children. Unlike Melody, using my inverted Aura would require less energy if I am less exposed, but I would rather pay that price and dress minimally for the sake of my own comfort. If I am willing to put in the effort necessary to not draw eyes and inform you whenever I am at my limits in keeping it up, may I use my inverted Aura to my advantage and wear whatever I please in the public?”

I looked to the side in thought, Hmm … she likes ‘minimal’ clothing huh? Like that revealing leather outfit she was wearing today? 

I turned back to Sarise, “May I also request something of you to wear for the day? I assure you that I will keep your comfort and desire for minimal clothing in mind.”

Sarise nodded, “But of course, Master. As I said before, I can wear clothes that cover everything from the neck down for a period, at least until I get too stressed and just rip it off entirely. If worn for too long, too much clothing can make us demons feel like we’re about to suffocate from it, but I will endure however I can. From that to wearing nothing at all, your preferences will always take priority over my own, and I will adapt when necessary.”

“W-Wow …” Melody muttered with a face that rivaled Sarise’s natural coloring.

Whoa, so that would mean I could have both of them strutting around naked with me and no one would even bat an eye? I could choose skimpy and revealing outfits for them to wear every day, if I wanted…

I cleared my throat after getting myself somewhat under control, “In that case, Sarise, as long as you both put in the work of using your Auras when needed so as to not cause any riots or mobs, I’ll let you dress her and yourself however you want.”

“However … I want?” Sarise repeated with glimmer in her eyes.

Uh oh, better put the brakes on this a little, I should still be mindful of Melody’s boundaries and preferences, I thought, “Erm, so long as Melody agrees and it’s something comfortable for her to wear, at least. Something that isn’t too close to her boundaries, those shouldn’t be crossed. But yes, unless I say otherwise for certain circumstances, I’ll accept whatever outfit you design for yourself and her.”

“I can work with that! Okay, one white angelic familiar’s outfit, coming—!” 

“Wait!” Melody interrupted, surprising Sarise and I, “Sorry! I didn’t mean to shout, but if I could make a request concerning my outfit …”

Melody then cupped her hands over Sarise’s ear as she whispered. A noticeable blush spread through my angel’s face while my devil’s tail perked straight up in interest.

“I seeee,” Sarise said seductively, “I believe I know just what you’ll like that will suit you as well. Let us see what you think of this!”

Sarise then snapped her fingers, causing a shimmering haze to appear over Melody’s form. Moments later, my eyes widened at the sudden change, and so did my angel’s.

Melody certainly had a white robe on, but it was made of the sheerest material I ever laid eyes on. It was comfortably loose and flowing from shoulders to ankles like curtains. The sleeves were wide, flaring out several inches as they draped all the way down to her wrists. A wide belt was tied around her waist to accentuate her curvy frame, not that you need a lot of imagination to know what Melody’s body was like to begin with. There were even slits that reached to the top of her hips that exposed both her legs and some of the angel’s backside, leaving just two wide strips of fabric in the front and back that almost worked like a loincloth. You don’t even need to splash water on it to better see what’s underneath, because everything was there in plain sight. In fact, by the look of her familiar bush, she wasn’t wearing panties underneath those robes, either. 

Then there was Melody’s main attraction, her insanely soft, ginormous breasts, that were surrounded and cupped around the outside by the robe’s plunging neckline rather than covered by it. The only thing that did cover her oversized boobs was a gold stole that hung around her neck, the ends etched with her God Nodem’s symbols. The fabric clung to her boobs like paint, stopping just short of fully covering her plump nipples, leaving their lower halves and most of her areolas exposed. The stole itself was also very thin, so the contours of her thick erect buds could still be made out from underneath it. It was as if the robe was doing its best to draw more attention to my angel’s completely exposed tits instead of modestly covering them.

The robe’s back also dipped down to expose Melody’s shoulder blades. I imagine Sarise designed this part with her sister familiar’s feathered wings in mind, but I can’t help but feel it gives a more exotic feel of elegance and grace. Lastly, for footwear, she had sandals with straps that went up to her knees to top her look off.

Uh … does she even notice how exposed her boobies are? As well as everything else? I wondered.

“Oh my gosh … is this really me? Oh! Let me bring out my wings, too!” Melody said as she looked at herself in one of the washing area’s mirrors, summoning and unfurling her large, white pigeon-like wings with magic so that they spanned out wide. She made sure to check all sides.

“I am a little familiar with how angel robes are designed, but I thought I’d give yours some adjustments from the norm to make you stand out from other angels while keeping your request in mind. What do you think?” Sarise asked.

Wait, did Melody ask Sarise to be this exposed? I thought in surprise.

“I love it!” Melody exclaimed as she took Sarise’s hands in hers, “Sarise, thank you so much! I didn’t think I’d ever have a chance to look like this!”

“You’re saying that like you’ve never worn a robe before,” I pointed out with widened eyes.

“That’s because I really haven’t! I never thought I’d become a familiar and I wasn’t confident with my body to even try a robe on! Though I may only wear this for a short while tonight, I feel like …” Melody trailed off before her eyes pooled with tears, “I really have become an Angelic Familiar, Master Soar’s familiar, a familiar I thought I’d only see in my dreams. Which is why for tonight, with Sarise’s special design, I will wear this robe with pride as an angel that Master Soar and myself can be proud of. Thank you, Sarise, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I will remember this night for the rest of my life.”

Even Sarise, the devilishly cool beauty that she was, got redder in the face than her natural skin tone from receiving such praise. “You are … very welcome, Melody,” she strained out.

Looking at Melody’s outfit, I then remembered my earlier time with her, Melody requested her outfit to be like this for my own convenience, didn’t she? She made sure I have easy access to all of her body. I don’t know if I should be happy for her ‘consideration’ or feel guilty of putting those ideas in her head to start with. I guess as long as she’s happy, I shouldn’t think too much about this. Such images are neither respectful, nor helpful, for either of us.

Needing to get to bed, I shook off my guilt and told them it was time. Once I opened my ‘Dark Gate,’ Melody and I bid Sarise goodbye before we stepped through, taking us outside and behind the storage shed. We held hands so Melody wouldn’t trip from her lack of coordination, and I led her to my home in the same fashion.

“Are you ready for this, Melody?” I asked as we moved.

With a hand to her bosom, Melody took a deep breath to calm herself, even shaking the nerves off from her feathers, before hardening her gaze with determination, “Yes, Master Soar. I won’t let you down.”

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