Chapter 47: This Eventful Day Finally Ends
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I nodded in understanding at Melody and proceeded forward. We were ready as we could be for her introduction.

Just as we approached the front door, I opened it and peeked my head inside first, “Helloooo? Anyone here?”

“Soar! You’re back!” What greeted me was a smiling and giggling Fila as she pulled me inside and spun me around before wrapping me up in her embrace, “I’m so glad you’re safe!”

“Sheesh, do you even know how worried she was when she heard you ran off like that?” Onelri asked, approaching us from one of the lobby/dining area’s tables with crossed arms, “Honestly, this is becoming more of a habit with how many times you’ve disappeared already.”

“Were you not the most worried out of all of us with how often you shifted your gaze around looking for him?” Agnes intervened while coming to Onelri’s side. Her falcon familiar, Dhalia, perched on her shoulder, “Even after the bath, you stuck around the lobby and waited for him to come back until you fell asleep, did you not?”

Onelri flushed, “I-I was not worried! I was waiting to give him a piece of my mind for upsetting Fila like that!”

“It’s so cute to see you deny things so strongly, dark elf girl,” Zalena said from where she and Ms. Renne were sitting at another table further in the back from the other girls.

“You shut up!” Onelri exclaimed.

“Master. It is good to see you have returned safely.”

“Ah, Sarise! Glad to bee—ehh?” I greeted her as she approached us, but when I finally saw her, I was so shocked my mouth stopped working and I made a weird sound.

“Woooooow! Sarise, those pajamas look incredible!” Fila exclaimed as she and the other girls gave their own impressions of the devil’s outfit.

From what Zalena told me later, the lingerie Sarise was wearing, a unique v-strap babydoll suit, was something she wore as part of her demonstration to my parents. It was to show how her inverted Demonic Aura affected how people saw her. Strangely, everyone only commented on the stylish lace patterns on the straps designed to look like flowers and the mesh material. They didn’t mention the extreme exposure it gave to Sarise’s assets, especially her ass, since there was literally nothing covering her backside. Not even Onelri, whose eyes—enhanced by her gift—would usually see through all hidden by the veil of magic, mentioned how erotic and half-naked Sarise was. It made me question whether it was the child protection aspect that was protecting the elf, or if her gift couldn’t pierce through effects created by Auras. As I analyzed her thoroughly, Sarise seemed to notice how hard I was staring from how she blushed while trying to explain her outfit to the girls.

“Oh, my … w-will I be wearing something like that, too?” Melody asked shakily as she approached from behind and grabbed my hand for support.

“Whoa! A new person just came in! She looks so pretty!” Fila exclaimed in excitement.

“W-Wait, halo, white feathered wings, gold patterns on the body … is she an actual angel?! But why is her halo broken?” Agnes asked, staring with bewilderment.

“Soar! What the heck did you do?!” Onelri yelled with an accusatory tone.

The girls were frantic as they noticed Melody coming inside.

Everyone else in the building came downstairs, drowsy eyed and looking ready to fall asleep. That tiredness instantly disappeared at the sight of Melody before they all gathered around us. Even Mom and Dad, looking sweaty with messed-up hair and clothes for some reason, came over to see what was going on, and they were just as surprised at the sight. The only ones who didn’t show up were Rala and Flinto, with the former probably too out of it to even notice the noise. As for the latter, well, he was a cat.

Once everyone had gathered, I introduced Melody and quickly explained how I had summoned her and the circumstances surrounding her broken halo. Leaving out the nudity, I told them that I was at fault for breaking Melody’s halo as the summoning was rather abrupt on her end, causing her to fall. I then asked them for their help, as my angelic familiar would suffer from a temporary lack of balance until her halo repaired itself. It was truthful enough, and everyone seemed to have bought it, so I was satisfied. 

My angel then greeted everyone formally and bowed, leaving those listening absolutely stunned. I couldn’t help but watch as her breasts fell out of her plunging neckline and dangled freely as she maintained her bent-over posture. Amazingly, the stole remained plastered to her tits, maintaining its unspoken role, not that it was accomplishing much.

With how crazy everything was today and how tired everyone was, Mom and Dad announced that they would have me go into further details and discuss what to do next over breakfast tomorrow. The rest of the adults agreed and went back to their rooms to sleep. The girls followed suit, apparently they had set something up in the same room together for a mini sleepover. Mom and Dad then told me to use the extra mattress and the works in the storage cabin outside to set up my room so that Sarise and Melody could sleep with me. After I nodded in confirmation, my parents then went to the bathing area, probably because they were the last ones to not get cleaned yet.

It was then that I remembered that we were out of clean washcloths, Well … they’re married, so they can probably work that out in a similar way like I did with Sarise, right? … Let’s not think further on that subject.

“Soar! Let’s get ready for bed too!” Fila exclaimed excitedly while pumping her arms, the two of us and my familiars being the only ones remaining.

Ah, right. I promised Fila we’d sleep together, and if no one else is intervening on this decision, then I guess it’s okay? Mom and Dad gave the okay to use a second mattress for my familiars to sleep with us, so there should be enough room.

The four of us went to the storage cabin outside to pick up the mattress, sheets, and other things first. With my Gravity Magic, an advanced form of Darkness Magic, decreasing the weight of the furnishings, and a ‘Dark Gate’ between the cabin and my room, I managed to easily transport them inside with Sarise’s assistance. Fila watched over Melody due to her poor coordination while we worked. As we were setting up the mattresses, we heard a jingling noise before a pouch dropped to the floor from my bed with the same sound. There was a note attached to it, addressed to me.

“What’s this?” I asked as I took the folded note, opened it, and read the contents.

For our savior who deserves this reward the most. We spent some of it on carriage fees to meet you, but please accept the rest as a token of our thanks, apologies for troubling you, your birthday gift, and best wishes for you in your new job as a Hunter. We know you will go far, but we hope you would still look after our daughters as you have been, since they now cherish you dearly as their friend.

May the Great Mother grant you and our daughters eternal happiness.


There were signatures from Fila’s and Onerli’s parents at the bottom of the note. This has to be the remaining bounty from those bandits. I thought I told them to use it for their own necessities, though, I mused.

“There is quite a bit of money in here, Master. Did someone leave this out for you?” Sarise asked as she and Melody peeked into the pouch to discover its contents.

“Yeah … it’s a birthday gift from someone,” I answered. I couldn’t tell my familiars the details yet, but they’ll surely be in the know sooner or later.

“B-Birthday?! Is today your birthday, Soar?!” Melody exclaimed in panic.

“Yesterday, actually. I just turned 11.”

This body did, anyway, I added in my mind.

For some reason, my familiars paled and went into panic. Even Sarise, usually calm and collected, had turned a pallid pink while getting antsy as she bit her thumbnail.

“Oh, dear, this is rather concerning. M-Maybe it is not too late to celebrate! What did Jily suggest I should do here again? There was a ribbon and I had to say something like, ‘I am your present’?” Sarise asked around her thumbnail.

“I-It’s okay, Sarise! You don’t have to fret over it now! You and Melody can plan ahead for next year!” If Sarise was gonna do what I think she was talking about, I’m not sure I could keep up my child persona at that point. The sleeping arrangements now seem already dangerous enough as it is, I thought.

“Melody, be sure to keep yesterday’s date in mind. We need to plan ahead so that when Master’s next birthday comes around, we can celebrate it with him as only we familiars can. It will be extra special since that will be the one year anniversary since we made a pact with him as master and familiar,” Sarise said.

“Yes, ma’am!”

Fila giggled, “It will be one year since me and Onelri met and made friends with Soar too! Oh! Agnes and Claire should also be included! We’ll have to make it extra extra special! We’ll help you plan for it when the time comes!”

“We are in your debt, Lady Fila,” Sarise said as she and Melody bowed to her.

I scratched my head, Sheesh, did my parents ever make such a big deal for my birthdays? What about my parents from my past life? I can’t even remember those moments anymore. Still, if Fila’s going to help with planning everything, then I don’t think I’ll need to worry about future parties getting too … questionable.

Going back to the money Fila’s and Onelri’s parents gifted me, since they went to such lengths to give this to me in secret, it would be rude if I tried to return it to them. I stowed the pouch and note away in my Dark Space before we prepared for bed, quickly putting the mattresses together on the floor with blankets and pillows set up accordingly.

Melody yawned heavily while making her wings disappear, “Finally, to head to bed after all that.”

“Wait, Melody, before you jump right in, there are two matters that need attending to. First, your nightwear,” Sarise said before snapping her fingers, causing a shimmering haze to appear over Melody’s form once more.

My mind went blank from what appeared as a result.

Melody’s nightwear was identical to Sarise’s, only as pure in whiteness as my angel was in her innocence, even complementing the gold markings on her pale pink skin. With both my familiars together side-to-side, great differences could be seen between them. The way the matching lingerie hugged and conformed to their bodies clearly showed Melody had Sarise beat curves-wise with her wider, softer frame and ginormous tits. It went without saying my angel’s hips and ass, melded together to accentuate the combined tautness and smoothness on top of their rounded contours, also topped my devil’s. It was especially so with Melody’s entire backside exposed. For the rest of the lingerie, her nipples were too big for the straps to hide them, the petal-shaped laces’ position atop the angel’s tips just accentuated them further. Surrounding those fat beads, my angel’s areolas, which were only half covered in the first place, were also peeking out of the laced bands that pushed her breasts together and emphasized her cleavage. Even Melody’s untamed red bush couldn’t be contained by Sarise’s design, with stray hairs sticking out on the sides of where the two narrow straps barely overlapped to cover her pussy. 

I mentally thanked my devil familiar—privately, not with telepathy—for this incredible treat, but I still felt somewhat guilty. I made sure to internally apologize to Melody for ogling her, in penance.

Speaking of Sarise, while she doesn’t beat Melody in size, she makes up for it with her taller height, even without the platform shoes she was wearing today. There were also the proportions of her lean and tight hourglass frame, and the unique red skin etched with black markings that made her a devil from Zalecks. This was all enhanced by her black lingerie that Melody’s white one was a copy of, making her look like a model from a sexy underwear catalogue—though Melody could pull off being a plus-size model in said catalogue too.

Honestly, if I was by myself with my familiars, whether my body was young or old, it’d be hard for me to resist jumping on them and savoring the sensation of fondling the assets that I’d get to keep all to myself. Alas, Fila was with us, and she jumped out with her first impressions before I could.

“Wow, Melody! Your pajamas are just like Sarise’s! They look so amazing!” Fila praised.

Melody was stunned and in shock at the sudden and drastic wardrobe change and looked like she was about to scream in embarrassment until Fila spoke. 

“U-Um … th-thank you, Lady Fila, was it?” Melody asked, still flustered for various reasons.

Fila nodded in earnest confirmation, her floppy bunny ears bouncing, “Yep, yep! It’s nice to meet you, Melody! Hey, Sarise! You think you could put me in those same pajamas in—”

“NO!” I interrupted Fila in horror, making everyone in the room jump in shock. I then reeled myself back in and cleared my throat, “I-I mean, you don’t need to do that, Fila. You’re already pretty enough as you are in your gown.”

“Really?” Fila asked before giggling and flapping her skirt side-to-side bashfully.

For the record, Fila was in a one-piece, plain pink nightgown that was a little too big for  her, judging from how it stretched to the floor with the sleeves covering most of her hands. It looked like a hand-me-down from her mother, Flomi, who probably thought her daughter would start to grow into it sooner or later. That aside, it was sort of cute how a young bunny girl like Fila can get like this with just a single compliment.

<Sarise, I will say this right now, but you will not, and I repeat, will not put any girl under 18 years old in any of your designs without my supervision or say so, and there will be no exceptions. This is one of my permanent rules that you, as my familiar, must follow at all costs. Do I make myself clear on this?> I asked Sarise firmly through telepathy, Melody was also linked to our talk to hear it in her mind. I had to make sure future scenarios like what Fila almost got into would be avoided at all costs, or I’d face serious hell from their parents down the line. That might not even be the worst of it if word spread to my own parents about anything like this.

<To be fair, I was not planning on granting Fila’s request to begin with, Master,> Sarise answered.

I widened my eyes at Sarise’s firm statement. 

<I, myself, am especially aware after years of study of how inappropriate it would be to dress children like this … well, perhaps aside from you, Master,> she corrected before blushing and averting her gaze, <N-Now that I think about it … no, it should still be fine, right? As my master, you are free to do with my body as you wish, but if you were to ask about what clothing designs I’d put on you, would those be limited? Yes, that sounds about right, if we are talking about appropriateness. We are definitely not allowed to go too far with designs for Manarans that have not reached the age of majority yet. It sounds like the same would apply to what we could do with our masters … but, if I could only check to be certain …> Sarise seemed to go deep in thought at this point as I couldn’t hear anything else after that, which meant she must have stopped intending to communicate with me through telepathy. It sounded like she was speaking to me as well as herself up to then, trying to confirm what her guidelines as a Familiar are.

I was in too much astonishment at Sarise’s unique moral compass and guidelines to really ponder what she was thinking about now. I could still pass my thoughts to her through our telepathic connection, though, so I did just that, <A-Alright, well, good, and … Sarise? Melody?>

<Yes?> they both responded in sync.

I scanned their forms once more and stared at them seriously, despite the heat rising in my cheeks, <You both look … stunningly beautiful.>

My familiars went silent, their faces flushed red as they fidgeted in place.

God, it’s amazing how adorable they can be, I thought.

After taking a moment to calm down, Sarise then cleared her throat, “N-Now then, for the second matter, how should we set up sleeping arrangements? Who wishes to lay next to whom?”

“I want to sleep next to Soar!” Fila declared while hugging me from the side.

“You can take Master Soar’s other side for tonight, Sarise. I’ll sleep next to Fila,” Melody then said.

Sarise widened her eyes in shock, “You are sure on this, Melody?”

Melody smiled humbly, “You were with Soar before me, and you helped me a lot tonight. The least I could do to say thanks is let you take first dibs on this.”

“… Thank you, Melody,” Sarise said before smiling warmly.

With that, we set ourselves up under the covers with Sarise hitting the magic-powered lights before she crawled up to my side. My Fairy Companions were still partying it up in the attic with other fairies doing I-know-what, but I’m sure they’ll head to the bath eventually to clean themselves before going to sleep as well.

It was then Fila snuggled up close and clung to my side before giggling.

“You seem to be in a good mood,” I pointed out.

“I’m just … really happy to have you back. I got worried when you were gone for so long … twice,” Fila added.

I stroked Fila’s head comfortingly between her floppy bunny ears, “I’m sorry I made you feel that way, but since I’m a Hunter now, I’ll likely have long days like that. Some quests might even take more than a day or two to complete.”

“I know …”

“But I’ll always come back, though. I wouldn’t want to leave a sweet friend like you behind. We even made a Fairy Pinky Promise, too, remember?”

“Right … can I ask you something, Soar?” Fila asked.

“What is it?”

“What will you do as a Hunter? How far are you planning to go with this job?” Fila then asked.

I looked up to the darkened ceiling, “… I don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead. With how everything went today, I think I’ll just wing it and see where everything goes.”

Fila held my shirt with a finger and thumb, “Will you try to be one of the higher-ranked Hunters?”

“That would be the ideal. I heard that in the C ranks, as an adult I would be eligible to own a new home, or to occupy a room in a shared living space, at the least. I’m sure there will be plenty of other benefits as I go up the ranks and take on more difficult jobs. I’d like to own a big, luxurious home in the future, if I could. Something just as big, or even bigger than this one here,” I said, spreading my hands out wide above me to emphasize my point. 

Up until my death in my past life, I lived in a decent, but still lower-class apartment complex where I had to live with the noise from my neighbors and a nearby highway, and deal with the occasional bug infestation for a self-sustaining rental price. Don’t even get me started on the noisy neighborhood kids. While renting has its perks, even looking back at the house I lived with my parents, I understand the joys and wonders of home ownership. I just couldn’t have made enough money to pay off the ‘decently’ priced home loan before I’d have died—if I hadn’t been stabbed and lived on in that world, that is.

Now that I was already racking up my savings early on and would be building on it more with my Hunter job, I could splurge and go for my ideal dream house. Hell, if I bought the necessary materials and applied myself, I could buy a large enough plot of land and build my dream home, if I wanted to. I possess all the Elemental Magics, and a nearly infinite number of other magics with my S Rank Aptitude. Add in my stupidly high mana capacity and Great Sage gift providing the necessary functions for planning, and I could probably build it within a month. Plus, I’m still contemplating marrying several girls and forming a harem in the future like I dreamed about when I was first reborn. Just in case, then, it would be a good idea to make my future home big enough to house all of my partners comfortably. Making the house, or even a mansion, look fancy could even give me some bragging rights to impress the more sophisticated types.

“That sounds like a wonderful goal to have. I am all for this plan,” Sarise commented.

“Me too!” Melody added.

“That does sound nice. So, you’re going to try to be an S-Rank Hunter?” Fila asked

I hummed in thought, “It’d be great if I can. If there aren’t any opportunities to get higher than that, though, I think I’d be okay as an A-Rank, too. Ah, maybe I should limit what I use in the field? I demonstrated using Wind, Water, Darkness, and now Light after showcasing Nova to everyone. As an 11-year-old both capable of using that much magic and having high ranked familiars at my side, I’m probably getting a lot of attention already. Goddess knows how everyone would react if they knew that I could use all six elements like that princess. I guess I’ll do what I can with just those four elements and try to keep myself as low-key as possible. I'll take on just enough quests to raise my rank at a reasonable rate and cash in everything else separately from any quests so as to not affect my rank.”

Fila nestled close to my side, taking my arm in both of hers, even interlocking our fingers together, “I know you can do it, Soar, and get the biggest house around, too. Can I come over and play with you sometimes when you do?”

“That should be a given. You’d be welcome at any time.”

“Could we have sleepovers like this one, too?” Fila asked.

“Of course.”

“Yay,” Fila lightly cheered. She giggled and nuzzled me on my shoulder before yawning, “Good night, Soar.”

“Night, Fila,” I said while stroking her head, helping her fall into a deep and blissful sleep. It didn’t take long for her eyelids to grow heavy and close while she breathed lightly. 

<… Wow, she goes to sleep pretty quickly, huh? I guess I won’t have worry about her having nightmares tonight?> I asked Sarise and Melody through telepathy.

<With how magnificent and dependable you are, Master, anyone would fall asleep in peace quickly,> Sarise answered.

<I haven’t even seen Master Soar fight monsters yet, and I’m already convinced he’s amazing!> Melody agreed.

<That aside, what would happen if your parents cannot not accept me living with you, Master? What would you do, then?> Sarise asked me.

I closed my eyes in thought, <… I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I’ll try to think of something on the fly if that happens. Even so, I don’t think there’s much to worry about now.>

<May I ask how you are so sure of that, Master?>

<If they were really concerned, I don’t think they’d let you sleep with me, even with Melody here. Mom also said she’d be okay with you staying if I had an angel familiar, right? She’s not one to go back on her words, so after some time for her and Dad to sleep on the issue, I’m certain you’ll be welcomed in the family tomorrow. Oh! Let’s get up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for everyone. That will surely set the matter in stone,> I concluded.

<An excellent idea, Master. It will also be a good opportunity to showcase my cooking skills,> Sarise said.

<I-I’m not much of a cook, but I’ll try to help however I can, too!> Melody added.

<Do not worry, Melody, I will teach you everything I know as we go along. After all …> Sarise trailed off before I felt her shifting about on our greatly expanded bed. 

My pillow was switched out with something firmer, but far more comfortable than before as a similar object was laid over the left side of my face. This unique pillow sandwich, with a familiar touch of skin, brought a great softness and warmth pressed onto my head. Laced fabric brushed against my nose and lips as the ‘pillows’ settled around me. My nose tickled from the smell of bath soap and light sweat while I only saw darkness. I could still breathe, but I smelled nothing but that feminine scent. The rest of my body not occupied by Fila also got covered by a strong, firm, but gentle touch that I could only assume to be my devil’s because of the durable, soft padding that covered the tough foundation underneath. 

<… If Master is confident that things will work out, then I shall trust his judgement, and give him my all,> Sarise finished.

<R-Right … I’ll be counting on you both, Sarise, Melody,> I said.

<Yes, Master (Soar),> my familiars responded in sync.

I felt more shifting on Melody’s end, getting as close to us as possible with Fila in front of her. With that, my familiars fell asleep not too long afterward, while I took a lot longer with how hot things were getting, in multiple ways.

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