Chapter 48: My Devil’s Worries
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Where am I? The last thing I remember was sleeping with Master. I am still in my nightwear, and I do not recall waking up for anything … the devil, Sarise, thought, taking mental note of her current status.

It was hard to say where she was. The place was dark, but she could still see her hand in front of her clear as day without enhancing her vision with mana. She was standing on something, but had no idea which way was up or down.

“‘Scuse me a moment. I gotta spruce up a bit.”

The sudden male voice from out of nowhere startled Sarise. This deep, laid-back, almost casual tone that would lower most people’s guard had only made the devil’s body stiffen with anxiety.

N-No way …

Before Sarise could process the situation further, her surroundings changed in a flash. Gone was the dark, foreboding void of endless space. In its place was a luxurious suite that was the size of a studio apartment. This floor was designed with velvet carpeting and passionate red walls, except one made of glass that gave a splendorous view of a modern city that bathed in light of twilight. There was a small kitchen with polished marble floors and countertops in one corner, paintings, bookshelves, file cabinets along the walls, and unique furniture designs, including a polished redwood desk that sat in front of the glass wall. The large, fancy leather office chair behind it was turned around, facing towards the view of the city.

A-Am I in … Sarise trailed off as she stared at her surroundings in amazement.

“Sorry to keep you waitin’, Sarise, and excuse me for my lack of proper attire.”

The devil jolted her head in the direction the voice came from. She had honestly thought the person in question was sitting in the office chair.

Instead, a man with skin far redder than any devil’s came out of what looked like the bathroom of this suite-like office, wearing nothing but a white velvet bathrobe. Damp, brushed back black locks and small water droplets trailed down his broad, mostly exposed chest, showing he had just come out of the bath. A strong, limber black tail was poking out the back of the robe and swayed behind him. Freshly filed and polished silver antelope horns gleamed from the sun’s rays as they sprouted and curved up and back from on top of his head.

This devilishly handsome man was none other than Garem, The God of Chaos and Emotion, ruler of the Realm of Zalecks.

“M-Milord!” Sarise exclaimed in panic before immediately prostrating herself, “P-Please pardon me for the sudden and rude intrusion in your … place! I am not worthy!”

“Settle down, kid, and stand back up while you’re at it,” Garem said before walking past Sarise towards the kitchen, whipping her ass with his own tail along the way. 

“Eep!” the devil yelped with flushed cheeks, springing to her feet.

“You’re not in trouble, and you’re only in a dream of my office. I brought you here for us to have a brief private chat,” he continued, waving his hand dismissively, “Wait there while I get me some coffee. You want anything?” Garem asked while pouring water in the coffee.

“I-I am fine, thank you,” Sarise answered shakily, rubbing her slightly stinging ass. Her tail curled around herself before she gently fiddled with it,“T-To what do I owe the honor and pleasure of speaking with you on these holy grounds?”

Though Garem was displaying a calm and casual demeanor, as a devil who took her social standing in Zalecks very seriously, Sarise couldn’t afford to lower her guard. After all, this was her first time speaking with her God directly. Heck, she had never even set foot in the building her God lived and worked in. Granted, she knew that since she’d acquired a position as a familiar that she’d get to meet with him in person eventually, but she didn’t expect that time to come so soon, let alone be one-on-one.

 “Your arrival on Manara, of course, as well as addressing concerns that you have in regards to your new master. You needed to confirm your boundaries and guidelines as a familiar, yes?” Garem asked as he set up ground coffee and a filter in a machine.

As expected of a god, he has sensed my unease and heard my prayer, Sarise thought.

Unknown to Soar, after their intimate cleaning time together, Sarise had had concerns about what acts and behaviors were acceptable to do around and with her new master. Before she fell asleep, the devil had prayed that her Lord would help her out. It seems he had heeded her call.

Moments later, Garem came back with a mug that had ‘Big Daddy’ written on it. He sat down on the couch, slouching back and spreading his legs wide open. The refreshed God of Chaos sighed in content before sipping his coffee and getting comfortable. His bathrobe was more than short enough that someone could take a peek and see what was underneath in his current sitting position. In fact, his manhood, as dark and red as his skin, was laid out on full display. The God of Chaos and Emotion clearly didn’t care if anyone saw him like this. Rather, he welcomed the attention and readily allowed anyone to behold the great treasure that was between his legs. As tempting as it was to step outside and let it all hang out, doing so in a public space would bring more chaos to the populace than the two other gods, Elmyra and Nodem, would usually let him create. To bare witness such a sight in his own private space was something only a handful of Zaleckians would ever be lucky enough to see even once in their lifetime.

Satisfied with his first sip of coffee for the day, Garem let his levitation magic hold the mug aloft, sat up, closed his legs some, and looked in Sarise’s direction while patting his lap, “Have a seat here, Sarise.”

Though it was only a dream, Sarise could feel her heart racing when her eyes caught what was between her Lord’s legs as well as what he was implying. Though she cared for her master deeply, no woman from Zalecks could help herself when in the presence of her God. She swallowed the nervousness and lust that caused saliva to pool in her mouth as she grew hot and damp in her nether regions, and complied with Garem’s casual demand.

As Sarise approached Garem, she got flustered, wondering just what sort of position would be appropriate to sit on his lap in. The God read this right away and led her so that she ended up sitting across his lap sidesaddle, right above his genitals. Her arms wound up around his shoulders while he supported her exposed back with a lean, sturdy arm of his own. The powerful hand on that arm curled around to cup and play with one of Sarise’s breasts in a teasing manner. At his touch, the devil’s nipple perked up and throbbed underneath her lingerie’s fabric. With a warm and gentle smile, the God of Chaos used his other hand to caress her cheek.

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygooooooosh! I am sitting on Lord Garem’s lap while he feels me up! On top of that, his ethereal cock is definitely poking me from below! Jily and Master would freak if they heard about this! Sarise screamed in her mind in excitement before a realization hit her, … Wait, Master would freak out, but maybe not in the same manner as Jily. Oh, dear, and I just told him last night that my body was his, too!

Very few Manarans are even aware of how Zalecks’ culture works, like how often Zaleckians have sex with others, let alone how much we fondle each other’s bodies, whether or not any of us are in a committed relationship. As long as the proper boundaries and proprieties are respected, married demons can have sex with outsiders without violating their vows, or even first seeking permission. Nor would most Manarans understand how important a role physical contact plays in all forms of communication between us Zaleckians, even touching that others would classify as highly sexual. What they classify as groping or foreplay is just a casual handshake for us.

As knowledgeable as Master is, I cannot assume he knows about all of our customs. What if he gets the wrong idea and becomes upset? Would he understand that such actions don't mean the same thing for us demons? I need to see where he stands on this as soon as possible!

Oh, how I want to hold Master right now. Actually, while I was too emotional to think straight, I pulled him into my lap just last night. I am not sure if this position would display conduct appropriate for a servant towards her master, but I cannot deny how good it felt holding him in my arms. From how his heart raced everytime I held him, he seemed really happy whenever we touched too.

Then again, I can sense his emotions already through our pact as master and familiar. Doing the same through physical contact allows me as a demon to really empathize with him, to really feel his emotions as if they were my own. When our feelings were mutual, like the excitement we shared during that cleaning last night, it really intensifies our empathetic bond for me and makes living in the moment all the more vivid and fun. 

I want to experience and explore more of those wonderful sensations during my time with Master. I hope he will still let me do all that and then some after I explain everything to him … and that he understands that I still cherish him above all else. 

Zalecks is a realm where casual, open-minded, and sexually-proactive demons and magical beasts of all kinds thrive. The city that the devil and her God were in, Vas Legas—or at least the dream version of it—possessed a culture that best represented the populace and their way of living as a whole. Dress codes ranging from daring to insane, residents having sex in broad daylight while others stand by, either getting off on the scene or going about their day like normal. It was a place that most outsiders would find truly bizarre and lacking common sense. This city was truly representative of a world where the people lived by the mantra ‘act first and think later,’ going about their days and doing things based solely on how they were feeling at the moment.

Part of Demonic culture that was far removed from human norms on Manara were the frequent and public acts of ‘casual fondling.’ No matter the relationship, good or bad, one and all openly felt each other up while conversing. Reasons for doing so varied from love, to showing interest in a potential romantic partner, to the desire for physical intimacy, to even laying down a challenge, taunt, or dare. Whatever the reason might be, touching any and all parts of one another—including the erogenous ones—was just a normal part of communication and daily life for any Zaleckian.

Though social ranking differences are taken into account, the consent to touch or grope anywhere one pleased was always a given. If the one being groped wasn’t into it, it would be obvious to any Zaleckain’s empathic touch sense, and the other party would stop immediately. But few were that inept at providing pleasure. Any Manaran taking one look at their surroundings would be shocked at how common this intimate act was.

Since sensual touch plays such a large role in Zalecks’ culture, Zaleckians had to be taught to not partake in such acts when on Manara in order to qualify as a familiar. This teaching was further reinforced when demons began growing infamous throughout various human kingdoms. Until it was time to be summoned, however, those who had completed their training were free to live on Zalecks as normal, copping a feel on whoever, wherever was convenient.

The case between Sarise and Garem would have been no different, only one of them was the very God that ran the realm every Zaleckian was living in. Being in such close contact with their Lord was one of the highest honors a demon could receive. Some would spend their whole life’s savings if it meant experiencing this opportunity for just one minute. It would be impossible, ludicrous, heretical even perhaps, for any female granted such an honor to refuse her Lord’s demands and advances. Sarise was no exception. As both a daughter from a noble family, and a familiar currently under contract, earning her Lord's ire by insulting him would cost her twice over. First in however her punishment might affect her new, wonderful, master, and second in the dishonor it would bring down upon her family. Not that she was the least bit interested in refusing him in the first place.

Once Garem confirmed Sarise was comfy on his lap—or as close to it as she could be—he floated his mug over to take another sip of his favorite drink. With additional levitation magic, he picked up a few files that were sitting on his desk, bringing them over to him. Opening one of the files with that same magic, the deity skimmed its contents while making sure Sarise couldn’t see it. While reading, the hand that was caressing Sarise’s cheek moved downward to rub her thigh.

At first Sarise was thrilled and aroused by her Lord’s touch, mainly the feel of his grand staff under her ass. After remembering her bond with Soar, though, she was too conflicted with herself to even bother with the file’s contents. Having her one of her well built girls and a thigh rubbed was calming her down as it turned her on further, however. The rising sexual energy was reassuringly familiar and made her feel safe. From his deft erotic touch, Sarise could tell both that her Lord cared for and valued her, and that he wouldn’t take things any further. This was only a small example of what the God of Emotion could do for anyone he came in contact with, especially his Zaleckian subjects. Most demons are also capable of conveying emotion through touch, but not as effectively using only the same level of effort as Garem was on Sarise.

“Soar Osmis … gotta say, none of us had expected him to perform his first summoning so soon,” Garem admitted while continuing to massage Sarise’s pert boob and muscular thigh.

“None of you … as in you, Lord Nodem, and Lady Elmyra too? All of you have been watching him?” Sarise asked with widened eyes.

“Oh, yes. That … kid … is a special case between the three of us,” Garem said, looking unusually careful with his wording for a moment, using his hands on Sarise’s breast and leg to help him collect his thoughts, “Nodem and I had to do a coin flip to decide who would grant him his first familiar the moment he was born, which is something we don’t do very often with other Manarans. I won, of course. Took me some time thinking and observing him before deciding that you would fit him best. Let me first apologize for springing that responsibility on you all of a sudden, Sarise.”

“Th-There is no need for that! It was sudden for me, yes, but I am grateful to be chosen as a familiar, especially for someone like Master!” Sarise exclaimed.

“But you have something gnawing your conscience, do you, Sarise? Specifically your intimate scrub down,” Garem guessed.

Sarise went redder in the face than her skin could handle before she shifted her gaze downward.

“Talk to me, sweetheart. What’s got your G-string in a twist?” Garem asked, using the hand on Sarise’s thigh to teasingly snap the waistband of her thong lightly.

“I am aware … that we do not service masters that have not yet reached the age of majority the same as we do with those who have, or are past it,” Sarise said, “We have these boundaries with younger masters for a reason, I understand that, but what mine showed me last night … was unlike anything I have ever dreamed of. There was this feeling of wrongness that just made everything all the more exciting. I never anticipated feeling such ecstasy before, and when he said he would play with me some more if I kept it a secret, I was all too excited and too eager to agree, but thinking back on it now with a clear mind, the idea frightens me.”

Shivering in anxiety, Sarise looked up at her Lord pleadingly, “Please, Milord, I must know. Are these feelings I possess acceptable? Is it really okay for me to continue playing these games with my Master when he is still so young?”

Garem kissed her tenderly on the forehead.

“In a word, yes,” he said, as both hands came up and pinched her nipples.

Fireworks went off in Sarise’s mind, a strange full-body rush of pleasure. Strange because it was not an orgasm, her loins only buzzed gently. The devil had never heard of such a thing before, and instantly knew that Garem had chosen this sensation for her out of respect for her master. He knew she’d never fully believe his words without that most demonic of confirmations, erotic pleasure, and that she’d feel guilty if he provided proof of his good will to her the traditional way, with sex. So, her lord did the impossible and satisfied both contradictory requirements simultaneously. As to be expected of the God of Chaos and Emotions.

Seeing that Sarise was still basking in her afterglow, Garem kneaded her tits and took a sip out of his levitating coffee mug while also working on coming up with a more complete answer.

“To start, if we’re using your ‘cleaning session’ with Soar as an example for your ‘games,’ you performed splendidly,” Garem declared.

Having slumped against him, Sarise’s eyes widened in shock.

“Everything that happened last night was within safe grounds of acceptable actions towards younger masters, which is fully submitting your body for them to explore directly at their command,” Garem explained, “The only rules that must be enforced is no direct, intentional contact on the genitals with any part of their body or vice versa—so that applies to both you as the familiar and to your master, but the Child Protection Aura will prevent them from going near there—and familiars must never instigate these acts with their masters, at all, until they reach the age of majority. Until then, the familiar will answer any questions their young master may have on the subject of their bodies as well as act, dress, and play with them at their command. Remember that the Child Protection Aura will always work to keep them, and therefore you, safe from any misconduct. This means that if the Child Protection Aura allows it, it's okay and you have nothing to worry about.

“Soar isn’t even aware of these rules, and yet he already found a loophole by using levitation magic to tease your crotch with a washcloth. Clever little sneak, that one is,” Garem commented before chuckling, recalling the scene as he took another sip of coffee.

“T-True … admittedly too clever, along with everything else that night,” Sarise said, “I do not mean any disrespect, of course, but is it even possible for him to know of such things at his age? Come to think of it, I should have sensed something was off when he gave me that massage in the dungeon. That just felt too good to be coming from a child, if you know what I mean.”

“Ah, yes, your questioning on that front would be reasonable, if we were dealing with a normal kid, that is, but Soar is far from one,” Garem argued as he looked at his file again, “Out of, admittedly belated, respect for his privacy, I can’t give too much about him away after already overstepping our bounds in doing so with some other participating parties, but I’ll tell you this: he knew what he was doing with you last night. He has had that level of awareness, intelligence, and maturity since he was born.”

“You’re kidding!” Sarise objected, slipping out of her normal formality in shock.

“Believe me, I know how to give a good tease at times, but this isn’t one of them,” he explained, moving one hand to rub Sarise’s stomach, “Smart as the kid has always been, it has complicated his development, especially when it comes to adult women. The poor guy has been exposed to, and learned too much of, the wonders and fun of sex far too quickly for his age. We had to take safety precautions with his body to ensure his unnatural awareness wouldn’t stunt his growth, but his mind is another story. Still, he has tried his best to ignore these inherent, virile urges for the good ol’ T and A, but he’s been living on empty for too long. It wasn’t a problem until recent events in his life put him on the brinks of sanity before you came around.

“That’s why after years of observation and self-debate, I chose you, Sarise,” Garem said, using both hands again to cup and fondle the young devil’s breasts. Her nipples were still hard beads, the exquisite pleasure of his touch adding demonic sincerity to his words, “You are the right person to help him out, as you have the right kind of mindset, flexibility, attitude, and especially the body to fulfill his current needs. Your willingness to serve, as well as your unique interest of becoming a ‘maid’ during your time as a familiar, will be just the thing to help him stay composed in public.”

“Y-You even know about …” Sarise trailed off, too stunned to know how to react at the stunning influx of information and erotic sensations.

“As for your feelings for Soar, many demons before you have been through fulfilling, life-changing, experiences with their masters, young and old,” Garem continued while playing with her breasts some more, “The levels of stress you’re experiencing now as you’re undergoing these chaotic changes in a new environment are normal. I had anticipated such development after being around a mature, intelligent child like Soar long enough, but not even I foresaw something like that cleaning scene that made things escalate so quickly. However, your feelings will mature and come to a proper balance in time. And of course none of this will be of any concern once he reaches his age of majority. All I can give you for advice now is to cherish these special moments you have with Soar, take great care with his well-being, both body and mind, and always keep yourselves in a comfortable space. Have faith that he’ll understand your feelings once you voice your discomfort. He’s way ahead on that front from the other kids, that’s for sure.”

Sarise teared up, but tried to keep herself composed and not look like a mess in front of her Lord, “That is what I have been planning to do from the very beginning. Thank you for helping me confirm a few things and set my mind at ease, Milord.”

Garem gave a warm smile and patted Sarise’s thigh, “Anything for my kids, sweetheart. Now, before we set you on your way, there is one more thing I need to talk to you about, your new ‘familiar sister.’”

“Melody?” Sarise asked.

“Yes, her,” Garem said as he set Soar’s file aside, opened another folder, and skimmed its contents, “You are aware of her lack of any familiar training, and just like with your case, none of us expected Soar to summon his second familiar so soon either. Honestly, I thought Nodem would speak with her like I’m doing with you, but he fears she may become a blubbering mess and cry about being unworthy to be Soar’s familiar, and things would just become a big pain after that. I have no idea why he decided to pick an angel with that weak of an emotional mindset, but it states here that she has the skills in magic and Aura Manipulation to more than qualify as a familiar.

“He asked me to relay a message to you while we’re here like this, namely that you show Melody the ropes on being a capable familiar, and help her gain the self-confidence she needs to get by. Put everything that I just talked with you about into your teachings with her, but keep what I told you about Soar hush-hush between us. Capiche?” Garem asked.

“I understand, but does that mean he is okay with me teaching Melody all that I learned about being a Zaleckian familiar? Are not the Zaleesian’s teaching methods different from ours?” Sarise asked.

 “I’m assuming he wants her taught our way, or else he’d have plopped a textbook on my lap along with his message to you,” Garem answered before rolling his eyes, “Knowing Nodem, he has some reason for wanting Melody to be taught the ways of a Zaleckian familiar rather than a Zaleesian one. I’ll leave that between the two of them, though, as this is the only time I’m interfering in one of his kids’ affairs with their master. Just help the angel come out of her shell while taking care of Soar’s … ‘special needs,’ to the best of your ability.”

“I will not let you down, Milord,” Sarise said while she got up from Garem’s lap and dropped to one knee, pledging her allegiance to her Lord. To prevent any temptation and not risk betraying her master, she avoided making eye contact with her God’s grandiose cock.

“I know this is a lot for you to take on your shoulders, but make the most of it and remember to have some fun,” Garem said as he stood and lifted Sarise up to standing position with a strong hand around her waist before walking both of them to the door. As they walked, one of his hands dropped down onto the young devil’s ass and kneaded it lightly.

“Be playful and entice that young man with your ‘maid-enly’ charms,” he emphasized while squeezing his fingers, “Oh, and get Melody in on it, too. Trust me, he’ll appreciate it … eventually.”

If Master will enjoy my fantasies along with me, then I will be the luckiest devil in Zalecks. Ohh, the things he could do with me … Sarise thought, slightly in a daze, barely noticing her God’s last words, and not paying attention to the open door in front of her.

She snapped herself out of it just in time to notice the dark void of space she found herself in from the beginning of her dream.

“W-Wait, where is—”

“Best of luck, sweetheart! Go get ‘em!” Garem interrupted before giving Sarise a good smack on the butt.

It was a big enough surprise to cause Sarise to jump right out of the mischievous God’s office and plummet down into the dark abyss with a scream.



“Toodle-oo,” Garem bid while waving his fingers at the falling devil before closing the door.

He then went back to his comfortable and luxurious couch and took another sip of his beloved coffee. With a wave of his finger, a hole appeared in space. It revealed the same devil he just spanked out of his office moments ago and her beloved master next to her, both in a surprising, juicily scandalous, position.

Garem’s ‘godhood’ quickly rose while he clapped in excitement, “Oooh, I might just have to order breakfast in this time around. I can’t miss a moment of this … better get a refill and make the order quickly.”

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