Chapter 49: Didn’t Think I’d Get Milk Like This Again
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“M-Mmh …” Sarise grunted with restrained eroticism.

Ugh, what an end to that so-called dream. As expected, the inner workings of Milord’s mind is an enigma. At least he was generous enough to answer my worries from last night, so now I can really focus on doing my best as a dignified familiar from Zalecks. Come on, Sarise, wake up. You have got to get up and help Master prepare breakfast for the others.

Last night, as soon as Soar proposed the idea to wake up early and make breakfast for everyone, Sarise repeated it in her mind before she fell asleep so that she’d remember about it upon waking up. Like fairies, familiars of all kinds have a highly accurate, innate sense of time, whether they’re in their birth realms or on Manara. Because of this, clocks don’t exist on the continent of Dustarga, each of the countries within it have alternative ways to tell time for those who have neither a fairy or a familiar.

In the Reskondant Kingdom, there are magic bells people can own that ring six times daily, tolling when it’s morning, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and night. These are spread evenly throughout the day, there being the same number of hours in a Manaran day as on Earth. There are more minutes in a Manaran hour, however, and more seconds in a Manran minute, such that a day on Manara lasts about twenty-eight Earth hours long. Regardless, timekeeping is not a problem for anyone in the Osmis household.

For Sarise’s part, she was already an early-riser back on Zalecks, and the time difference wasn’t so great as to make adapting hard. Even so, Sarise was a devil who took her role as a familiar far more seriously than some foolish Manarans would have guessed from her appearance alone. This was her first official day on Manara, her debut as a Zaleckian familiar and as a maid, and she needed to start out strong to leave an amazing, lasting impression on her young master, his family, and their friends.

And to start off strong, the first thing a proper maid must do is wake up, make themselves presentable, and greet their master with a beautiful, warm smile as they gently rouse them. Then again, this was actually an important task for a familiar also. Sarise knew that it was something that could go both ways, but acting the part of her master’s maid pleased her more, so that was the role she chose. Her desire was such that she spent years working with the maids that served her family’s household, all to attain that mindset as she passionately trained herself for this very moment.

Lying in bed without moving, Sarise rehearsed the steps of her morning ritual mentally first, Remember your routine, Sarise! Wake up, dress down, pretty up, brush hair down, and then—

Sarise’s thoughts came to a crashing halt when a sudden, but exhilarating, sensation sent thrilling chills down her spine, eliciting a shallow gasp. The devil was able to hold back her cry of satisfaction, but the incredible sensation was still acting on her, and it was difficult for her to not let out moans of pleasure. If she wasn’t awake before, she was certainly so now.

—Just what is making me endure this cruel pleasure? she thought before finally opening her eyes for the first time that morning, and as her vision adjusted, what she saw answered her question immediately.

Her young boy of a master, Soar Osmis, was suckling on her now bare tit. Before Sarise fell asleep, she’d turned the self-adjusting effects of her clothing magic off to save mana, and so her large, red melons with their dark crimson nipples had popped out of her unique teddy lingerie as she moved during the night. In addition, it seems one or both of them had kicked the blankets off, leaving the majority of their bodies exposed to the cold, which left her young master cuddling up to the devil to seek her warmth. With one of her breasts now poking Soar in the face, specifically with the nipple against his lips, the boy must have subconsciously taken it in his mouth like a sleeping newborn.

Sarise noticed that Fila and Melody were in a similar position, with their bodies exposed to the cold air after apparently knocking off their covers as well. For the sake of warmth, the bunny girl was burrowed into the warm softness of the angel’s chest and had practically sunk out of sight. Melody, in turn, was hugging her like one of her favorite stuffed animals.

Looking back down at Soar's sleeping face, his demonic familiar was captivated and internally squealed in delight, Ooooooh, how cuuuuuuuute! How blessed I am to get to see how adorable Master looks while sleeping on my very first day! This is more than just coincidental luck on my part! I thank you for this wonderful treat on such a joyous day, Lord Garem! Oh, the poor dear, he must be so hungry after everything he went through yesterday. He clearly did not have enough to eat at the party last night. I would love to cook him a good breakfast in bed, but he would probably wake up if I left. Is it okay for me to wake him, or should I let him sleep? Then again, was he not going to wake up to prepare food for everyone with me? But he looks so peaceful sleeping like this, and I do not want to wake him, or let his hunger force him to wake up, before his body is ready to …

Sarise was facing her first dilemma as a newly-contracted maid. Soar didn’t explicitly make it an order that the two of them were to make breakfast together. It was more of a suggestion, one that would help her win his parents over on the topic of letting her stay. Yet, the devil had been taught to always tend to her master’s needs first, and that was reconfirmed during the talk with her god in her dream. Unless Soar ordered otherwise, Sarise had to make sure he was healthy, especially while he was still so young with lots of time and room to grow ahead of him.

With that said, the devil decided that the large-scale breakfast could wait. It was important for a growing boy to get plenty of rest, especially after all the work he put in yesterday. She was definitely not making an excuse to continue watching her master sleep so cutely as he suckled her tit like a newborn. Still, the fact that her master was trying to drink her milk meant he was getting hungry, which now posed a new problem. This was to either risk waking him up by pulling away and sneaking off to prepare his breakfast, or let him sleep and continue to attempt to nurse for the milk that would never come.

Wait, I can fulfill his needs without waking him with the ‘Creamy Fantasy’ spell Jily taught me! Of course! Okay, Sarise, it has been a while since you last practiced, but you can do this. Just focus, and … Sarise closed her eyes and concentrated. A great surge coursed through the devil’s body, flowing towards her chest, where it felt like her heart was about to burst. She squinted an eye open to check and watched her breasts swell up, almost inflating like balloons. Her areolas spread over the wider surface area, keeping pace with the rest of her melons’ growth. Meanwhile, the buds that stuck out in the middle became swollen as they grew to the size of grapes, including the one currently inside her master’s mouth.

The sensation of Sarise’s tits stretching as they expanded and grew wasn’t painful. On the contrary, it felt so good that it was slowly raising her arousal. As Sarise’s breathing grew noisy, she had to restrain herself from groaning, taking shallow breaths for fear of waking the other people in the room.

Mmh, this is no time to focus on feeling good, Sarise. You have to tend to Master’s needs first. Come on, girls, do it already, Sarise chided her breasts in her mind. Finally, as if they were heeding her inner call, white beads started forming on her nipples. Yes! I still got it, Jily!

This was an advanced internal enhancement technique of Demonic Magic taught among the upper-class of demon culture, ‘Creamy Fantasy.’ It allowed female demons to make their breasts grow bigger, filling them with milk to lactate with. By manipulating the mana within their bodies to flow and channel into their breast tissue, they are able to set estrogen-production levels into high gear. Meanwhile, Aura and mana are combined to make Auric Matter. This is then formed into artificial glands inside the breast tissue in order to produce and contain more milk at faster speeds, allowing the jugs to keep up with the increased levels of estrogen. As more glands are formed, the breasts that contain them grow until they reach the desired weight and size. If their breasts stop increasing and refuse to grow anymore, the demoness knows they’ve reached their limit. A bit more size is still achieved as milk production continues, causing swelling, until the tits leak the creamy liquid at the slightest touch. For some female demons, this final size can be twice, or even thrice of their default bust sizes and weight, and they can get even bigger if they put in enough practice to surpass those limits.

The succubus race are master practitioners in this erotic art, but other demons with high magical capability like devils are also able to perform it as well. It was said that this technique was first developed to let these high-class demons act as wet nurses when their master or master’s spouses weren’t able to produce enough milk for their newborns. How long it took for this internally cast spell technique to be used for kinky fetish purposes was anyone’s guess. Even if not many of these high-class demons were called upon by their masters to act as wet nurses these days, though, the ‘Creamy Fantasy’ spell was still passed down to each generation.

Initiates just starting out in the art would usually begin by massaging their bare tits as they focus on controlling the mana to flow inside them. If the practitioner was having a difficult time making this happen, their instructor—usually a highly skilled succubus—would come and assist them. This help could include the teacher massaging their student’s soon-to-be milk jugs, as well as other places on the body, or even licking and suckling their nipples, all so the student could learn to manually control the mana flow inside of their breasts.

Specialized oils and aphrodisiacs were sometimes used to increase the student’s sensitivity for mana. This sensitivity would help them really feel the flow of mana in their breasts. They would then practice altering this flow until they reached the point where they could lactate. Through this practice, with some adjustments, highly skilled practitioners like Sarise could even manipulate their mana to increase the arousal sensitivity of different parts of their bodies at command. It went without saying that these ‘lessons’ would always quickly transform into something else as the teacher and student(s) really got into it.

When applied in the field, the demon’s master may ask her to play with her tits in front of them while making them grow. There may also be times when the master would want to massage their familiar’s breasts with their own hands while the latter works the magic. In either case, learning to stimulate lactation by hand was like riding a bike with training wheels. The main goal for any ‘Creamy Fantasy’ practitioner was to make their milk jugs grow and lactate on their own without any external stimulation.

No, at this point, the female demon should be stimulated enough just by her own mana playing with her breasts’ fatty tissues and nerves to succeed. This is every high-class demon’s goal, as the result would be allowing their master to observe the surreal and extraordinary phenomenon of breasts growing right before their very eyes without any obstruction. Pulling off ‘Creamy Fantasy’ without external stimulation is like a medal of honor, showing the female demon’s capability, worth, and honor as their master’s familiar.

While the unaided feat may be impressive in a demon’s eyes, it all really came down to their master’s preferences and what was more entertaining and thrilling for them. Regardless of the means, the female demon hardly ever had any reason to complain, as it usually ended in hot sex, a win-win situation for both parties.

Sarise by now was jumping for joy in her mind at getting her breasts to lactate without waking Soar. The ‘young’ boy quickly noticed the different, but interesting, taste in his mouth while sleeping. As if acting on instinct, he was drawn to drink more of this exquisite nectar from the strangely familiar source, and his body responded to his subconscious urges as he shifted  a better position to suckle his devil’s milk. Still not satisfied, Sarise’s sleeping master took her large tit in both of his small hands and lightly squeezed it to milk even more cream out, squirting a small stream in his mouth that he happily drank.

Master’s drinking my milk so vigorously! Ohh, this feels so different from when I practiced with Jily. Mmmh, satisfying Master’s hunger with my milk, it is so … exquisite! Sarise thought in ecstasy.

As Sarise relished the pleasure of breastfeeding, her reddish complexion practically glowed with positivity and beauty. She was also feeling aroused in ways she never felt during her practice. Her body’s erotic craving to be sensually touched rose higher and higher, while her mind was high from the ecstasy and currently on auto-pilot. After her talk with her God and hearing his instructions about her Child-Protection Aura, Sarise was freed from all her fears. She could relax and enjoy the ride, pretending she was in the middle of an extra special masturbation session. Like her previous solitary playtimes, she manipulated mana within her body to increase the sensitivity in the appropriate areas, mainly her leaking tits and wet pussy.

While cradling Soar’s head in one hand, urging him to suckle more milk, Sarise’s other hand reached down between her legs. She easily reached between the overlapping panels of her minimal nightwear, thankful she didn’t have to remove it. Brushing lightly, she danced her fingers over the dark red vulva that was blooming underneath and generously secreting the devil’s forbidden nectar. Just that touch sent jolts of electricity through her body, making her arch her back as she gasped.

To keep herself from screaming in delight, a small part of Sarise’s mind not drunk with ecstasy was functional enough to use levitation magic on her other exposed tit. Dribbling with milk, the familiar brought the neglected tit to her own mouth and started drinking it herself. This not only helped muffled her screams, but even raised her pleasure higher as both her breasts were now being assaulted. Not to mention she got to enjoy a refreshing beverage first thing in the morning.

Mmh, yes, Master, drink more of my milk! Drink it with all the lust and vigor you had when you fondled me last night! I need more of it! Sarise screamed in her mind while she drank her own cream with that same energy.

With the hand on her crotch, Sarise pushed her middle finger into her entrance, going as far into the depths as her digit could take her, and played with her insides with the slicking wetness of her nectar. The devil’s hungry pussy squeezed down tightly in response, wanting much more filling it. Her mind was foggy with pleasure as she fantasized, imagining her master, older and manlier, taking charge and helping himself to all of the devil’s voluptuous body for his own pleasure.

Yes! Yes! Use me, Master! Use my body! Take me, take everything! Make this maid your illicit mistress! Sarise screamed in her fantasy. She began upping her efforts in fingering her treasure while sucking breast milk out of her tit. Meanwhile, her other hand cradled Soar’s head gently as he had his fill of milk from her other jug.

Master! I’m getting so close! Please, let me cum! I beg you, let me cum like the needy, naughty maid that I am! Sarise pleaded to her master in her fantasy, teasing herself in real time as she edged closer and closer to her peak.

Then, to Sarise’s surprise, she felt teeth on the breast Soar was suckling. It was as if he was urging the teat to produce more milk by using a little more force in his mouth while squeezing the breast harder. His familiar could hardly believe he was still sleeping this whole time. He didn’t bite down hard, it was only a nibble at best, and the devil’s skin was more than tough enough to not bruise or feel pain so easily. Even so, it was almost like he answered Sarise’s plea, because with her increased sensitivity stimulated by her mana control, that light teething was just the trigger needed to push Sarise over the edge.

MASTER SOOOOOOAR! Sarise mentally screamed in climax as she arched her back. It had been a while since she last relieved herself, but it was also a special case this time around, as it was her first time breastfeeding her young master, even if he was only unknowingly involved. The devil didn’t just make a soaking mess on the mattress, her engorged teats sprayed milk like fountains in both their mouths. Sarise was lucky she and her master kept the spraying contained, or there’d be a sudden white shower in the room due to the sheer force of her milky eruption. She had tasted her own milk before, but there was something about this batch that made it seem especially delicious. Soar certainly seemed delighted by the taste as he swallowed his familiar’s milk down his gullet.

When Sarise’s climax died down, she dropped back down on her bed, released her teat from her mouth, and panted with hot breath as she rode out her afterglow. Soar was still sucking insistently on her other breast, the sensation sending pleasurable shockwaves through her satiated body, as she hugged him to her chest. Ah, sating Master Soar’s subconscious desire from hunger in such a carnal fashion, while I am nothing more than his maid … how delicious, she thought.

In the lucid part at the back of Sarise’s mind, she remembered her meeting with Garem and talking with him about Soar’s ‘complications.’ From her own observations, with her master’s levels of intelligence, awareness, and maturity, he could pass as an adult. Even last night, she noticed that the disconnect between Soar’s innocent, youthful image and his mischievous, cunning, lecherous actions was stark. The devil just couldn’t imagine a child was capable enough to exercise such sexual control over her.

Amidst the surprise and confusion caused by the sharp contrast Sarise witnessed from her master, she was enthralled, amazed, and ecstatic to be at the mercy of such a unique individual. And after her dream, she couldn’t wait for when their next time would come. For her body to be touched and teased, to be used and played with at her master’s leisure, she wanted more of that sort of attention. It was like she had a taste of what the illicit maids she read about in raunchy books had experienced. It was the sort of experience she dreamed of having as she served her master, and Soar had delivered a piece of it to her last night like an adult master would have.

Perhaps it was expected for her to see Soar more as an adult than what his age and appearance suggested. That was probably why Garem brought Sarise to his office through a dreamscape, to confirm what it is about Soar that made her feel this way, and why she shouldn’t worry about it. Despite the abrupt end to their meeting, Sarise was grateful to her lord for explaining everything and reassuring her. Of course, she’d still have to follow the rules and restrain herself to an extent, considering Soar’s age, but that was fine. She was happy to wait. If his unexpected skill meant Soar would be able to do even better master-servant stuff with her when he reached the age of majority, then that was something to look forward to.

As Sarise came back from her afterglow high, she noticed a damp wetness between her legs, followed by a lingering scent in the air, Goodness, my cum clearly has recharged since last night. Nevertheless, I better get this cleaned up before my master and the others wake up from the smell.

Sarise closed her eyes and concentrated. Then, with a sweep of her hand, all traces of her climax—erotic liquids, scents, and all—completely disappeared.

Being more experienced and flexible than most in matters of sex, demons had experimented and improved their Demonic Magic to make the cons that came with having lots of sex easier to handle. One of them included the otherwise painstaking process of cleaning sexual fluids and smells that are so difficult to remove. With this spell, casually dubbed ‘Quickie Cleaner,’ any noticeable signs of organic gases and liquids, like those that come from a sexual encounter, are cleared from a focused area like they were never there.

While it was a godsend for those who otherwise would have to deal with those messes by hand, it was a notorious tool for those who needed to wipe out any evidence of sinful acts, from adultery to murder. This was another reason why demons had a bad reputation in many human kingdoms like Reskondant, even if it was the master who was guilty while their demonic familiar was only following orders.

Still, mastering the ‘Quickie Cleaner’ spell was a must for demons, whether or not they aim to become familiars. This spell was a convenient and reliable tool to clean the tougher, messier aftermaths of sex in an instant, whether it was due to a demon’s master playing with them, they themselves, another person, or even all of three combined and then some.

Sarise valued this spell especially, as it gave her more time to worry about her own sexual needs. It was also essential for her to become the ideal maid/servant of her fantasies that she wanted to be. While she could clean messes instantly with it when in a pinch, she could also—and actually prefered to—lap up any messes she made herself, especially those on and around her master’s sex. It was the more traditional, proper, and exciting way to clean and service her master, in her opinion.

Admittedly, Sarise could have cleaned up the mess she made in the bathing area in such a matter last night, but she was so overcome with pleasure and the afterglow that she forgot about it. Hell, all of it was such a great shock to her, since she never expected Soar to pull something like that off while he was still so young. But it wasn’t an unwelcome surprise, either, now that she had talked with her Lord Garem. Honestly, the only thing Sarise was slightly disappointed with in the end was that her master poured her juices down the drain instead of ‘forcing’ her to chug it straight out of the bucket, figuratively making her ‘swallowing her doubts.’

Though, when Sarise thought of it, drinking them back down right afterward might have defeated the purpose of ‘flushing out’ the doubts inside her. Still, that was a minor, nit-picky complaint of hers. The devil was now certain there would be other chances to drink her own juices. Personally, however, Sarise couldn’t wait for the day her master reached his age of majority and she could swallow his fluids with any one of her ‘mouths.’ Which would he choose first? Her throat? Her ass? Her pussy? All of the above? Sarise couldn’t help but shiver in anticipatory delight at the possibilities. And while she knew that time was still years away, now at least she could savor the games her master could play with her while she waited.

Oh! I shouldn’t be dwelling on this! Sarise exclaimed in her mind, Master should be quenched enough by now from drinking my milk, yes? Come to think of it, though I have come to terms with my concerns of how to handle my master’s mature sexuality, I have not really addressed these findings with him. Moreover, was it even alright for me to give him my milk in this manner? Or masturbate next to him?

...Oh dear, this got complicated so very fast. Okay, calm yourself, Sarise. You owe Master an explanation. Perhaps preparing him a proper breakfast would help lighten the mood a bit before you explain. Then again, should I prepare breakfast for everyone by myself? It does seem ludicrous for a master to do a maid’s job, but it was my master who proposed that we cook together last night. It’s really not much different from when I practiced with my own maids and I admittedly do like the idea, so should I just go with the flow? Let me just do my morning routine without waking my master first while I think about … The devil’s thoughts trailed to a halt as she looked in Soar’s direction and their eyes locked with each other.

Shocked and confused, with a fat and still somewhat leaky nipple in his mouth, the devil’s master was now wide awake.

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