Chapter 50: I Decided to ‘Go With The Flow’
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This chapter will reference the near cheating scene in chapter 48 that got people on other platforms a little dissatisfied. I'll be leaving a poll at the bottom to see your thoughts on how that dilemma is resolved here. If you haven't already, please put in your vote on 48 as well, asking how Sarise handled herself in her moment with Garem.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the chapter.


There was a warm, creamy, and slightly sweet taste in my mouth as I was waking up. I could still remember the moment my tongue felt around the large, foreign object that produced the tasty liquid. It was engorged and leaking heavily, also had its own unique taste that I guessed was feminine sweat as my eyes groggily opened and focused on the source. Sarise’s face, filled with calm bliss, rapidly transformed into one of pure shock. It was the early hours just before daybreak. My room was quiet and dimly lit, but I could still see my devil’s expression quite clearly, and without any covers obstructing the very fine view. Which abruptly made me realize how cold I was. 

This was also how I knew that the ‘foreign object’ in my mouth was my devil’s amazingly swollen, and definitely leaky, nipple.

<Um … Sarise, what’s going on?> I asked through telepathy magic, my reluctance to speak out loud far more related to not letting go of a certain body part than a desire to avoid making any noise.

<If … you would allow me, Master, I can explain everything while you drink more of my milk … or not, that is fine as well,> Sarise said stiffly before putting on a wry smile, acutely and awkwardly aware of the horribly compromising position we were both in.

I won't lie, a part of me actually wanted to get a better taste of the ‘thing’ in my mouth. Still, I seriously needed to question Sarise and find out what she thought she was doing, putting her living accomodations with me in jeopardy like this. Luckily, after doing a quick scan of the building with my search magic, it seemed everyone was still in their rooms sleeping. Just in case, I decided it would be best if we pretend to still be sleeping. The fact that this would also let me have some fun with the unexpected situation I found myself in, was purely coincidental, of course. One of her nipples is already in my mouth anyway, so I might as well make the most of it, I thought, shamelessly ignoring my own hypocrisy in furthering our jeopardy.

<If you can explain coherently and succinctly just what is going on while I suckle and play with your tits, then I’m listening. Just use that blanket to cover us completely and pretend that we’re still asleep and everything that I’m doing to you is an unconscious accident on my part, while you’re at it,> I said through telepathy before eagerly sucking more cream from my devil’s engorged nipple.

I reached a hand up to her other breast and felt the weight of the remaining milk inside, a firm squeeze causing some to spurt out.

Sarise bit back a sensual moan and pulled me close, allowing me to feel as much of her sexy and warm body as possible, <As you wish, Master.> 

With her arms securing me, Sarise used her levitation magic to pick up the blanket and cover us both, while I enhanced my vision with magic so I could see in the dark. I then proceeded to thoroughly enjoy myself as I listened to her, switching back and forth between her breasts and playing around with the unoccupied nipple. 

Sarise did an admirable job explaining to me in detail of what just happened, despite everything I did to her. I also noticed that the tone with which my lusty demon spoke to me in my mind while being teased was quite erotic, giving me a pleasing tickle in my head as I helped myself to both her boobs and her milk. To keep it very brief, she woke up, noticed I was sucking her tit in my sleep, and thought I could use something to fill my stomach. She eventually decided to produce milk from her breasts to satisfy my hunger, and got so aroused from it that she masturbated and orgasmed next to me. This resulted in her wetting the bed, sheets, and blanket, and leaving the air saturated in pheromones, but she managed to clear it all away without a trace with the ‘Quickie Cleaner’ spell from her arsenal of Demonic Magic.

After hearing everything from Sarise, my first few desire-muddled thoughts were, How the hell did I not wake up in the middle of all that? Followed by, I wonder how nutritional devil breast milk is?

Putting those thoughts aside, when I asked Sarise why she got off on breastfeeding me in the first place, though she was still embarrassed at getting caught, she readily made her confession. Apparently, she has a master-maid fetish and has spent quite some time coming up with many different scenarios involving the fantasy, reading and using many raunchy trash romance novels as her source material. They became her guide on how to become the ideal maid, the ‘Proper Noble’s Familiar’ that dutifully serves her master with great honor, joy, and pleasure - of all kinds. 

I wondered briefly if Sarise was okay being a ‘Proper Noble’s Familiar’ for a commoner like me, especially one who doesn’t have any plans of becoming nobility in the future. However, I haven’t heard any criticisms of my home life from her yet and she has shown great determination to do what she must to be able to stay with me, so I figured I didn’t need to worry about that for now. As for the ‘maid fetish’ thing, would someone like Sarise really think all maids behave like what she read in her trashy romance novels? Maybe demons are different? I mused. Still, even if the majority of maids in this world don’t actually do naughty stuff with their masters, I have no complaints if Sarise wants to be that kind of a ‘maid’ for me. On the contrary, I would love to make all her fantasies come true! With all that said, I kept any ideas about actual proper maid behavior to myself for the time being.

When I pressed Sarise for further details, all the characters in those novels were adults, and she hadn't heard of any erotica that involved those under the age of majority. My demonic familiar assured me that involving minors in sexual affairs was also taboo among Zaleckians. In fact, after I had turned her on with my ‘cleaning’ of her body last night, she apparently got rather concerned that she might have acted immorally in accepting my advances on her.

Thankfully, her God, Garem, actually came and talked with Sarise about her worries in a dream. I don’t know all of what they talked about, but I guess she was given the okay to let me ‘play’ with her, so long as she doesn’t instigate it while I’m still below the age of majority. Though Mona explained how the Child Protection Aura has no effect on me last night, Sarise seems to have been given the idea by Garem that it still does. In fact, she was told by the God of Chaos that it could be used to determine what kind of ‘games’ are safe for her to play with me.

I’m not sure if Garem somehow isn’t aware of my gift’s capabilities or if he said that to ease Sarise’s worries while keeping my true age a secret. Regardless, I guess I can consider this a free pass for me to do almost whatever I want with, and to, my devil. I still have to exerise some restraint, however, as I’m still planning on abstain from actual sex until I turn 21. My ultimate goal is still to score one more upgrade to my Great Sage gift. I won’t be trying for anymore upgrades after this one, that’s for sure, I thought, there’s no way I’d make it …

As for what happened between Sarise and I this morning, my familiar didn’t have any sensual intentions when she began using the ‘Creamy Fantasy’ spell to breastfeed me in my sleep. She was relieved after having all her fears cleared up by Lord Garem, however, which made her relax a bit too much. The breastfeeding ended up feeling so good after she started that she lost herself in one of her fantasies and masturbated next to me.

With that, I finally understood how we got into our current, very compromising, position.  Thankfully, amazingly, no one had interrupted us even now, though the early hour no doubt helped. Then again, we partied pretty late last night, so that likely also helped us. God knows how my parents would have reacted if they walked in on us now. Undoubtedly it would have closed their case on what to do with Sarise without any further arguments.

On the bright side, I now know that Sarise, like most demons in general, aren’t oblivious about sex like Melody is—not sure about other angels and Zaleesian familiars though. Not only that, but demonic culture has moral and ethical standards that I can agree with, at least when I take into consideration their magical Child-Protection Auras, that is. After all, its only counter is a gift that requires you to have an adult soul, so it is sufficient for protecting the truly youthful and innocent.

I was also very interested in how Sarise was able to produce her own breast milk anytime she wanted, and this time I wanted to get the whole experience while I was wide awake. It seemed my devil could also change her body to some extent too, which certainly had possibilities. Unlike in Melody’s case, where I accidentally manipulated her into thinking ‘fondling your body means I think you’re beautiful,’ Sarise seemed very much aware of her self-worth and sexuality. She also knew she had to be mindful of who she enticed as well as how. Unlike my poor, innocent, angel, when my naughty devil acted in a sexy manner, it was very much on purpose, and for my benefit.

Normally, having a younger body, I would be off-limits for anything sexual with Sarise. After having things clarified and being given the okay by Garem, though, while there were still some restrictions, my demon could let herself go, mostly, and enjoy having her body played with by yours truly. Considering both last night when she agreed to keep these activities between us, as well as this morning’s breastfeeding session, she’s clearly open to experiencing more adult activities with me. And I was more than happy to follow through on my promises to her while no one else was watching.

Finally finished with the explanation, Sarise profusely apologized for the awkward position her ‘carelessness’ put us in. It was hard to say if she really was that sorry, as the devil constantly moaned in between her apologies. Although I suppose that was more my fault than hers, as I never stopped playing with her tits. In fact, I noticed her tail had slid off the bed and was laying outside the covers, wagging with excitement. With everything now out in the open, I needed to make my stance clear and ease Sarise’s worries. So, after I collected my thoughts and stopped sucking on and playing with her nipples, I looked up to Sarise from between her breasts and accepted her apology.

<You are not mad?> Sarise asked with widened eyes.

I shook my head, <Not at all. First, let’s talk about your desire to be a ‘Proper Noble’s Familiar’. I believe everyone has their own set of interests that they’re more than welcome to pursue at their own pace, so long as doing so doesn’t harm anyone else, but we’ll go into that more later. As for your actions with me this morning, sure, you could have picked a better and more secure location to share your milk with me, but that stuff tastes way too good for me to be mad at you for that. Really, I’m partially to blame for not properly requesting you to wake me up first thing in the morning. I’m new to this whole, ‘Master’ thing, and I’m just not used to giving direct orders, so I ask that you please excuse me if and when I do something that confuses you.

<I pointed this out Melody last night, too, but I’m unable to sense your emotions like you both can with mine,> I said before placing a hand to my chest, <If there’s something bothering you, you’re hurting, do not understand something, or if there’s anything you may need that you can’t do on your own, I want you to come to me about it immediately so we can work through it together. To me, you and Melody are not just my familiars, servants, or something similar. You’re my friends, my family and my most trusted allies.

<I know I made you say some pretty crazy stuff last night before I let you cum, but that was all just sexy talk, as far as I’m concerned. Just because I’m your master, that doesn’t mean that I have the right to make decisions about your body or who you’re with. I’d like to be your only man, but that has to be your decision because it’s what you want. The last thing I want is for you to choose me for no better reason than because I just so happen to be your master. That said, I very much would like to keep you all to myself, if you don’t mind that.>

And I’m stopping myself here, I thought, finishing my telepathic monologue by popping a nipple back into my mouth while I started groping Sarise’s other breast.

<Never doubt, Master, you are the only man for me! I want nothing more than to stay by your side and share moments like this forever, but … there is something that you need to know about me as a demon, and a little more of what transpired between me and Lord Garem,> Sarise said, trying to look serious while simultaneously clutching my head to her chest in pleasure.

Sarise then gave me a brief lesson on Zaleckian culture and some of its main values, including what outsiders would likely find most jarring, their casual acts of both groping and sex as a part of everyday communication, even between strangers, whether they’re single or in a relationship with someone else. She brought this up because during her talk with Garem, in an effort to make her feel comfortable, the God of Chaos followed this cultural norm and felt her up. However, it seems Sarise’s Lord avoided touching her privates throughout the course of their talk, for some reason. In fact, he didn’t go any further than groping her breasts, butt, and thighs.

It seemed Sarise knew how different the culture in Manara was from her own, which is why she was explaining this to me now. Maybe it was part of her training as a familiar to be aware of what practices should be avoided in our world, at least until their master gives them consent. Still, this revelation was really out of left-field for me.

I was stunned enough to stop my ‘feeding’ upon hearing it. On one hand, the culture sounded like an elaborated con designed to allow one to get away with cheating their partners. On Earth, you’d have to be either really oblivious or not invested in the relationship at all to actually buy into such behavior. On the other hand, this is a culture that consisted of Demons, not humans. These Demons didn’t just include Devils like Sarise, but Succubi and Incubi, who are depicted as the more lust-driven beings of Earth’s mythology. I could imagine them being polyamorous by nature and not sticking with just one partner. Demonic ‘marriages’ are probably more ‘open’ than what even ‘open marriages’ back on Earth would consider normal.

To top it all off, Sarise was touched by the Lord of her realm, Garem, the God of Chaos and the Heart. Being one of the highest authorities in existence, I imagine it wouldn’t be surprising to see his subjects going gaga over just being near him, like fans for their celebrity. Getting touched by him would be a bunch of notches above that. I wasn’t sure how normal it was for the subjects to return his gestures, but it sounded like Sarise tried to resist going very far due to her feelings for me, while also trying to not be rude to her Lord. That had to be difficult for her to accomplish, considering her position.

Moreover, Sarise prayed for his guidance, thinking she committed a wrong getting involved with my ‘adult play’ in the bath last night. She was worried that she did something bad to me, even though I was the one who initiated everything. This problem wouldn’t have occurred if I had kept my hands and magic to myself. Not to say it was totally my fault, but it seemed these were the consequences of my actions that I’d have to own up to. Even if I had told her everything was fine, my words wouldn’t hold as much weight as her superior’s, who was the same person who brought us together in the first place. Not to mention, it’s been barely a day since Sarise came to this world, so obviously, there’s a bunch of things we don’t know about each other, like what boundaries we shouldn’t cross.

On the other hand, Garem is the God of the Heart, so he probably did know just how far he should go, and what boundaries he shouldn’t cross, to keep both Sarise, and apparently me, happy. In the end, he was just doing what he had to to calm her down after I freaked her out. I wish he hadn’t needed to take it as far as he did, but it’s hard to blame him when he not only held back, but when that necessity was mainly my fault in the first place, I silently mused.

<And that is everything that happened between Lord Garem and I,> Sarise said, <Know this, Master, that no matter what, you will always be the most important person in my life, the one man who I want to be able to say I belong to, if you will have me. Know too that this isn’t a spur of the moment decision, I have always wanted to devote myself, body and soul, to my master, and having met you, I am more eager than ever to do so, and I am fully confident that my feelings for you will never change. Does any of this make sense, Master?>

<... When your Lord touched you, you didn’t feel anything for him then? Like you do for me?> I asked after some thought.

<Being touched by Lord Garem is a high honor for us Zaleckians, and I was relieved when he assuaged my worries with not just his words but said touch as well, but I hold no such significant feelings for him, certainly nothing like I do for you, the only one who I truly wish to share myself with. The intentions behind feeling each other’s bodies or even engaging in sex depends on the participants, and it can mean as little as a handshake for us Demons, but it is still an essential part of our lives. No amount of either will ever keep me from spending the rest of my life with you however,> Sarise said, tightening her hold around me, <I swear to you, Master, here and now, that I will devote every part of my body and loyalty to you. I will never be touched by another male, human, demon, or otherwise, if that is what you wish. Other demons have done the same thing in the past, reserving their bodies and loyalties for their master’s own exclusivity, for they cherished them as true life partners, as I do you.>

From how tight Sarise was holding me, how much her heart was racing in anxiety, and how much she was shivering, she seemed really serious about this. I think I could get that much. Her culture was still hard for me to wrap my head around, though. I’ve never heard of anything like it on Earth that could come close. I was normally an open-minded person when it comes to different cultures, but this seemed like something I’d need to learn more about from her as I got to know her better. My soul may have lived a long life while absorbing much knowledge, but it was severely lacking experience in social interactions and relationships, as well as what’s ‘normal’ in them, on both Earth as well as Manara. I had to admit that much to myself, so I shouldn’t bear a grudge or anger over something I’ve yet to even start understanding. My Devil was trying to meet me halfway, I should at least attempt to do the same. Especially since Sarise had no idea how old I really was on the inside too. There was one thing that I understood out of all this, though.

Sarise was mine.

It doesn’t look like she wants to let me go, and I am certainly not going to do so either. That knowledge fulfilled a part of me I wasn’t aware of, and everything else just seemed less important now. I sighed as I came to a conclusion in my mind. I guess so long as we both know how the other feels, I can let things lie for now and move on. It’s time to start planning our future together as more than just Master and Familiar … I thought.

<If I’m interpreting this right, if I said I don’t want you getting too friendly with other guys, that I want to keep you all to myself, that I’d be the only one to touch and hold you as I had last night, as well as right now, you’d be okay with that?> I asked without looking up.

<Of course. I only wish to be with you, keeping your happiness and best interests in mind as I serve to be your familiar, maid, and life partner. Your feelings and affections mean more to me than anything else,> Sarise answered.

<So be it, I want to be your only man, no other male is allowed to touch you, understand?  That being the case, if I understand your culture and psychology correctly, you not only like me touching you almost everywhere, but you need that contact and see it as a valuable bonding experience between us?> I asked, giving both of her tits a few squeezes.

<Indeed, physical touch for demons is more significant than most can imagine,> Sarise answered through another moan.

<I don’t have a full grasp on it yet, but if this intimacy means so much to you, then I’ll just have to give you as much as I can so you won’t ever regret choosing me to be more than your Master,> I said before reaching down to cup and feel her ass with one hand to make my point.

<Ooh, Master,> Sarise cooed in delight.

I could feel the shiver that ran down my devil’s spine from my caresses. It seems we both were enjoying this quite a lot.

<Besides that, I’m glad to know that I matter to you so much, and that you held back in front of your Lord on my account,> I continued while working my devil’s body over as much as I could, <I mean, this all started with you being concerned about my hunger and wanting to care for me as best you could. I should be thanking you for going out of your way to exercise such thorough concern and attention towards me. Not only that, but you were honest and opened up on something about yourself that isn’t easy to explain and that not everyone would take kindly to. That took courage, and I’m glad both that you’re able to trust me that much, and that you’re doing what you can to show how much I mean to you.>

Still kneading Sarise with the hand gripping her ass, I reached up with the other and started petting her snow-white locks with a gentle smirk, <You’re a good girl, Sarise. I hope you continue to look after me as you just did in the future.>

Sarise, surprised by my gesture at first, turned even redder than her natural skin tone as she averted her gaze.

<N-No, it would be my pleasure, b-but this treatment is … I mean, I am not worthy of …> she trailed off.

I was honestly surprised to find that you could even stutter through telepathy magic, but her thoughts seemed to be in such disarray that she was having problems conveying them coherently.

While I was confused by this reaction, I didn’t think too much of it as I finished giving my devil her head pat, <For your consideration for me this morning, I must thank you, Sarise. I do wish, however, that in the future you’d wake me up so that I can enjoy the entire process, from beginning to end. Asking me if I want your milk first before you use whatever magic you do to make it possible would also be appreciated, which brings us back to your interests.>

Sarise just smiled eagerly down at me, having no idea of the ‘games’ I had in store for us now that she was not just my familiar, but kinda my girlfriend too.

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