Chapter 52: I Tried to Bullshit Our Way Out
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“Soar? What are you doing?”

That question, spoken by a familiar person in a tired manner, brought my train of tasty pleasure to a screeching halt. Like a robot on the fritz, I spastically turned my head, Sarise’s nipples popping out of my mouth. I saw Fila looking our way, tilting her head with sleepy, confused eyes and limp, floppy ears. Melody was still sleeping deeply behind the rabbit girl, thankfully, as this was already posing a great enough problem for me and Sarise.

Fila blinked the tiredness out of her eyes and squinted in our direction, “Are Sarise’s boobies … bigger than usual? And why are they covered with those weird marks? And what’s that white stuff dripping from your mouth, Soar? And why’s she almost holding you like a baby?”

“Uh …” I uttered, screaming in my mind in panic.

<Do not worry, Master Soar,> Sarise said through Telepathy Magic, sensing my rising anxiety, <With my Child Protection Aura, it is quite alright for Lady Fila to see me unclothed. Lord Garem said the Aura would protect both me and any children. This is because it prevents said children from being able to have any sexual thoughts about me. If you, as a child, can think about, and are interested in, breastfeeding from me, then the Aura must deem this activity to be okay. In fact, since you like my milk so much, shouldn't we share some with your friend?.>

<Please, for the love of god, don’t offer her your milk. Let me see if I can explain this first,> I said before pulling away from Sarise’s hold and standing up.

I cleared my throat and wiped the leftover milk from my face with a sleeve as I thought, Pulling some bullshit from my ass on such short notice will be difficult, and Fila can be as curious as she is innocent. I’ll have to play this carefully.

“Oh, Fila, good morning,” I greeted first, “I do apologize if we woke you up and you found us … like this, but there’s a story behind all this, and it’s private, so you have to keep it between us. Will you listen to it and then keep quiet about it after that?”

Fila blinked in confusion for a moment, only to nod dumbly before getting comfortable in her seat, “Okay, I’ll listen, and I promise to keep it a secret.”

“Good, good. First, did you know … that girls can squirt milk from their boobs?” I asked.

“Really?!” Fila exclaimed, now wide awake, eyes sparkling with curiosity.

She then suddenly realized how loud she had been, slapping both hands over her mouth before turning around to make sure Melody was still sleeping. I had to admit, I was surprised that my angel was still asleep.

Fila turned back and lowered her voice to a whisper, “Sorry! I’ll be quiet! So, do girls really make milk from their boobs?! *Gasp!* Does Mama make milk from her boobs?! Could I do it, too?!”

I smiled wryly at how wrong such questions sounded to me, “Well … yes, it is true. Your mom … definitely has made milk from her boobs at one point, not sure about right now, though. You will someday, too, just not right now at your age.”

“Wooooow, wonder how it would taste? Anyway, is that why Sarise’s boobies are so big and have marks on them?” Fila asked.

I nodded, “Yes, but it’s not usually like this. Sarise is a special case, you see, her breasts make too much milk, and if she doesn’t … release her milk regularly, it will get backed up and will leave her boobies swollen to uncomfortable degrees.”

Fila covered her mouth as she gasped in shock, turning her attention over to my Devil, “Is that true, Sarise? Are you in pain from your swollen boobies?”

“Uh …” Sarise stalled.

<Sarise, please tell me you’re able to lie,> I pleaded to her through telepathy.

<I am afraid I … cannot follow that order, because I cannot lie to save my life,> Sarise admitted.

Whether that’s how all Familiars are or something else didn’t matter at the moment, I had to think of something fast, <Can you follow orders like repeating what I say to other people, even if it may not be true from your perspective?>

<Yes! I can do that!> Sarise answered, seeming to know where I was going with this.

<Okay, just do and say exactly what I tell you, like this …> I thought, then gave her my orders.

“O-Ohh … yes, it is as you say, Lady Fila,” Sarise moaned, acting like she was in pain while comforting her large tits by moving them in circles, accidentally spurting some of her milk in the process.

Though it was part of an act, I couldn’t help but find the gesture quite erotic. I was also glad that I was the only one who would ever get to truly appreciate my Devil’s lewd actions. At least, I would as long as Sarise kept her Arousal Aura inverted to create an adult version of her Child Protection Aura.

“It embarrasses me to be seen like this, but if I do not expel this milk from my boobies, I will be in great pain, unable to fulfill my duties as Master Soar’s Familiar properly.”

“Oh, no …” Fila said, her ears drooping more than usual.

“Yes, it is very sad,” I said while nodding solemnly, “Only Sarise’s family back in Zalecks up to now was aware of her condition and kept it a secret from others, doing their best to make her life as easy as possible by not letting her embarrassing condition be known. Unfortunately, her family can’t help her this time, since she’s here as my Familiar, alone in this unfamiliar world.”

“Oh, you poor thing …” Fila said, looking to be on the brink of tears.

Not gonna lie, but seeing Fila be this concerned over the lie we made up was crushing my insides, but it showed that she was buying it, and so I had to keep pushing forward.

“It was very difficult for her to bring this up even to me, her master,” I continued, ‘vouching’ for my Devil,  “You should have seen how bad it was, how big they were, earlier when she woke me up. She was in such pain, and she just couldn’t take care of it herself, and it’s little wonder that she was, with all the stress from yesterday that was piling up on her. That must have been why she got so backed up to begin with.

“As her master, I couldn’t ignore this problem,” I said with a hand to my chest, “One of my duties as her master is to make sure she is in good health, and I intend to do just that with her boobies, helping her expel the milk that’s causing her such pain.”

“Oh, Soar, that’s so like you to help others in need,” Fila commented before she realized something, “Wait, was that stuff dripping from your mouth Sarise’s milk, then? If she just needs to release it, isn’t that something like milking a cow? Couldn’t you have squirted it in a bucket? Then she’d just need to pour it out to someplace else, right? Is there a reason to drink it? Did you have to do it here instead of in the bathroom or something?”

Wow, I wished she didn’t ask all those questions, I thought, “That … would normally be the case, yes, if she was doing this at home. It was really bad this time, though, really painful, so bad that she couldn’t release it herself. Not to mention, she was only comfortable having her family help her release her milk, which was why coming to me about this was so awkward for her. 

“She also sees disposing it as a waste after all the trouble her own body went through making it. Before, Sarise’s family took it upon themselves to drink that milk out of consideration for her. Once again, though, they’re not here to help make sure all of her milk is actually used. Thus, it falls to me to drink it for her. And because this was an emergency, I didn’t want to waste time finding a suitable glass or other container to squirt her milk into and then drink out of that instead again and again, so I just sucked it straight from her boobies, instead.”

God, just listen to me, I chided myself internally, I’m basically spelling out the bullshit plot to a weird hentai with a lactation tag. Not to mention that I’m throwing Sarise’s whole family under the bus to cover for us. Sarise’s mother, father, and other family members, please forgive me for this …

“Hmm … I don’t really get it. I still don’t get why there are marks on her boobies. Were those your doing, Soar? They look like they would hurt her more,” Fila asked, somewhat uncertainly.

“Ah, well … yes, those were my doing, and I didn’t want to resort to them at first, either. Sarise’s boobs were very backed up and … plugged from the stress yesterday, so she couldn’t squirt any milk,” I explained, “So she couldn’t be milked the usual way. Her boobs have to be … massaged, and stimulated in a certain way whenever she can’t squirt any milk at first. Which was why I had to … do it … with my mouth, in multiple places, like this.”

I then took one of my arms and placed my mouth over it, making a hickey on myself, before showing the spot I left behind to Fila.

“See?” I said, “And it doesn’t even hurt, either. I was still hesitant at first because of how it might have looked like I intentionally hurt her, which I would never do, of course, it was all to help her to relax enough to get her milk flowing.”

“Huh. I still don’t really get it, but if that’s what it takes to help Sarise get more comfortable, then it’s fine … right?” 

I nodded ecstatically, “Yes, that is right! What’s important is my Familiar’s comfort, which includes keeping Sarise’s condition a secret. We know we’ll have to fill Melody in on this soon, but can you find it in your heart to keep this between us?”

Fila thought briefly before her ears perked up, “Of course, Soar! But, can I ask a favor?” 

“What is it?” I asked, slightly worried about what she’d want in exchange.

“First, how often does she need to expel her milk?” Fila asked while holding up a finger.

“Every day,” Sarise answered bluntly for me.

Though she tried to keep a straight face to follow along with my act, her excitedly wagging tail told well enough what she was really feeling while barging in with that answer. While she didn’t need to expel her milk, she likely wanted to do this as part of a routine in our master-maid relationship, and I was more than all for this arrangement.

“... Yes, at least once a day,” I agreed.

“And you have to drink it every day?” Fila asked.

I nodded, “That’s what it looks like, yes.”

“In that case, I want to help. Let me drink some of Sarise’s milk, too,” Fila said as her posture straightened in determination.


“Oh, Fila, it’s real sweet of you to offer, but this is something private between Sarise and me. I need to take care of this myself,” I said, trying to escape the dead end I was in.

Fila shook her head, her hair and floppy bunny ears following suit, “Uh-uh. Don’t you know that you’ll get tummy aches if you drink too much milk? I don’t know how much you drank already, Soar, but your tummy surely won’t take much more. Before you know it, you’ll get sick! It will do you more harm than good. With me helping, you won’t have to worry about drinking as much, more so if Melody joined in, too.”

Ugh, I get what you mean, and I know your heart’s in the right place, but this is Sarise’s milk we’re talking about here. I could get a hundred stomach aches and I’d still drink it to the point of bursting. It’s not just sexy, but literally delicious, too! I don’t want to share this with anyone else! I ranted silently. One could argue my current child-like mentality was matching my currently young body quite well with all my selfish whining. Still, I felt my reasoning was justified and relatable to other people who are also into this sort of adult play.

Moreover, if I or anyone else saw Fila drinking Sarise’s milk like I was moments ago, I’d probably die again right there on the spot, in more ways than one.

“If you don’t agree in the next five seconds, I’ll start drinking milk out of Sarise’s—”

“Okay! Okay! I get it!” I interrupted Fila, remembering to keep my voice down. I rubbed my temples exasperatedly and sighed, “Fine, you can help with drinking Sarise’s milk, too, but you will do it out of a cup or glass only. Drinking straight from Sarise’s boobies is a very … personal thing , something Sarise only feels comfortable sharing with me, her master. Once she’s comfortable enough to empty them out herself, I’ll have her set aside a glass or two for you to drink as well every day. Will that work for you?”

Fila nodded ecstatically, “Mm-hm! Thank you, Soar!”

“And again, once again, this must be kept between us,” I continued, “No one else must know. Not our parents, not even our friends.”

“Awww, really?” Fila asked while deflating.

I nodded, “Sarise is already embarrassed enough as she is with us getting caught by you. Aside from Melody, Sarise would rather keep the number of people in the know down to a minimum.”

Fila sighed in disappointment, “Fiiiine, I’ll keep it a secret.”

“I need you to promise me that you will, okay? Fairy Pinky Promise-style,” I said while holding up my pinky.

“Okay …”

With that, we locked fingers and solidified our promise with the surprisingly dark children’s rhyme. When that was settled, I asked Fila to give us some privacy so I could drain more milk from Sarise’s tits, but she wanted to try some, too, with the biggest cup we had. I used ‘Dark Gate’ to peek into the kitchen and grabbed one of Dad’s mugs that he’d use for drinking beer. It was similar in size to the mugs I remembered from Earth, so it had to hold about a pint’s worth of milk. My little rabbit-girl friend seemed satisfied with the size when I showed her, so I gently brought her to the hallway to wait while we prepared her mug in private. When I turned back to Sarise, she was already bent at a ninety-degree angle, hands on the wall with her devilish udders dangling over the mug as she looked at me expectantly. Her tail twitched, clearly wanting to wag with eagerness.

I didn’t expect things would develop like this, and though I put up a ‘Silencing Winds’ spell to keep noise to a minimum going forward, I still couldn’t believe Melody had slept through it all. I had to admit it was kind of kinky, though, milking my Devil like a cow, massaging and squeezing her ginormous tits enough for them to easily squirt into Dad’s mug like the teats on a real bovine would. Sarise was also really getting into it. Hell, she was getting herself off to it, using her own tail to tease and prod against her entrance, but never fully penetrating herself with it—she apparently had her reasons to not go all the way when I asked her later. I remembered her mentioning she was edging towards a climax before Fila dropped in, so she must have held it in for a while, which made me a little guilty. With that in mind, I let her get as much out of this strange situation as she could—it was a hell of a show for me, too, so it was a win-win for both of us. 

With ‘Silencing Winds’ up, Sarise was free to express her ecstasy vocally, moaning things like, “Ohhh, yess, Master Soar! Milk me good! Turn this maid into your personal dairy cow! Make me wet with lots of liquids!” It went without saying how hot I thought the experience was. Soon enough, fluids of a different kind started dribbling down Sarise’s legs before making a mess on the floor in a powerful orgasm. By then, Fila’s first of many glasses was filled to the brim with Sarise’s milk.

After Sarise used a targeted ‘Quickie Cleanup’ to get rid of her mess, I asked her if getting milked really felt that good for her. She then explained she could use her Demonic Magic to make her tits more sensitive and responsive to touch, something she had been doing since I first suckled her. The Devil race’s skin is actually among the toughest of all the demons in Zalecks, and thus quite resistant to pain. This, combined with her heightened sensitivity, means that any touch on any part of her body, gentle or rough, would only fuel her desire. 

So that’s why giving her a hickey was so hard! I thought, glad to have an answer, I guess that means she was really getting off on it when I was giving her all those love bites, I'm impressed at her self control for listening to me and not cumming. She really is a hell of a maid, and she’s all mine to command and pleasure as I see fit. Holding out until I’m 21 just might not be that bad after all … Sarise further informed me she could make places in her body sensitive enough to make her squirt like a geyser at my slightest touch, if I wanted. That information only gave me many ideas for future master-maid scenarios.

As for Fila’s prepared mug of Sarise’s milk, I wanted to chug it down immediately at this point, but I was going to drink more from the source, soon, so I held back. I did, however, use Ice Magic, the advanced form of Water Magic, to chill the mug so the milk would be more like regular cold milk that Fila had drunk before.

By the time I brought the prepared mug to Fila, who was waiting impatiently outside, I was genuinely curious to hear her thoughts, so I watched her take her first sip. Her usually floppy ears perked straight up in shock.

“Wow! I don’t usually like milk, but this is the best I’ve ever had! I can drink all this, easy!” Fila praised in a loud whisper. Much to my surprise, she then downed the whole pint within seconds, despite some dribbling down her chin on accident, before shoving the empty mug back at me with a milk mustache on her face, “May I have another, please?!”

… This is going to be complicated. And difficult to get used to …

A big thanks to my editor, Tnega Terces, for editing this chapter and putting up with my bullshit.

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