Chapter 53: My Familiars’ New Uniforms Were …
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I've been thinking about this for some time, but I'm wondering if I should change the title of this series. It was initially set up around Soar and his Fairies, but obviously, a bunch of new characters came in and changed all that. I'm trying to keep them included as I can, but at this point, they haven't been as much part of the focus as I intended from the beginning.

So, I'm thinking of changing the title to 'I Lived as a Growing Great Sage in the New World'. Basically my original, but the Fairies' part is cut off. They'll still be playing a part throughout the story, but I figured it was time I change the series title to something more accurate.

I'll be leaving a poll at the end of the chapter, and it will stay open 2 weeks from today so let me know what you think of this change. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the chapter.

Despite those very eventful moments, it was still early enough in the morning for us to start our breakfast cooking plan, even after I finished draining Sarise’s breasts of her milk. So, upon Fila’s request, I fetched her one last chilled mug for the day before I helped Sarise lactate what was left into a large jar she pulled from her ‘Dark Space’. I took my last couple of drinks directly from the ‘tap’ myself before that, of course. While I wanted to drink the rest, I forced myself to leave some room for breakfast.

Sarise wanted to work on Melody’s outfit first after waking her, so I quickly dressed and went ahead to start preparations. Fila stayed behind to provide her own input on Melody’s new garments, so when she finished her mug, I took it with me to the kitchen. What kind of designs would Fila come up with? She wouldn’t draw inspiration from her mother’s working girl outfits … would she? I tried not to think about it too much.

To make a lot of portions for many people, I figured pancakes were the best option for the main course, as they were easy to make from a few ingredients, even without the premade mix from Earth. With the younger people with us, too, I was sure they’d get a kick out of a special surprise I had in store that would go perfectly with the flapjacks. Eggs and bacon would also be good additions, and we can’t forget some fruit to add color and nutrition to our plates.

I went over to the town market via ‘Dark Gate’ to buy the ingredients first. It was early, but the stands and shops were just opening up, which was perfect timing for me.

“Morning, Soar!” a carrot vendor greeted.

“Good morning, Mr. Peters!” I returned, trying to act more enthusiastic and optimistic like a kid would.

“Your birthday was a few days ago, right? Happy Birthday!” an apple vendor greeted.

“How old are you now?” a berry vendor asked.

“I turned 11!”

“Ho ho! Getting up to that age, eh?! Are you going to be a Hunter like your old man?” one of Dad’s passing drinking buddies asked.

“I actually just did the exam for registration yesterday! As of today, you’re looking at Lunagrove’s newest Hunter!” I declared while pointing a thumb at myself.

“Oh, my! Congratulations! I already feel much safer now knowing we have you around, young man!” the drinking buddy’s wife said.

“Soar’s quite the prodigious Magician around these parts, isn’t he? Gullivan trained the boy, too. Shouldn’t be much of a surprise for him to pass,” a nearby merchant that sold handcrafted accessories said.

“What rank is he? Obviously not G or F, right?” a veteran Hunter in a party of three that lives in town asked.

“I bet you 5 glits the kid’s an E,” the second Hunter said.

“As if! 10 on D is my bet!” the first Hunter exclaimed.

“... 20 on C for me,” the third Hunter calmly said.

“That’s kind of pushing it, don’t you think?!” the drinking buddy exclaimed.

“What’s the verdict, Soar? What rank did you get?” the drinking buddy’s wife asked.

Figuring it was better to show than tell, I pulled out my license and held it up for everyone to see. The eyes of everyone that were nearby bulged in shock. 

The first of the three veteran Hunters took my license and inspected it, making sure it wasn’t fake. “... H-He’s a C rank,” he said, still in disbelief.

“I always knew there was something interesting about that boy. Anyway, that will be 20 glits from each of you,” the third Hunter said with a hand out, waiting for his payment. His two party members begrudgingly handed the winnings over as my license was returned to me.

All the food vendors who were in the area, meanwhile, had moved into the middle of the market and were huddled together and whispering something. When they came to an agreement, they all returned to their stands.

“Okay! For today only, the birthday boy gets the special ‘New Hunter’ discount from all the food stands in the market!” Mr. Peters declared.

Now it was my turn to get shocked, “Um … is that really okay?”

“Of course! Consider it as thanks for all the help you gave us in the past, as well as what you’ll be spending as a Hunter here from today onwards,” Mr. Peters said.

I looked around and the other food vendors smiled and nodded in confirmation.

“I was just getting some stuff for breakfast today, but I guess I’ll accept your offer and get some other things while I’m here. Thank you very much for this,” I said while bowing my head in gratitude.

It wasn’t just because I was the son of a famous Hunter like Dad, practically all the adults in the Lunargrove knew me very well from how often I helped the community with chores from time to time. I figured I’d take advantage of my second chance in a new world and be more proactive from a social standpoint, compared to my previous life when I only focused on myself and my own needs. I had all that magic power with the cheat-like gift I was given from my rebirth, so I thought I might as well put what I wasn’t using into something worthwhile. I guess that really helped me with my reputation around these parts. I wondered if that would help me when showing my new familiars around the town. When I told them I made some new friends I’d like to introduce to everyone soon, they said they were more than happy to say hello when that time came. 

With the money I earned from the exam yesterday, I zipped through each of the shops and bought the necessities for the household. Since we’ll have a lot of new people moving in now, I might as well save my parents the trouble and stock up for the expanded meal times to come. Storing it all is no problem with my ‘Dark Space’, I reasoned. Once I was satisfied with my haul, I thanked everyone in the market and went right back home the same way I came. Washing my hands and organizing the overstock, I started prepping the ingredients for breakfast immediately.

Since my home was previously an inn, the pantry and kitchen had to be large enough to store enough food for the guests and cook their meals. This meant there had to be enough space for multiple people to work there at the same time. It also looked like they had communication and easy movement between different cooking stations in mind as they designed the kitchen. Nowadays the setup was helpful when there were multiple guests coming for a special event and I had to help my parents with the cooking.

The first thing I started on food prep was the pancake batter. I made a batch in a large bowl and beat it into a thick, viscous concoction after setting pans on the activated stove to warm up and melt the butter in each of them. Just as I poured fresh fruits from my ‘Dark Space’ in a strainer to wash them in the sink, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“W-We are here, Master Soar …” Melody squeaked.

“What would you like us to do first?” Sarise asked.

“Perfect timing. Can you two wash and cut up the fruits first?” I asked, leaving the fruit in the strainer that sat in the sink. I then directed my attention to preparing more pancake batter in another large bowl. We were going to have a lot of people eating this morning, so it was best that I prepared plenty ahead of time to cook with.

“Of course, Master Soar, but may I ask for your opinion on my design, first?” Sarise asked.

“Oh, sure. Let’s see what you … got?” I trailed off as I set the second bowl of batter down next to the first one that was next to the stove, and turned toward them.

My mind went blank.

Freshly brushed snow-white locks, light makeup, polished nails, all accenting a voluptuous red body with black Zaleckian markings wearing the skimpiest, sluttiest, maid uniform I had seen, even on Earth. Only a small semi-translucent, white, frilly half-apron that tied around her hips and reached just barely below her crotch. It managed to cover her privates, yet I could still make out a lighter, triangular region in the shade between her thighs through the fabric. On her chest was a black bra-like top with frills on the edges and a white bow in the center. Her large breasts were practically spilling over the fabric, her darker red areolas easily peeking out from above. With the new gloves, the fishnet stockings, and the high heels, if it weren’t for the choker, half-apron, and the maid cap atop Sarise’s head, I’d mistake her for a dominatrix that suddenly tried to look pretty out of nowhere.

As for Melody’s, it was the same ‘uniform’ as Sarise’s, but where would I even start for how crazy it was? The breast-band-like top, more a lacy string wrapped around the middle of the angelic familiar’s breasts, looking to be too small for her monstrous tits, as if the small piece of fabric was being swallowed by her large boobs. This resulted in my angel’s amazing udders spilling out from the bottom as well as the top of her ‘bra’. The breast band’s string did have small discs of fabric, but they only managed to cover Melody’s fat nipples, leaving the majority of her areolas fully on display, which was far more than Sarise’s top exposed. It’s a wonder that the top was even comfortable, it had to be magic. The white bow in the center that looked to be decorative gave off signs of stretching, as if it was on the verge of failure as it fought to keep my angel’s bust contained.

Going down, her wide, soft stomach was completely bare. Her own tiny white frilly half-apron was the only thing, other than the likely scanty and insufficient panties, that was covering her untamed bush. Even with that cover, though, the apron’s semi-transparency easily allowed me to see her garden’s shadow underneath. Below that, fishnet stockings hugged the angel’s legs to the point where her thighs were slightly spilling out. Unlike Sarise, instead of high heels, Melody was wearing black slippers. While she didn’t have gloves, she still had the choker and the headpiece that topped off her own maid image.

If Melody flushed any harder out of embarrassment right now, her skin would be just as red as Sarise’s. This was probably the first time she ever wore a ‘work uniform’ that so clearly emphasized her assets. Despite the fact that I’d seen her naked a couple times now, and touched almost everywhere on her body, I can’t really fault her for getting self-conscious over clothes she’s never worn before, especially if she was doing so to please me.

Had I anything in my hands at this moment, I would’ve surely dropped it on the floor, making a mess while I stared dumbstruck at the sight. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say I might have drooled a bit.

“I hope you do not mind, Master Soar, but I would like to take this opportunity to present you the uniforms we will wear as we serve you in the household for your approval,” Saris said, “As part of my talk with your parents last night, I wore this in front of them with my Aura inverted. What do you think, Master Soar?” Sarise then twirled in place, letting me see her in all her glory. 

As if on cue, Melody also spun around, but a bit more awkwardly and self-consciously, such that she only shifted around inch by inch. It only gave me more time to drink in her slutty maid look, especially her jiggly tits and ass. What was especially amazing was the way both familiar’s breasts bounced and wiggled about as if neither was wearing a bra, despite that being pretty much all that they did have on. Straps magically lengthened and shortened as the cups of the bras remained firmly in place, even if the boobs they were on did not. 

It was the best of both worlds.

“… Amazing,” I answered dumbly while ogling everything about them.

“Wonderful!” Sarise cheered, “Then we will continue wearing these uniforms in the Osmis household from now on. Let us get to cutting those fruits now, Melody.”

“Y-Yes, Sarise,” Melody responded squeamishly.

“Stop,” I interrupted them with an upraised hand, causing both to freeze at my commanding tone, “First, turn back around with your asses where I can see them.”

My two familiars slowly spun back around without argument, as I just stood there and stared. My eyes locked onto both their asses, the urge to squeeze or rest my head on them coursed through me, and I didn’t even care whose cushion I used. For Sarise, there was no attempt by her thong or tiny-tiny miniskirt to hide the juicy red cherry that were her buttocks. Melody’s microscopic miniskirt was even more useless as her soft, bubbly derriere was far too much for it to contain. It did, however, manage to hide whether my angel was wearing a thong or not. My eyes lingered over the bigger of the two derrieres as that burning question flared at the forefront of my mind.

“Thank you. Now, one last thing before you two start, Melody, I need to ask you something,” I interrupted, stopping her.

“Y-Yes! H-How … may I help you, Master Soar?!” Melody asked in a flustered panic.

Wonder if Sarise instructed her to speak that way? I’ll bring it up another time, but how do I go about this delicately? I thought, “I’d like to confirm something … with your butt, Melody. May I touch it for a moment?”

“O-Of course!” Melody answered before she thrust her generously thick, round, and firm posterior further out, putting it on display before me without a hint of shame.

I crouched down slightly and took a hold of each of her ass cheeks, which sent shivers down Melody’s spine. After taking a brief moment to savor the soft, malleable texture, I gripped her smooth, soft flesh, and pried the crack open.

I can safely confirm that Melody was indeed wearing underwear … if you can even call it that. Her black g-string was more like a thin line that hardly covered her puckered anus. Despite that, there was an odd appeal of inspecting it so up close and personally. I could see myself staring at this sight for a bit of time. It wasn’t until I followed the string that I noticed it disappeared into a fold.

N-No way … I trailed off in my mind before releasing my grip on Melody’s ass and leaning back, “Melody, can you turn back around and … flip up your apron, please?”

“Yes, Master Soar!” Melody answered dutifully before following without question. She didn’t even hesitate when she folded her small half-apron up, but her face was even redder than before.

Just as I had feared, it wasn't a g-string, but a but a front and back t-string. I stared in awe at the lingerie as it dug right into Melody’s pussy, rubbing her in ways I can’t even imagine as comfortable. Clearly more magic was involved to make that as enjoyable to wear as it was to look at. I had seen crazy stuff like this online back in the day, but if I had to point out one thing that made this t-string stand out from others, it would be the small white ribbon bow at the front. It matched the one put between the angel’s bikini cups, as if that bow was presenting the wild crimson bush underneath it as a gift for the viewer. No, not just the bush, her entire womanhood was offering itself up as a present for my enjoyment.

If my body was that of an adult’s right now, I’d definitely open Melody’s ‘gift’ and take her right there. Due to the ‘Child-Protection’ function put on my body, I could only feel and hear my heart racing and swallow my saliva while my friend downstairs slept like a baby.

“U-Um … Master Soar?” Melody asked nervously.

Her voice snapped me out of my trance before I shook my head back into reality. I hadn’t realized I had leaned in to see my angel’s lingerie so up close. Since I couldn’t see past Melody’s ginormous tits to look at her face from this angle, I had to pull back and stand up again. 

I cleared my throat and looked straight at her, “Y-Yes, Melody?”

“D-Do I really … look okay? I don’t look weird, do I? It’s very strange to see me like this, isn’t it?” Melody asked while pulling her tiny half-apron down, choking up like she was ready to break into tears.

Oh fuck.

“No no no! You’re fine, Melody! Great, even!” I exclaimed in a fluster.

Melody sniffled, “R-Really?”

“Really! You’re cute, Melody! Very cute! The frills are so you! I love how simple and minimal it is, and how easy it is for me to see and feel your boobs and butt whenever I want! You’re so cute that I just want to hold you and keep you to myself! Like this!” I exclaimed before throwing myself onto Melody without a second thought. I think some of my perverted desires leaked out during my panicked attempt to calm her down, but I just couldn’t hesitate when she looked at me like that.

I dove my face right into Melody’s ethereal cleavage, somehow inadvertently pushing her nipple band down and freeing her breasts. Simultaneously, my arms wrapped around her waist to take a firm hold of both her exposed ass cheeks. I made sure to press as much of myself into my angel’s heavenly softness as I could, like I wanted to sink myself into her. Though, if one could drown in a woman’s feminine pheromones, that’s certainly what was happening to me with how much I was inhaling from Melody’s tits.

Was it a desperate move, or a virile pounce? I couldn’t distinguish between the two at this moment.

Either way, it seemed to have done the job as I could hear my angel giggling from above. Melody’s squishy body jiggling around me further emphasized her mood before I felt her pulling me deeper into the valley of her breasts, though she minded enough space for me to breathe this time. I felt a pair of lips pressing on the top of my head that was still exposed to the air.

“Thank you, Soar. To be honest, I like this outfit, too,” Melody admitted, “I was really nervous that I wouldn’t look cute wearing this, though, at least until you said I did. I’m still embarrassed, but I’m really happy to hear you like it that much. I’ll wear it everyday, if you want, as well as anything you think would suit me.” She then gave a few more kisses on my head while hugging me like she said she did with her stuffed animals.

I had mixed feelings now, of course. Part of me wanted to harshly berate my perverted self from spilling out too much and copping a feel when my angel was about to cry. Still, it sounded like Melody had some interest in wearing the maid uniform before trying it on, herself. My confirmation was just the deciding factor for whether she should continue wearing the outfit or not. I was glad Melody liked such outfits and would be comfortable wearing them daily, but I knew that a good part of that happiness was for the wrong reasons.

Despite my moral misgivings, I couldn’t help but let my hands get another feel of Melody’s ass as she embraced me. My angel giggled at my actions and just hugged me more lovingly. It always amazed me that an actual angel would let me get away with stuff like this. Without exception, I thought that bold, overbearing, groping like this put off girls, no matter how close they seemed to be with a guy on the surface. Even Shannon, my former coworker from my past life, has complained about getting felt up too often by her previous boyfriends. So it had seemed safe to assume that girls don’t really like this kind of attention.

The fact that Melody consistently and wholeheartedly welcomed my attention helped to put some of my worries at ease. There was still the matter of bolstering her low-self esteem through these questionable acts, which, surprisingly, seemed to be working. A good thing, as, even as much as I loved abusing my personal angel’s body, I would have forced myself to stop otherwise. Somehow. Because, regardless of my own enjoyment, foremost of all I hoped I’d be able to make, and keep, Melody happy—through whatever means were necessary—as she lived with me as my familiar in the days to come.

A big thanks to my editor, Tnega Terces, for editing this chapter and putting up with my bullshit.

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