Chapter 57 – Social Call
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"We should hurry up, some of us are not so idle." Zhao Lan impatiently chirped in from the side. Looking over Lei Xing's attire over in a condescending manner. Lei Xing saw her expression and also glanced down at herself. She was currently dressed in simple garments with her hair in a simple braid behind her. She was at "home", so she was dressed comfortably. Lei Xing glanced back up at Zhao Lan, who caught her eyes and then looked away haughtily. Lei Xing inwardly sighed.

...What exactly is your problem with me? Every time you look at me you have that stink face on like I stole your money or something -_-)'... More importantly, you can't come to my house and be upset about how I am dressed in my own Freaking house, palace...Whatever it is!...Especially when you're not invited...and make no mistake, you are all UNINVITED here... Next time send me a heads up, so I make myself absent -_-)...

Lei Xing let out a breath and leisurely picked up her teacup, took a sip and calmly said, "Since you're all so busy, you should be on your way. I don't want to have to delay you here." 

...I'm not rushing because of anyone...This is me being stubborn, but I don't care, leave me alone! ƪ(‾ε‾")ʃ...

"Jiejie, don't be like this. It is better for us all to go together so..." Chen You "earnestly" urged.

Lei Xing inwardly rolled her eyes, smiled reassuringly and played along, "I understand, but I don't want to delay the show of support and cause everyone's energy to wane by waiting too long. So you all should go ahead and I will make my way there shortly as well." Lei Xing said patting Chen You's shoulder reassuringly and then turned to Li Ru, "You should go with them as well. The more people, the better."

Lei Xing then turned to the group, "You should all make sure to properly send your well wishes for the Empress dowager's recovery to the Heavens. I am sure with all our combined prayers, her condition will turn for the better soon and she will make a speedy recovery."

Then she got up and continued, "I will not delay you all here, but I must say it is very admirable that we were able to come to a consensus to make such endeavors for the Empress dowager's welfare. It shows a solidarity which is rare and very commendable. You should all hurry along." As soon she finished she walked off, heading inside.

Chen You sat there frozen with knit eyebrows look face, while Zhao Lan rolled her eyes and then flatly said, "We should leave." and turned towards the entrance.

Chen You blinked and quickly got up and smiled, "Xing jiejie will join us later instead. It is better not to waste time and energy waiting here." And then walked quickly to get to catch up with Zhao Lan, securing herself in the lead as they all left. 


Lei Xing finally arrived at the Empress dowager's palace about an hour later. She considered not going, but then thought it was better to at least make an appearance lest it is somehow used against her later on. Therefore she dragged herself there with a clear plan in mind, she was just going to show herself, inquire about her condition from Song mama or some other servant so there are witnesses to her "caring". Then give some platitudes and be on her way, simple and efficient.

To her surprise when she arrived, she found that the Chen You and the others were still there. They were currently all gathered in the hallway of the Empress dowager's bedroom. 

A short while after the group arrived, the Empress dowager's condition had become critical again, she had started coughing up blood, and so they remained here out of concern. The Empress dowager had finally calmed down a few minutes ago and went back to sleeping peacefully. They were currently engaged in a conversation with the two Imperial doctors who had just finished attending to the Empress dowager. 

As Lei Xing walked up to the group, she heard one of the Imperial doctor's saying, "...At this rate, it seems..." Then he shook his head.

"So there's really nothing that can be done?" Zhao Lan asked knitting her brows.

"...We will try our best." The Imperial doctors said bowing their heads.

"Don't try. Make sure she gets her well!" Chen You shouted and then turned to look at the Empress dowager's bedroom door sorrowfully. Then she used a finger to dab under her eyes and turned back to face the Imperial doctors, "If there's really nothing you can do, then begin preparing your funeral!"

The Imperial doctors bowed and reassured they will do their utmost again. Lei Xing stood behind the group and sighed.

..Must suck to be you guys...So are all the Imperial doctors going to die or just these two? You need to clarify these things, it's a group effort you know hahaha...It's not funny, they probably have the worst job in here -_-)... Poor guys...Since she's ready to go, I say send her off with smiles and love, I can do that, ready whenever (o˘д˘)o...

Suddenly a shout came inside the room, "Your majesty!" The Imperial doctors and the group immediately trooped into the room to find Song mama on her knees beside the Empress dowager's bed almost in tears, with the Empress dowager awake and sitting up in her bed with a hand holding her head. 

The Imperial doctors quickly rushed to her side to check on her condition, while the others in the room were expressing their "joy and relief" on her recovery. 

Lei Xing lightly sighed.

...Tch, another dashed dream ▰˘︹˘ ▰)... 

The Imperial doctors moved back and bowed to the Empress dowager, "Your majesty, you are indeed protected by the Heavens."

Lei Xing covertly rolled her eyes.

...Of course, she is ◔_◔)...

As the Empress dowager glanced around the room, Zhao Lan stepped forward and bowed, "It is relief to see you well again, Your majesty."

Chen You immediately also stepped forward and gave her own heartfelt words of relief, "It is truly a great relief, Your majesty. Our heartfelt prayers have finally been answered. I had been so worried for your health these few days that my heart was unable to be at ease. Seeing you now, I know I have worried needlessly. You are truly one chosen by the Heavens a-" 

"Shut Up!" The Empress dowager suddenly roared glaring at Chen You. Chen You immediately froze, wide-eyed with shock.

Zhao Lan beside her cast her side glance and restrained her urge to smile. Some of the others behind them also felt the urge to laugh, including Lei Xing, who almost snorted out loud when she heard it but managed to keep a straight face.

...That right there means you're annoying...there is something known as overkill, you know hahahahaha...

The room went silent and the Empress dowager moved to get up from the bed. Song mama and the Imperial doctors advised her otherwise, but they went silent when she cast them an angry glance.

Lei Xing inwardly sighed.

...Well someone definitely woke up on the wrong side of bed...Can we go now? I am getting the sense that we are, maybe, unwelcome here so we sh-...

"You!" The Empress dowager said glaring into the crowd of Imperial wives, "Come forward."

They all stood there, glancing at each other for a bit confused, unsure who she was calling. Chen You then took the initiative to step forward, only for the Empress dowager to irritatedly say, "Not you. You there in the back."

Lei Xing awkwardly stood there, she was one of the people in the back and probably the one in the farthest back. So if she's calling the one "in the back"...

...Why do I feel like she's looking at me? No, it couldn't be...I mean why would she want me? I haven't done anything....Maybe being in the back was a problem? But, bu-...

"Are you ignoring me now?" The Empress dowager sneered, "I guess my current state is one to be ignored." Then she burst into laughter, one that clearly had a self-mocking undertone.

Lei Xing hesitantly stepped forward...slowly.

...At this point, even though she's not talking to me, I think I shall be proactive about this...before things end very badly for me in the unlikely - well likely event really given our awkward history, my face probably pissed her off or something ...but why are you laughing like that? You seem crazy and the last thing you need is more crazy...You're already plenty deranged -_-)...

Lei Xing walked to the front and bowed to the Empress dowager, who then narrowed her eyes and scrutinized her for a while. Lei Xing awkwardly stood there in the silence, after a while she glanced up at the Empress dowager, who seemed to be looking at her absentmindedly.

...What is this now? Did you forget my face or do you need to soak in the rage or something? T_T)...

The Empress dowager then smirked and flatly ordered, "The rest of you, get out."

Lei Xing's eyes went wide as she watched the others bow and exit the room.

...Um, why do we need a one-on-one? I find it highly unnecessary (*ಠ_ಠ;)...

After the doors were closed, leaving Lei Xing and the Empress dowager alone in the room. Lei Xing glanced at the Empress dowager, whose smirk had been replaced with a deepening frown.

Lei Xing gulped.

...Perhaps I should say something to break the ice...

"Your m-"

"How dare you?" The Empress dowager calmly asked cutting her off.

Lei Xing blinked.

...Huh? Dare me what?... Stand in the back? Doctor Lou - No, no, no I had nothing to do with that... Either way, let's just apologize T_T)...

Before Lei Xing could open her mouth, the Empress dowager then asked again through gritted teeth, "How dare you come here?"

Lei Xing inwardly groaned.

....I knew visiting wasn't our thing...Chen You, I shall kill you for this!!... It's not her fault though...I don't care! I knew her visits would ruin my day! ٩(๑˃̌ۿ˂̌๑)۶...

"Your ma-" Lei Xing tried to apologize again.

"Ruining my life once wasn't enough for you?" The Empress dowager said glaring at her as she took steps towards Lei Xing, "...So you had come here too?"

Lei Xing lightly took steps, moving to the side as the Empress dowager approached her.

...Um, not sure what you're talking about...but I'm sorry? (ΘεΘʃƪ)...

"Your majesty, I am sorry for upsetting you...I didn't mean to-" Lei Xing tried to console the irate Empress dowager

"Of course you didn't. Do you ever mean to do anything? I'm the one with the problems, isn't it?!!" The Empress dowager roared at her, causing Lei Xing to jump back, bumping into the stool and knocking it over. Sending the water basin on it to the floor as well, resulting in a watery mess on the floor.

Lei Xing glanced at the puddle of water and then at the Empress dowager who was frowning at the mess, then quickly said, "I'll clean it up - I mean, I'll get someone to clean it." Lei Xing quickly said, ready to flee.

...I don't know what's going with you, but I am out of here!...

Lei Xing immediately turned around to leave, she had barely taken a step when she felt herself being yanked backwards by her hair with so much force that she fell to the ground, banging her head on the edge of the fallen stool. The sharp pain shooting through her head momentarily made her dazed, when her mind focused, she found the Empress dowager was sitting on top of her, with her hands wrapped around her neck, strangling her.

...WHAT THE F*CK?!!!  ⁽⁽(( ⁰ⅈ⁰))⁾⁾...


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