Chapter 67 – Dinner Guest
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After Lei Xing returned to her palace. Li Ru came over to visit and at Lei Xing's behest, she recounted how the events at the Empress dowager's palace unfolded. Lei Xing had reasoned that the Emperor had something to do with her rescue since she ended up in his palace. She thought that perhaps someone had run over to call him over or perhaps he arrived to see the aftermath. 

...Tch, I knew all of you outside were highly useless -_-)'...

Although after hearing about it, Lei Xing felt grateful to the Emperor and thought to thank him. But on remembering their prior conversation and the fact that he's the reason that she was in the palace in the first place, she felt reluctant. Not to mention his mother was still walking around free, terrorizing her.

...Still - he still saved my life so I guess I will take the high road here...I guess I will thank him when next I run into him, hopefully sometime in the distant future...

As the day went by, Lei Xing received other guests to her annoyance. Chen You came over with her 100-year old ginseng, as she gave it to Lei Xing, she said a distracted, "I wish you a speedy recovery" as she stared fixedly as Lei Xing's bandaged neck. After that, she just sat there absentmindedly. Lei Xing observed her weird behavior, wondering whether she must have had her own near-death experience. 

...Hey, I was the one who almost died, why is your spirit absent? Not that I care, but can you go be absent somewhere else? -_-)...

As Lei Xing was about to tell Chen You to leave, a servant came in to inform her that a few of the concubines were here. Lei Xing sighed in annoyance, she really was not interested in having all these uninvited guests but still, let them in to be polite. They came in and bowed with smiles as if there was something to celebrate holding boxes of different sizes. Lei Xing and Chen You both knit their brows as they observed this.

One of the concubines then stepped forward, "Your highness, we were very worried for you after your accident. It is a great relief to see you well. On hearing that you have returned, we thought to bring some items here to cheer you up." Then she opened her box to reveal a white jade bracelet and then cheerfully explained the bracelet's origin and value, and how she thought it would look lovely on Lei Xing and so speedily brought it over. After she finished, she held the box out for Lei Xing who just blankly stared at her a bit. Lei Xing then smiled and said, "It is quite beautiful, but I think it will look better on you." 

The concubine's smile fell and she was about to open her mouth but Lei Xing beat her to it and said, looking at the others as well, "Thank you all for showing care, but there is no need for such gifts, you visiting is enough."

...If I take your gifts with strings today, tomorrow I'll be in your debt...Please no and thank you -_-)...

Before any of them could open their mouths to insist, Lei Xing yawned and sighed tiredly, "The medication is making me drowsy. I'm sorry but I cannot entertain you all anymore, my health is not the best these days." Lei Xing finished waving Xiao Ruo over to help her stand up. Then she looked towards the visitors waiting for them to excuse themselves. The concubines quickly apologized for disturbing her rest and made their way out. While Chen You was still sitting there with a frown seemingly deep in thought. Lei Xing looked down at Chen You, "You meimei, you are not looking well yourself, I think you need to return to rest as well."

Chen You returned to the scene after blinking repeatedly. She quickly got up and put on a smile, "Jiejie, I won't disturb you anymore." then she quickly left.

Lei Xing sighed and then looked at the ginseng on the table, then said to Xiao Ruo, "Boil that thing for me..." Xiao Ruo then went to pick it up. Before she could leave, Lei Xing changed her mind, "No, actually make it chicken soup, make it spicy too." After giving her direction, she left the reception hall to return to her room, yawning. 

...Go to sleep and then wake up to eat a heavenly dish...I've always heard ginseng is good for the soul...and body too...I will drink it and eat it and get rid of all this toxicity in my system, I've been needing a cleansing for a long while now... It better live up to the hype -_-)...

Lei Xing woke up in the evening, took a bathe while eagerly anticipating her ginseng chicken soup dinner. Later, when they brought it into the room and the aroma wafted through the air, she inhaled deeply to take it in and was very pleased. 

...Ahhh, perfect, perfect, perfect!...

Then she got up and surveyed the table and was pleasantly surprised.

...The cooks have really outdone themselves this time...Ah, I need to find them one day to express my admiration ^_^)...

There was a big bowl of soup with a whole chicken sitting in a beautiful broth. The bowl was then set on top of a burning coal tray to keep it warm. There were also three vegetable side dishes and rice. 

...I am so going to enjoy this...Probably the only good thing Chen You has ever done in her life hahaha...

Lei Xing happily sat down ready to enjoy her big meal, she picked up her chopsticks and was excitedly watching as Xiao Ruo was cutting the chicken to serve into her bowl. Just as Xiao Ruo picked up her bowl to serve it in, "The Emperor has arrived" call came from outside the doors, immediately followed by the doors swinging open and the Emperor trotting in with Eunuch Li. 

Lei Xing blankly stared at them for a moment in annoyance. Then she begrudgingly got up, walked forward and bowed in greeting.

"Oh, it seems you are just about to have dinner." Eunuch Li said looking at her and the table behind her.

"The Emperor has not had dinner yet." Eunuch Li added with a suggestive smile towards Lei Xing. Lei Xing cast him a side glance with raised eyebrows.

...So? How does that concern me?...

Eunuch Li then used his eyes to signal at the dinner table and then at Emperor. Lei Xing pretended not to understand and looked away, looking at the Emperor, waiting for him to state his business and disappear.

...You can't seriously be here to eat -_-)...

Eunuch Li then cleared his throat and coughed to get Lei Xing's attention. Lei Xing pursed her lips and begrudgingly looked at Eunuch Li. This time he directly pointed a finger at the table and then at the Emperor. 

Lei Xing then sighed and looked at the Emperor who was looking off to side pretending to be unaware of what was going on.

...I see what you two are doing there, you intentionally targeted my chicken, didn't you?... Fine, fine, there's plenty...There's plenty -_-)...I will consider this payment for saving my life...Wait, my life's not that cheap...This is at a HUGELY discounted price with all things considered...

Lei Xing then plastered on a smile, "Your majesty, since you have not had dinner yet, would you...perhaps, like to" 

...You can say no -_-)...

The Emperor looked at her and then at the table and simply said, "En." Then walked forward and sat in Lei Xing's seat, in front of the only dinner place set.

Lei Xing narrowed her eyes at him, disgruntled. Eunuch Li cleared his throat loudly, when the Emperor turned to look at him, he signaled with his eyes. The Emperor glanced down at the plates of food in front of him, then at the other empty spots on the table, then at Lei Xing. 

Lei Xing then let out a strained laugh and said, "You can go ahead and eat first, you are very busy and I am very free. I can wait."

The Emperor then smiled at her, "You are very considerate."

...No, I'm not...No, I am all -_-)...

Lei Xing sat down in front of nothing with a strained smile and motioned for him to eat, "Go ahead."


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