The Fateful Encounter on All Hallow’s Eve
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I hate beginnings. I dislike endings more.

A story doesn't just appear from thin air, thus a beginning is a fallacy; before we know it, there is a story to tell. Just because the exciting times have passed does not mean that the story has reached its conclusion, either. There are no curtain calls in the world, waiting to draw the tale to begin its inevitable fade.

There are just complicated middles lacking in so very many details. To lack detail is to fall short of truth, and without truth, how can there be trust?

Trust is a blessed gift one must cherish and hold dear. So, should it come along, be sure to grab hold and keep a firm grip, because you never know when that delicate thread may slip from your grasp and fade into the murky darkness of the night.

Not all threads, however, are so readily broken; some bind your body to others with such firm will as to seem all but impossible to break free.

These are bonds of blood, bonds of fate, bonds of a long foretold destiny just waiting to play out in the theatre that is your life.

But maybe that need not always be so?

What if I could promise you a new fate, a destiny of your own choosing? All for the smallest of prices?

What would you be willing to give? What would you be willing to take to get your deepest desires granted? Would you accept a gift if it meant receiving an equal punishment?

I have touched upon fate and the flows of destiny, marked by all the splendour and horrors to come. I have peered into worlds untold and seen the ages thrive and crumble. And in you, my cute little friend, I see a warmth as bright as the sun, yet as soft as the clouds. However, beneath that lays a darkness so deep it threatens to consume all.

I suppose, before I go any further, it wouldn't be appropriate to forget to introduce myself, now would it? For convenience's sake, you may know me as Garnet, Disciple of the Grand Sorceress Moonstone, Teacher of the Blood Acolyte Carmine.

These days I find my training dull and fruitless, my years of study reaching their natural conclusion. Such a shame it would be to depart this plane as an echo in the wind, a whisper carried on the gentlest of breezes.

This is where you come in, my curious little friend. You are here to make my last days more meaningful and exciting. Let's not get hung up over the start of this tale and instead get to tonight's main event.

Good, good, now mind your arms as you sit down. We wouldn't want to knock something over. There would be no telling what sort of ruckus might occur if we aren't careful, isn't that right, dear?

How is it? The chair, I mean. I hope it is comfortable. I got it many years ago from a curious fellow, a bit odd in the head if you ask me. Never could keep his mind on the task at hand; made for some truly entertaining stories, mind you. You could never tell just what he would say next. Most amusing.

Now, now, I can see that worry on your face. No need to panic; chairs are for relaxing right? For taking the weight off your shoulders, to reduce your burdens, yes? Well, this one is a little special. Indeed, your limbs will feel the utmost relaxation. so much so I fear you find yourself unable to gather the slightest bit of strength, right? Although your shoulders may feel heavier, don't mind that little detail.

Worry not, we can continue our task even if you are unable to move. It just means a little more effort on my end. Nothing this old lady cannot handle, I assure you.

Now my little friend, let me free you from your burdens and give you that promised gift.

It is such a troublesome affair to feel and care and long for others.

To worry about their wellbeing. To stress over your image in the eyes of another. No, no, no, we can't allow that.

Let me free you from your obligations to the world; let me release that which the light traps deep within you.

My gift shall be the world's punishment. How could it let such a blessed child born to shine, suffer, pushed to the gutters of society? Let us bring out that brilliance hidden within you, my cute little friend.

Oh? You say that you aren't small or cute? I can assure you you most certainly are. You just cannot see it yet through this boyish veil you wear. Once we work out all this masculinity from you, I can guarantee that you will be most pleased with the result. I stake my name on it.

What do you mean that you are not here answering my task? You were out 'Trick or Treating', but lost your way and went looking for directions? Why, you should have spoken up much sooner. The process has just begun and I can not allow all these valuable reagents to go to waste. Look, the show is about to begin.

You see how those meaty hands of yours are changing? How clumsy they must have been before, not like this little pair, so delicate to touch they must meet only the finest silks. How your nails so worn from years of hard labour begin to clear and shine like tiny gems, the once rough surface now glossy as a varnish finish. See the dirty, wrinkled skin as the years turn back, countless days of dust and dirt dropping away as if but an illusion. As the tan from unregulated hours under the harsh unforgiving sun fades away, like a field covered in the fresh powder of winter's first snowfall.

How wonderful it must feel to know these changes are occurring to your whole body. The crowning glory of a master artisan at the height of their fame, working over your body on a vast scale. Slim arms shed all traces of past tedious, menial tasks, so slender they appear they would crumble at a careless touch. Your shoulders move closer together as your budding chest takes form. A once bulky and unrefined body now showing traces of elegance and femininity.

I understand how odd this must feel. How traumatic and horrifying to see your own body shifting before your eyes, but don't worry about the sensations you feel. That is just how the chair functions, you see. It would be impermissible to have you experience the pain that comes with bodily alteration.

Aha, finally your lower body is beginning to catch up. All that excess waste around your torso is most definitely not allowed to stay. I shall just store all this flesh and preserve it for later. Now you have such a nice thin waist, it seems about time for your hips and legs to catch up with your upper torso. See how the remaining flesh and fat shift to new positions? Your once stiff waist and narrow hips now slimming down before flaring out ever so slightly.

Your once muscular frame now looks so soft and thin that perhaps it could float away in a mild gale. Your legs long, smooth and slim, reaching on as if endless. You would now stand much shorter than before, not that you could tell from that gorgeous pair of legs of yours. Even your feet have become these lean little bare things gracefully tipped with such dainty digits.

Ah yes, such a petite little lass you make. That face of yours has really improved quite a bit, too. Certainly not unrecognisable if someone were to look hard enough, yet so much softer and rounder than before. The balance and shape of your small button nose to eyes like a still lake basking in the silver glow of the full moon. That ugly blonde hair now as black as the icy abyss that surrounds this mortal plane.

Truly the perfect daughter if ever I could ask for one. Almost a replica of my prime years, if I say so myself.

Make no mistake, boy. My wish was for a daughter, of sorts, and I really will not accept any refusal. So keep your chin up and embrace the changes, for they will soon become most familiar in the days to come. After all, I could not tolerate such perfection degrading with the passing of time. I shall ensure your looks will last an eternity if not longer.

You want to go home, you say? Back to your family and friends?

I fear it is too late for that, the damage already brought to pass, little one. Nought left now but to let you rest until the time comes to set you free and put the grand will in motion.

I shall bless you with a new name, a release from your past and from all that know you, so that you may begin anew and come into your own. Trust me when I say you will thank me for this one day.

Go, my cute little Charlotte. Fall into a deep slumber, for when you wake you shall show the world why they are right to fear the darkness and all it cloaks.