Chapter 122
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This time Sam pretended to be a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, but still didn't risk using the spiritual sense. He looked around with spiritual eyes.

Various kinds of formations, techniques, treasures and so on were sold here on the auction, although Sam found almost nothing useful for himself.

He already knew that very few techniques are suitable for body cultivators, and they are mainly auxiliary. His strength is in the body, and nothing more basically.

The auction was selling a couple of casks of a rather special wine that was useful even for Core Formation cultivators. Sam, having bargained, managed to buy one of these, although he had to roll off 300 thousand stones.

Soon the auctioneer announced another interesting item.

Auctioneer - Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for the highlight of the auction. As you may have heard, almost 100 years ago, a large tournament for young talents was held in the capital, one of the prizes for the winner was an invaluable artifact.

- This is a special spiritual carpet for meditation, it greatly increases the efficiency of meditation, the rate of absorption of spirit stones, and helps to enter the state of meditation more easily. This is a rare chance to receive such a valuable prize simply by paying spiritual stones, without having to participate in a tournament.

Spiritual energy on the planet was not particularly dense, although Sam suspected that due to the presence of cultivators, it was generally not very dense anywhere. Each cultivator is akin to a parasite that absorbs spiritual energy around.

Even if meditation efficiency increases only slightly, obviously, an artifact like this was quite valuable to any cultivator. So the rates flowed like a river and quickly rose to millions, although not many could afford such amounts.

Sam had no idea how to find the person who would win the mat later, so he decided that it would be easier to win it himself, and then kill everyone who followed him, thereby reducing his losses.

Risky, of course, and you will have to lay low for now, but still it's worth it.

As a result, Sam won a rug for 5 million, he was a little surprised that some of them had such sums. So he realized he might be not that rich as he thought before.

Of course he received several warnings and threats, a lot of spiritual feelings insolently scanned him. With his spiritual eyes, Sam was unable to find cultivators of the Nascent Soul stage among those who made bets, he ignored the rest.

Sam was in no hurry to leave and patiently waited for the end of the auction, after which he received his goods, paid and left.

He immediately moved towards the exit from the city, at least in the city they were in no hurry to attack him, although spiritual feelings were constantly watching him.

When he got far enough from the city, he had already scanned the pursuers.

There were only five Core Formation cultivators, one of them at the peak, and one of them was at the Foundation Establishment, apparently an important dick or something.

Initially, there were more pursuers, in particular at the Foundation Establishment stage, but it is obvious that they were driven away by these guys.

Sam was surrounded by four practitioners, the young sucker flew up closer, he was the one at the Foundation Establishment stage, he flew on a sword, and a man at the peak of the Core Formation stage was floating relaxed next to him, it was the man who spoke first.

Sect Master - I am the master of the Trigram Sect, and this is my son. May I know with whom I have the honor to speak?

Sam - I am the great celestial bum, you can just call me a bum. I heard about your sect, you have a closed sect in the mountains if I'm not mistaken? How many students do you have?

The man clearly did not understand if Sam was serious about the bum or was planning to joke. But he clearly did not like the answer.

Sect Master - I can see your true cultivation level perfectly, but it won't help you.

- I do not know who you are, but I hope you voluntarily hand over the artifact from the auction, I am even ready to partially compensate for your loss. I advise you to think carefully ...

He did not have time to finish, Sam swung and struck a railgun towards that guy, after which he immediately jerked towards this sect master, spreading his wings.

This master still managed to erect a shield around him, but the shield barely withstood and broke,  the sect master himself received some damage from the blow but he managed to stay intact.

Sam instantly appeared next to him and began to rip him to pieces with both fists and wings.

That guy did not last long, he tried to gain distance from Sam in flight, but Sam was clearly much faster. Sam finally tore him to pieces, but the next moment he was pressed into the ground with great force.

Sam spat blood, that was not a weak hit and he plunged into the ground from the impact.

He looked around, there was some kind of incomprehensible circular trigram hanging over him with the sign of yin and yang in the center, this thing buried him in the ground, and the sect leader was nearby and clearly controlled the trigram.

This man was no longer as relaxed as before, but he was not too hurt, at least in appearance.